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Here I am posing with a BIG smile on my face.... Don't be fooled. I had my game face on in church. We miss you, Mama C and your extra pair of hands in church. 

It was manageable until the Eucharistic prayer. I nursed Lucy and the boys were a-OK. Bastian even kissed the baby's head  and shushed her. He stayed pretty quiet. He did not need to be brought to the back of the church. (awesome job, Bastian!)

Then Ms. Ballerina woke up and wanted to be held. I went from carrying a 13 lb baby to a 26 lb preschooler. She is tiny for a 4 year old  but that was a big change for me carrying Lucy to Ms. Ballerina. 

I carried Ms. Ballerina while I went to the altar to receive Jesus. Meanwhile, SuperDaddy held the baby and the boys clung to him like tentacles. I wondered at that moment, can we add another one to the mix???

never say never.

Sharing our priest's words:

Jesus calls each one of us by name. When we hear this call, which comes to us in any number of ways throughout our lives, we are humbled by it. Our response might be, “Really? Jesus wants me to be His disciple? How can I possibly do the work of God?” But here is where we must make clear that first and foremost Jesus is not calling us to do something, or to get something from us; instead, Jesus simply wants us. When He calls, Jesus is saying, “I love you, and I want you to be mine for eternity.”

Thank you Jesus for asking me to be yours, most specially during the non-pretty times. Like my awful attitude... or when I am lazy.... or when i look like this...

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