TK graduation + dress it up + birthday weekend {7qt}

1. TK graduation

My little guy has grown so much and learned so much since I dropped him off that first day of TK. Fast forward 9 months and here he is: receiving his TK completion certificate.

The program was so nice and sweet. They recited their prayers, alphabet song, days of the week, months, pledge of allegiance. They signed the alphabet! They also dance their TK song: Happy by Pharrell (which per NPR, has the balance of regular beats and complex beats that make us dance! I heard it on morning edition)

2. Peonies

I am so in love with my garden. I received these beauties a couple of birthdays ago. I have harvested 4 vase-fulls (not a word I know) of peonies. I kept two at home, gave one for birthday girl (see below) and one for my desk.

{sneak preview of one of my fave indulgences: clue: sugar, butter, banana and nutella}

3. a week is not complete without an outfit post....

Top ~ loft, thrifted // skirt ~ loft, old // pumps ~ aerosoles // necklace ~ from my my grandma

Top ~ express, old // skirt ~ F21, thrifted // sandals ~ target // pearls ~ Kaitlin's igshop

4. Lola turned 38.

Daniel said Lola is 37 years old... so that means, she turned 38 years old yesterday. her heart is as big as the pacific ocean. It is filled with love for these five beautiful grandchildren!

5. who is turning 18??? oh yeah, me!

This weekend is my birthday weekend.

Hubs: uhmm.. I forgot to ask you what you want for your birthday. Do you want anything in particular?

Me: well.... I got these sandals to match isabel's and this one-piece .... so you're covered.

Hautelook also has KSNY! I am eyeing the cross body bags... how many pink purses do I need?

**jcrew also has 30% off the sale items!

6. all-you-can-eat sushi

I was really skeptical about all-you-can-eat sushi. I am not a fan of sushi buffets in Japanese/Chinese buffet restaurants. They are not as good as the ones made to order.... but when my sister suggested we try Sushi Club because it has great reviews (I am surprised!), we went and celebrated mom's bday there.

If you eat the fancy rolls and nigiri, then the $19.99 all you can eat price is worth it. But if you just get 1-2 rolls (they have 8 in them!) you are better off ordering a la carte. I also like the policy that you pay the ones you cannot eat if >7 rolls left over (something like that). I hate wasting food.......

7. Picture I am sharing

look how Derrick found us. Knocked out and tired after a day at the museum.

It's Friday so my day is not complete without linking up with Jennifer!

I am also linking up with Lindsay and Sarah

Happy Friday! and Happy birthday weekend to me!

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hi-lo + pearls {wiws}

How's your three-day weekend?

Me? I had the best surprise! I was scheduled to work both Sat and Sun. When another physician switched Sundays with me, I just assumed I am still rounding both Saturday and Sunday and be off around 5p Sunday. Well... well.. I found out this week that I am actually off Sunday at 8am. yippee!

After Mass today, we went to the pool to get some sun. We intentionally went opposite the race track to avoid the crowd.

Mass behaviors:
D ~ C
I ~ C
SJ ~ A++

I am not as generous as last week.

Pearls from my aunt // hi-lo floral dress ~ thrifted // flippity flops ~ reef

This boy and I had an impromptu milk shake date. Thanks to my in laws! We brought our sweet treats to a nearby park and just spent alone time without the children.

{we had to take pictures of course!}

also answering Kendra's questions this week:

1. Beach or Mountains? Where would you rather be?

Beach... no hesitation there.

I just told Derrick today that I want to retire near the water. I am going to be a pruny old woman reading my books, sunbathing.

2. Which is more fun: Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning?

I love Christmas Eve. I love Christmas Eve Mass, the carols, opening one present that night.

3. What’s the most embarrassing childhood outfit you remember wearing?

I have a lot of embarrassing childhood outfits. High waisted jeans, white socks with brown shoes and a dress (?!?!) but one thing I had on consistently was my Christmas tree hair-do. Meaning, I had a headband, a scrunchie for my ponytail then a big bow. A classmate actually pointed out that my hair looks like a Christmas tree.

4. Your house is quiet, you don’t have to do work (housework included). What do you do?

I think I will nap.

5. What movie do you want to watch when you’re feeling under the weather?

27 Dresses

or anything chick flicky

Linking up with the ladies of Finelinen and purple.

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Life lately {7qt}

it's Friday! which means it's link-up time with Jennifer!

1. I promised a post with the newest baby in the family. Baby Amelia.

She weighs as much as my almost 9-month old baby boy, Sebastian. She's 5 months younger!

Her cheeks are soooo kissable.
Her eyes are sooooo beautiful.
And I could go on and on.

2. Have you had this sense that your brain is telling you that "somebody" is looking at you? as if you could see their eyes on your peripheral vision when in fact you could only see their silhouette "looking" at you?

well, I was at the post office dropping off one of my closet sales. There's this guy who was staring (again, not seeing his face on my peripheral vision, but just his frame and my brain was telling me, he is looking at you).

ok so i look back.
as soon as he made eye contact: he pointed at my necklace. "are you from the pacific islands?"
I touched the big shell and said: my grandma gave it to me. She's from the Philippines.

He stated: I am moving to Marshall Islands and sending a package there. That's not too far from the Philippines.

I have no clue where Marshall Islands is... so i checked the map.
ok, got it.
it is somewhat close to the Philippines.

3. And here's the picture of the outfit and big shell necklace.
It's huge (and pretty!)

Top ~ A&F, clearance! // shell necklace from my Lola // bracelets from my Lola as well

Ignore my yellow looking self. There was a huge thunderstorm that afternoon. I debated for a little bit if it's worth getting wet just to satisfy my vanity... Reasoning won. I opted to look yellow with the weird lighting inside the house.

4. Did you check my post about avatars and smurfs?
I am taking a vote.
Do I look like Momma Avatar or Momma Smurfette?

5. For all breastfeeding moms, thought I share this amazing post by katrina. I have tried her recommendation of dangle feeding three times now... And though it looks weird and awkward, it does work.

6. Grill queen
Ever since Derrick showed me how easy it is to turn on the grill, I have been cooking >50% of our weekly dinner menus on the grill.

Who says only men can grill?

i can do it!

With my work clothes on... sparkles and all

Try this recipe which I found from Lisa.

And this recipe -- which I think needs more bourbon!

7. Picture I am sharing

I grammed this already. But it needs its place here on the blog. I gave in to a glass of moscato while cooking dinner. I could not wait for dinner. I needed my mommy juice. (just one of those days!)

Have a super weekend!

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Avatar or Smurfs?

The D-crew joined my sister and my mom (as team Smart1s) this past weekend for the annual Color Run in downtown Indianapolis. My mom and I walked/ran the 2012 Color Run for Elijah Damaris.

My mom made tutus for the ladies.

Daniel freaked out after seeing the crowd at the starting line. He did not want to join us anymore.

Thanks to my husband for staying with the babies (and Daniel!) Thanks to ND as well.... Carried baby A the entire time.

This 5K is not competitive at all. It's mostly for partying and being silly.... Making snow angels and embarrassing my children.

Spot the smurfs -- or runners --

kisses from momma avatar.



Cousin avatar


momma smurfette

I love this picture of me and N.

Isn't Indianapolis just beautiful?

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rose + pearls + white blazer {wiws, answer me this}

I post our Sunday best as the children nap and wait for the Pacers to beat the Heat! That's my prediction.

Blazer ~ Zara, thredUp // Tunic ~ f21, thrifted // leggings ~ vs pink, old // studded wedges ~ aerosoles // bling ~ Kaitlin's closet, igshop, a new fave of mine.

Mass grades ~ I am feeling generous today.

Daniel: A

Isabel: A

Sebastian: A++

Daniel - shirt ~ Crewcuts // shorts ~ old Navy, thrifted // his choice of shoes ~ puma's

Isabel - dress ~ igshop, thrifted // Cardi ~ old Navy

My answers to this week's questions (head over to Haley's!)

1. What's the scariest thing that's ever been in your yard?

Probably the raccoon that made my husband scream! it made its way inside our trash bin and scared the heck out of Derrick.

2. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

For my hubs, I'd say thumbs down.

3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?

Depends on what breaks.

If it's a loose button, frayed hemline - sure I can do it. If the fan is messed up, I call out: Bob, help!

4. What was your first car?

Jean-claude GRAND AM. My mom named that red car, not me.

5. How often do you eat out?

twice a week. Friday nights and the meal right after Mass.

when I was a resident, we frequented restaurants a lot. sit-ins and take-outs....

6. Why is your hair like that?

straight? genes... genes...

curly? I am using this.

And Mr. Pacers fan graces us with his presence.


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crochet + shells + ripped jeans {five faves}

Sharing my five favorites this week that inspired this outfit.

1. crochet top

This season calls for dainty, lacy, crochet-y (not a word, I know) tops. I love this one from A&F, bought on sale! yay!

2. ripped jeans

I am still in the mode to buy ripped jeans. They give my son a heart-attack every time I wear them. He says, I need new pants because these are broken. (insert emoticon: squeezing eye >_< like so)

Hidden jeans, thrifted

3. shell necklaces

My grandma sent >10 necklaces and >10 earrings. I am dying in delight!

Here's a shell necklace from the Philippines.

4. new lipcolor

it was Burn before

then Tempt

then back to Burn

Soulmate by covergirl. this is a spring color with glittery soft feel on my lips! I am wearing it on these photos.

5. Straightening iron

I use my straightening iron to curl the ends of my hair. I have better luck using that rather than my curling iron. This is a trick I learned from my lovely hairdresser.

My 5 year old $20 -straightening iron went caput... So I found another one at Target, also for $20. And the handle swivels. I like it!

Linking up with Hallie for Five Faves and Lindsay for WIW!

A preview of another post. I love this girl!

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