7 month birthday coming up!

I am such a big boy! My 7th-month birthday is coming up this weekend. I wonder if the family is going to Schezwan Garden this month. Since my 4th month birthday, my family have gone to the Chinese restaurant to celebrate.
This is such a blurry picture! Meet my family (L-->R)
Nathan, Lola Iryn, Papi, Lolo Edwin
Mummy, ME!!!, Lolo Frank, Lola Lisa
Taken when I was 4 months old!

Waving at you!

My first road trip was this past weekend when I visited Auntie Hannah in St. Louis. She took tons and tons of pictures of me. I loved it! I smiled and giggled away.

Last week, I also saw my Ninang (godmother in Filipino) Heather. She is a postulant for The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. She loves her first year in New Mexico. This summer, she will start wearing her habit. I loved playing with her Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal pendant. Next time, I see her, she will be wearing her veil and crucifix. Cannot wait to grab her crucifix! The SOLT sisters are not just from the US. There is a mission in the Philippines too!

A little blurry pict but I am giving my mummy a smile here!


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