Bright pants, sparkly shoes


{1} posing with my kids, in their daycare clothes {thanks target!} we save their nicer clothes for special occasions and for church. They get super messy in school. They let them be kids! If you zoom in, you'll see marker prints all over Isabel's shirt and hands.
{2} close up of my fave flats. Shot taken by my 4 year old. {bonus shot of my house slippers: HK}

Mummy deets:
Maternity tunic from the Gap
Old navy skinnies
Flats from b.o.c.
Belt jcrew

Kids deets:
Isabel: Circo top, Circo shorts, Costco socks
Daniel: Circo shirt, carter shorts {still wearing 2t!}, Costco socks


Indulge me, my beloved photographer. Let's do a few poses!

Mixing up my layers
Dress: H&M nonmaternity
Cardi: very old from the Gap
Tights: duo via jcp
Belt Ralph Lauren {old}

Daniel deets:
Top Carter's, shorts osh kosh, flip flops osh kosh

Braved wearing my sparkly, blinding Toms at work because it's research day and I'm not seeing patients.

Linking up with the pleated poppy and what kids wore. Join us.


Belly bump update #32

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
32 weeks

Picture above makes me look tiny. It's an illusion folks. Yeah true I haven't gained any weight in the past month {miracle} but my face nor belly doesn't look that small. I think it's the angle of the shot?
Best Moment this week?
Tons of birthdays this past week: my hubs, Prince George, Lucy (Kayla's baby girl), Grace.
Katie also celebrated their 3rd yr wedding anniversary. And it's world youth day in Rio.
Prayer requests?
Praying for the victims and families of the bus crash here in Indy. My family and I were just around that area running errands for Daniel's school supplies. So heartbreaking, so sad.
Baby's growth?
weight: 3.75 pounds
Length: roughly 16.7 inches long
Aches here and there
Weight gain?
Walk, walk, walk
No formal exercise, but I make sure to take the stairs. It sure is embarrassing after a flight or so. I'm huffing and puffing.
Cravings? Food Aversions?
I haven't been cooking anything with raw meat. But I will eat it if I did not smell it while it's cooking or didn't see it raw. I can make you toast and bagels if you come over and visit! My hubs has been a big help. He's not a cook but he is trying. I love when he makes me scrambled eggs.
Still no to bacon....
Lots of frequent awakenings... Tossing and turning.
Maternity Clothes?
Yep. And some nonmaternity tops Iike the orange top I'm wearing above. it's loose and perfect for the belly.
Surprise, surprise. We don't know.
Baby D3 is a mover.
What I miss...
Sushi, moscato
What I'm looking forward to.... {or enjoying right now! }
Enjoying the rest of the summer with my kiddos. Kinda like the last hurrah before the little one arrives.
About the rest of the family...
Something I'm Excited About....
My sister is expecting! Fun fact: her due date is 5 months after mine. Our firstborns are 5 mos apart. Daniel born in July, Nathaniel born in December.

Linking up: babies and beyond at proverbs and pacifiers and beauty in the mess.


We bleed blue {Sunday style and wiws}

It's an impromptu decision to see our men in blue at the Colts training camp an hour away. The weather forecast was pretty good. Plus we have been wanting to see them at camp but just never done it.

The temps were in the mid 60s which is pretty much perfect for this pregnant momma. I couldn't imagine sitting on the bleachers with 90deg temps.

We attended Mass at the north side of the city -- actually in the suburbs. Daniel asked: what is this place? Unsure of the location, not seeing the familiar facade of our home parish.

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: C even after being warned to finish his left over chicken nugget outside the sanctuary, he still managed to find a lone nugget in my mom's purse and started eating it during the opening hymn. He might have redeemed himself the second half of Mass by sitting quietly on my mom's lap but I still won't upgrade his grade.
Isabel: B semi-ok. The minion toy that came with the chxn nugget kept her busy. Then Lola kept her busy too.

Now for what we wore Sunday, you guessed it: blue.

Top: nonmaternity b. rep
Skirt: motherhood maternity
Toms gold glitter classics

Missing Daniel? He won't let us take his picture...

And my men in blue:

Except for Andrew luck in red. #12

Kick it vinatieri!

Link it real good: plane pretty, FLAP


We do it every night...

And it's not what you're thinking....

Linking up with Katie @ NFPandMe during this week of NFP awareness.

Here are some amazing posts about NFP that are worth sharing:
NFP sucks by Stephanie
Why do you love NFP: A husband's response by Caitlin's husband
No H8, educate by Carolyn
Don't do what we did... Our NFP story by Mary

Of course, there are tons more out there. I am just highlighting a few that I have read this week.

Now for our reasons why we use NFP:
We submit ourselves, even our bodies to the will of God and his Church. It's something that we do together: Derrick wakes me up in the morning, hands me the thermometer and i take my temp. He records the temperature. Every night, i chart my external observations. we talk about our chart. We interpret it together.

Above scenario is totally different from me just taking the pill every morning.

Once we have decided to get off of the pill a few months after our wedding, we have seen how practicing NFP strengthened our marriage and communication.

You read that right. we were on the pill on our wedding night and few months as newlyweds. We never heard of NFP from our pastor during pre-Cana. I also sought  a few married Catholics' advice and they were ok and comfortable with their decision to use contraception. God is already knocking at the door of my heart, planting a seed but I chose to shut him out and seek the easy way out. Take a pill every morning instead of learn NFP.

One of the people I asked regarding family planning was a non-denominational Christian friend. She shared their story and I found out NFP actually works! I was hesitant at first being in the medical field and all. I relied on the medicine to work instead of my own will power and what my husband and I could do to take control of our fertility.

My husband (my saint-in-the-making) has been the main power who kept pushing me to open my heart and listen to what God is asking of me to do. That's the Holy Spirit working there on both him and me. Derrick is not excited about giving me medicines/hormones to help regulate my cycle, etc. etc.

So we went off the pill. we read our NFP book on our own. we held weekly discussions. we charted. we did not go to a class.... we were brave huh?! My Christian friend and i sent emails back and forth. She is not an NFP instructor but she was very helpful and encouraging.

NFP was successful for us. we wanted to wait until I was done with med school before starting a family. we stuck with it and did NFP. Finally intern year came and after "testing the waters" of life as a resident, we knew after prayer and deliberation that we were ready to have a baby.

NFP also helped us conceive our little ones. NFP empowered us both. I knew when my period is about the start. I was more in tune/aware of my body. NFP also kept an open line between me and my husband. Not just: is it ok to have s3x tonight? but "how are we feeling today?" etc. etc. and I like how we both are active and involved with our family planning. He has his role {temp recorder}; I have my role {symptom recorder}.

NFP is not all rainbows. there are some challenges with NFP:
- Intern year was challenging. I was on-call every 4th night which meant every 4th morning I was up pretty much all night. This means my basal temps in the morning did not make any sense. I had two thermometers: one kept at home with our chart and one in my overnight call bag. We had to rely more and more with the symptoms part of the symptothermal method of NFP {it's basically mucus only method or Billings method}. Some post call mornings, I didn't even have temps recorded as I was seeing patients when I'm supposed to be just waking up and checking my temp.
- I only charted external observations. I am a doctor --- but I cannot do my own cervical check. I just can't.
- Breastfeeding and return of fertility: Thanks to breastfeeding my periods did not start until 9-10 months postpartum. my cycles were 50-60 days long with misinterpretations of charts and temps and mucus changes. It was semi-difficult postpartum with Daniel. Even more difficult the second time around. I have to either re-read our NFP book and/or take an NFP class geared towards breastfeeding/postpartum moms and/or contact an NFP instructor postpartum with Baby D3. I'd love ideas or suggestions for breastfeeding moms, if you have any. More and more we are looking at the Marquette method.

We are open to life and when people ask if we are done with three, we honestly say "we don't know". If we could not handle more than three (like we are going crazy out of our minds) then we better be good NFP charters and interpreters!

For More info:
NFP via couple to couple league
Symptothermal method
NFP classes in Indy
Couple to couple league of Indy


7 qt vol 35

1. I made it to blogging everyday this week! I was afraid to commit but in the end, I blogged everyday.
Monday - bump update
Tuesday - all about Daniel edition, check it our for some T. Swift
Wednesday - hubs' birthday
Thursday - bump it at work, my wardrobe this week
Friday - my 7QT
weekend - be on the look-out!

2. My girl is truly like her mummy, though she looks like her daddy.

Here she is checking out cosmetics while we wait for my prescription refill. She gravitates towards nail polish and lip gloss.

3. Electives are fun!
These months are few and far in between during residency. I only had two months during first two years in Peds residency. I had to finish core requirements which included ward months, ICU months etc. my Neuro residency has more months for electives. I've done 2 so far, right now finishing my 3rd month of elective. Too bad this month is coming to an end. I like working with my mentor a lot.

4. Student shadowing
I knew I wanted to teach med students, residents etc as part of my career. Teaching is one reason I'm staying in the academic world, so I can continue interacting with students and residents.
As one of my preceptors in med school said, students keep me on my toes! Student doctors, having finished core classes just months ago instead of years ago have fresher memories of the Krebs cycle, electron transport chain, histology, embryology etc etc.
I've worked with other residents (Peds, internal medicine, psych) in the past, as well as med students (student doctors). But this was the first time I've worked with a high school student in terms of shadowing. I enjoyed my week with my "shadow".
Of couse I was trying to recruit for pediatric neurology!

5. Exposing our kids to different cuisines has turned out to be a good thing for the family. Wherever we go for our "regular" places when we eat out, the kids have their favorite entree.
Japanese - udon noodles
Indian - tandoori chicken for Daniel, tikka masala and basmati rice for Isabel
Chinese - anything with rice for Isabel, honey chicken or beef lomein for Daniel
Filipino (not really eating out! either from our kitchen or their grandparents')- pancit for the kids. The pancit is made by their Lola (my mother in law)

My kids are not fond of Italian that much. Not pasta lovers for my crew. I love pasta though!

6. Royal baby
Who is not crazy for a new baby? I've been on a baby watch since Friday 7/19. I told my husband, Catherine better deliver 7/20 so the royal baby and Daniel will have the same birthday. I checked twitter periodically during the weekend and still no baby! It was my sister who sent me the text about the royal prince's birth. I was way out of the loop for baby watch. That's what happens when I'm out saving lives. {I'm being dramatic here, I don't work at the Icu or the ER. But I do like saying: "I'm going now. Ready to save lives!" When I'm at the wards}

I love Kate's going home dress. Ill have to rethink my going home outfit! No sweats for me.
A learning lesson from the going home picture though. Prince George is not strapped correctly in his carseat! oh no!

Read more about it here from the perspective of a mom and pediatrician.

7. Video I am sharing:
My little boy finished his second month of swim lessons. He has gone a long way. I remember his first day -- he was kicking and thrashing, did not want to go to the pool. I had to carry him and physically hand him to the instructor. After 12 lessons, as part of their "last class" at the natatorium this month, they jumped in the deeper pool (6 feet 6 inches) from the diving stand. He did it 4x! I am so, so proud of my little boy.

Head over to Jen's for more!


Bump it at work

My favorite shot this week. I found this wall at work and right away I thought of the blog. It's the perfect backdrop.


Top: motherhood maternity
Pants: motherhood maternity {thrifted}
Pink peep toes: Charlotte Russe {old, but still super cute}


Dress: gap maternity
Bubble necklace: zulily
Floral peep toes: bandolino


Floral tunic: old navy maternity
Capris: kohls
Sperry's {not shown} my photographer wasn't home yet and I had to change for our dinner date.


Top: zulily
Pants: Liz Lange maternity via target
Peep toe wedges: aerosoles {so comfy}

Link up with the pleated poppy for what I wore...


Happy birthday, Love

The love of my life is celebrating his birthday today! Just as my birthday is so close to my mom's, derrick's birthday is just 4 days after our eldest's!

Daniel's first birthday party was on Derrick's birthday in 2010. Instead of asking his own celebration etc, he gave up his day for his son. That's the man I married. Always placing his family before himself. I always tell him: I'm married to a saint-in-the-making.

Instead of his usual request of steak for his birthday dinner, we had a fried chicken dinner at Hollyhock Hill. I love that place. The last time we were there was in college with other IUPUI student foundation steering committee members for an end of the year dinner. Derrick and I were both active steering comm members of IUPUI SF. That was back in 2004! Almost 10 years ago.

{1} the birthday celebrant.
{2} oh you can see me in the mirror!
{3} showing off my dress also seen here.
{4} ootd: maxi maternity dress from zulily; necklace bday gift from my MIL; purse Burberry; t-strap sandals from Bakers. These sandals are old. I found them this weekend while cleaning out my shoe closet.

Hubs and I enjoyed our traditional dinner. From salad, beets, cottage cheese, veggie platter, biscuit and apple butter to the main course: fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and green beans. We finished our very filling meal with each a scoop of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch, creme de mint and/or chocolate syrup....

We didn't touch the beets and we both said no to the tomato juice. Because of reflux, I stay away as much as I can to tomato based soups or sauces. I still like some bolognese but just a little bit.

To my hubs, happy birthday! I enjoyed our dinner date.
Love you always,


All about Daniel vol 6

Me: do you want chicken, Daniel?
D: yeah
Me: how about KFC?
D: no
Me: chick FIL a?
D: yeah, I like cows. {eat more chikin'}

Daniel and Isabel taking care of their pregnant momma
Isabel taking my blood pressure
Daniel giving me tons of IM shots
Me: Daniel, do you want to be an anesthesiologist? A type of doctor that uses lots of needles and syringes?
D: nope, I wanna be a scrubber
Me: a scrubber?
D: with an imaginary Doppler ultrasound, he started checking my pregnant belly.
Me: oh an OB? A doctor who takes care of Babies in mamas' belly.
D: yeah a scrubber.
He has been to two OB prenatal checkups and loved helping out as Dr. G measured my belly and looked for baby D3's heartbeat.

Daniel singing T. Swift:
We-eeh ever, ever. Ever. Back to ever.
My friend chuck. U friend chuck. To me.
We-eeh ever, ever, ever. Back to ever.

Me: Daniel, please help Isabel.
D: I can't, I'm busy.

D: what's this, mummy? A Hani-tizer?


Belly bump update #31

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
31 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Daniel turned 4 years old
Prayer requests?
Healthy pregnancy for all expectant moms
What scripture is speaking to you this week?
Thou hast multiplied, O LORD my God, thy wondrous deeds and thy thoughts toward us; none can compare with thee! Were I to proclaim and tell of them, they would be more than can be numbered.
Psalm 40:5
Baby's growth?
baby D3 measures over 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds {thanks babycenter}
Aches here and there. Still bearable.
Weight gain?
+32 lbs
Maybe I can count walking around the museum as exercise? Other than that, no 'formal' exercise done. I'm slacking off.
Cravings? Food Aversions?
I'm not liking bacon... And that's a shocker because bacon is one reason why it's hard for me to be a vegetarian.
If I'm up for longer than a potty break overnight, I might as well stay up because it's hard to go back to sleep.
Maternity Clothes?
Yes, maternity clothes at work. Some nonmaternity dresses and flowy tops too.

Nonmaternity maxi dress from zulily
Maybe a boy, maybe a girl.
Oh yes. Hiccups, kicks, stretches, nudges.
What I miss....
Sushi, moscato, skinny jeans and short dresses.
Overall I'm loving this pregnancy. Reminds me of my first pregnancy.
What I'm looking forward to....
Colts preseason games!
About the rest of the family...
Isabel is a sweetheart: calls me mummy over and over again. I love her sweet, tiny voice.

Linking up: babies and beyond at proverbs and pacifiers and beauty in the mess.


Blues, pearls and shells {wiws, Sunday style}

I've planned on wearing this dress for Sunday... And check out plane pretty Sunday style: Jenny is featuring Sunday blues. Great minds think alike, huh?

The entire family is recovering from the big party yesterday. My kids woke up uncharacteristically late. Isabel around 8a, Daniel at 8:45a. Daniel was yawning this morning and said: I yawn because I'm tired mummy. {he partied hard yesterday at the children's museum}

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: B he listened really well today, but I still had to ask him to sit instead of roam around.
Isabel: C- grade given by hubs

Ootd details:
Maternity dress: gap {old circa 2009 - my first pregnancy}
Accessories: same thing I wore yesterday: necklace shell from Boracay, Philippines made specially for me! Pearl bracelet from a boutique in French Lick, IN from Babymoon 2011.
Clear jelly sandals: Reaction Kenneth Cole (old)

I say let's take pictures and they go straight to our fence and use it as their background.

It's a cooler weekend so the kids are able to play outside without sweating too much.

Kids outfit deets:
Isabel: dress thrifted, pink patent loafers: trumpette
Daniel: shirt: osh kosh, khaki shorts: chaps, new ironman sneakers: stride rite. Helmet: Riley hospital safety store

Readings for today
A homily to share: concord pastor

I'm also linking with Fine linen and purple for what I wore Sunday. I hope your Sunday is as relaxing as ours.


Revved up day {Daniel's 4th bday party}

Time to unwind and post some blurry pictures after a revved up day. Lil D turns 4 years old today. We spent the day at the children's museum and he chose a race car theme for his party.

The pix I got from my phone are so blurry but I'm gonna post them anyway. I didn't get a pict of him blowing the birthday candles {boo!} I was busy being a mom and singing. There were 5 other active cameras in the room, including my hubs video recording pretty much the entire event.

This is actually a birthday that Daniel was excited about, asked for a long time, and enjoyed a lot. I think he will remember this party for awhile. He loves the children's museum. He loves race cars. I didn't expect that we will stay until the museum closed at 5p but we did! This pregnant mother called it quits and sat for the last hour. Thanks to the grandparents for their help! I was able to sit and rest while they kept an eye on the birthday boy and Isabel.

Daniel's birthday parties have been outside events and temps were always in the low to mid 90s. We'd all be sweating while playing at the park. This is the first bday he's had with rain and cooler temps... Cooler as in low 80s, high 70s. Good thing we planned a party indoors this year.

I'm counting on my in laws for pix of the cake, party favors and other decorations. I don't have any! I was busy being a host and not a photographer. (I envy those mom party planners and photographers like my sister!) I chatted with friends I haven't seen in awhile... And with friends I see quite often at work!

His awesome day started with opening presents from my relatives in California. My kids are spoiled by their great aunts and uncle. Daniel received a lot of spectacular Spider-Man presents!

Ok... Here's the birthday chair in the party room... But this is not our guest of honor.

Oh here ya go. Enter Daniel.....

Are we enjoying the cake, ms. Isabel? What's all that chocolate, Daniel?

Oh from the piƱata, I see..... I got several pix of the kids grabbing more sugar but I'd spare you the headache because they are all pretty much blurry.

What big feet you have, little boy. {check out the avatar exhibit open till sept 22nd} I enjoyed this exhibit. No surprise since I'm an avatar fan.

This is the last carousel ride of the day. I'd say the museum was a hit for the birthday boy, Isabel and our guests.

I may be tired. I may be complaining of my feet and legs aching... But I see this handsome, sweet face and it's all worth it. I love you, Daniel.

Daniel turns 4 years old!

My dear Daniel,

It's your big day. You have been waiting for it for months since I asked you what party theme you'd like to have. You are so full of energy. You are smart and funny. You got all those awesome traits from your daddy.

Thanks for making me a mummy 4 years ago. I love kissing your sweet face. I asked The Lord for a firstborn son and he granted me my wish. You are the perfect gift.

I'm praying for a healthy year for you and a life filled with love. Happy birthday, my son! Now let's enjoy your party and your day!

All my love,

Daniel at 2 weeks old
7 months
1 year old - NYC trip
3 years old

{1} love his "marker marks" from school
{2} chunky baby
{3} may 2011, visiting me on call at the county hospital


7 quick takes vol 34

Joining Jen and her gang for another 7QT Friday link-up.

1. Have you read Jen's post about survival mode? Totally true! I love this post. I am saving it for future reading especially when I need some uplifting. Thanks Jen!

2. Some new blog finds (for me! but you might be cool enough to be followers already)

Christy C -- she's so fashionable. I love her prada purse and vintage LV. She's a cool mom and geriatrician
Stephanie of prettyanddelectable. She's a mom of 2 and has the best view from her Kitchen Nook! I envy her. Oregon is such a beautiful place.
Laura of alittlebitoflacquer. She's a Harvard MS4 and expecting her first baby. I think we are due at the same time. I love her "bump" style. She's inspired me to spice up my wardrobe for the remaining 8.5 weeks (or less!)

3. Check out my post for what I wore Wednesday -- why I put so much time to what I wear!

4. I truly enjoy weeks when my sister is visiting!
She had our little princess Sunday night to Monday. They had a tita-&-me bonding day. Isabel got her first pedicure! people are surprised I haven't given her a pedicure since I am such a girly girl. My fear is that she will just ask me over and over to paint her nails... haha.
She already asks me to apply lipstick on her when she watches me re-apply mine. She also loves to put lotion on her body (again, she sees her high-maintenance mother do it)

Instapix from my sistah.
Can't wait to see her post of her day with Isabel. With so many more pictures!

5. It's a big, big, big revved up day tomorrow!
my eldest is turning 4 years old! my sweet baby boy is 4! I cannot believe it. He's been asking about his party a lot. He saw me finish his party favors last night and he said: they are nice mummy. I like them for my party!

Speaking of birthdays -- we have quite a list for July.
-July 17: long-time friend, Chem lab partner in college, D. oh how I miss her. We use to see each other at least twice a year. Summer and Christmas time. Summer to celebrate our birthdays or go to the State Fair and Christmas Time to celebrate holiday cheer. Since she lives in a different city now, it's been difficult finding time to meet up.
-July 20: Daniel
-July 24: twins Suzanne and Derrick (hubs)
-July 30: Dr. ASM, my awesome friend who lives in St. Louis right now finishing her Peds Cardiology fellowship

6. New S3x study:
Just read Stephanie's 7qt post. Thanks for sharing. It's an amazing new study and I just have to share. As Stephanie wrote: What can I say – monogamous, married, sacramental sex is awesome.

7. Picture I am sharing

Happy Friday y'all!!!

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