some ideas for the rest of the people on your list

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The theme pretty much for my presents this year is COZY. think lounge-y... think casual... think lots of socks and pajamas. If you are on my list, expect to get these in the mail.

 Christmas Jammies for baby  - reindeer + fair isle... so cute
Pajamas for him  - even those hunky-hunks need to stay warm during winter.

Christmas Cardigan - there's a certain somebody on my list who loves to wear festive Christmas sweaters.  

Faux fur vest for baby -  I am crazy for vests... especially faux fur ones.
 Mittens for girls - a certain student will enjoy waiting for the bus even though it's cold outside.

Socks , socks,  and more socks.
 Plaid shirt for her - I am not over plaid yet. I hope the person who gets this  shares the same opinion... otherwise, it will be returned. oops.

Jammies for toddlers - I don't disappoint in the pjs department.

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why the blogging silence?

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Top, Jcrew, found it in petite and pink
Skirt, Hautelook
YSL tribute sandals, bought on summer designer sale, full price here
Gucci disco bag, love, love this neutral bag


necklace, Jcrew,, similar
watch, MK

It was an unintentional blogging hiatus. I wanted to blog but no desire to turn on laptop or take outfit photos or upload or resize them for the blog.

This was a late summer outfit. I did not get a chance to post it before the craziness of  September-October-November.
Seems like, hubs and I went to our 10 year anniv trip, then I was off to Vancouver for conference. It was a busier autumn than what I would have wanted.


successful Cyber Monday shopping

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if it's gray -- it's a link...

 It  was a successful Cyber Monday here. I got all the children's presents without going to a physical store. yay for online shopping. I used this app for cashback.. try it!


Walkie talkies  -  These pokemon walkie talkies are for the boys. My sis and I had walkie-talkies growing up. Hubs did too... time to give them to the next generation.  
Let's go fishin' -  Another toy that is a classic and so much fun. I hope the children enjoy this. 
Magnetic letters set - Lucy loves to hang out with us in the kitchen. We are finally getting you these, sweetheart. You don't have to play with your sibling's artwork on the fridge, anymore.

Fluttershy - This is a request from Isabel. She can brush the hair on this 6-inch toy.    
 Leapfrog learn and groove mat - This is going to be "labeled" for Bastian but everybody can play this. Including Lucy. Learn and make music mat.
 Charades -  A game that's for Daniel but will benefit the entire family.

Draw 'em all -   I am excited to see what Daniel could draw using this instructions book. He is so into pokemons.

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Christmas tree hunting

I blogged. oh boy, I really did!

along with iphone photos...

I finally convinced hubs to get a real tree this year. Every year, I have been asking him... He replies: "they are messy."   "It takes a lot of work."  " you have to water them."   "How are we going to take it home?"

Then I say: but the smell.. The smell is so good. 

This weekend, we went to the woods (aka the tree store) and cut our own tree... (aka found it in the lot, then asked the nice high school student to get it ready for transport.)

"Do you (children) see your tree yet?"

And they did!

 "Let's take it home, now, please."


guess who is back? + quick recap

maxi dress, F21
lace crop top, BR
iphone case, KSNY, exact one
heels, Franco Sarto, more here


Am I really back for real? we just have to see.
It's great to log in on blogger and type something for once... instead of just posting photos on ig with 500 character captions. (#miniblog?)
I started blogging about my Vancouver trip using my iPad. However, I could not figure out how to resize my photos... 2-3 MB per photo -- that's  lot of photo storage. I want to share the trip memories here.
As for life updates, lots of things have happened....
Hubs and I went to see The Three Musketeers, spent our 10 year anniversary at the Outer Banks and professional photos taken (yay!)
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