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Anthropologie dress
Saint Laurent Wallet on chain
Valentino-look-a-likes, via eBay, brand is Halogen
 More Anthro dresses below

This space has been neglected. There's a valid reason, promise.
I wore this dress on our anniversary weekend at the Outer Banks. It was the first time we used AirBnB.  Kati decorated our love nest for the weekend so beautifully. It's perfect for small families too as it has its own living room and kitchenette. The second bedroom is available if you have party of 4 or more.  see the cute chalk messages? the shells? we did not get to use the pool but we dipped in the hot tub and I also used the hammock!
I saw this pretty dress on the sale rack of Anthro and I knew when and where I'd wear it.
Anniversary dinner on 10 year anniversary trip
what? Miami? I thought you're in OBX? You're in the wrong state, sister.
At this point, we already knew we were expecting baby D5. Because of all the ZIKA scare, we cancelled Miami and decided on NC instead.
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God's hand at work

{long post, with lots of instagram links}

 I've been dropping hints here and there -- on my Instagram account and my personal FB page. A lot of things going on here. Not just the second trimester of baby D5. Or the holidays.

In fact, during the holidays, we added more busy work on top of the festivities.

A week before Christmas, we looked at a house in the neighborhood. I've finally gotten through hubs that we cannot have 4 teenagers (plus one on the way) growing up and sharing our tiny bathroom upstairs. I suggested renovating the basement and adding a formal bedroom and bathroom there for the boys when they get older. Hubs didn't really like the idea.

He found a house just 1/2 mile from our church and children's school. It has been on the market for 6 months. He showed it to me and I became obsessed. I love the living spaces. The front yard is also spacious considering it's inside the city.  The pink bathroom even grew on me. I don't think I'll remodel it. {convinced by this pink bathroom Movement}

We viewed the house a week before Christmas. After calling some contractors (the new house is move in ready but needs floors because subflooring is showing) and the realtor, we made an offer December 23rd. On Christmas Eve, we received a counter offer.

We made a counter to the counter-offer Christmas Eve. I prepared myself that we won't hear anything until  close to 48 hours (aka Christmas Monday) because it's Christmas.

24 hours after our counter offer was sent, during a Christmas/birthday party, our realtor sent us a message:

"It's a Christmas miracle! The offer is accepted!"

I looked up at my husband and my mom who are sitting at the party table -- and said: "we have a house!"

I was shocked.
Happy and shocked.
Thankful and shocked.

So the following week was a mad-rush to get our current home on the market. We prepared ourselves for two mortgages but it's not something I'm excited to do.

I also worked the week between Christmas and new year. Poorly planned. But when clinic was scheduled, we didn't know we will be moving and selling our house.

It helped having the children on break. They were with my mom hanging out with their cousin for a couple of days. That gave hubs lots of time with the drill and paint brush without screaming children touching everything.

I did my part. I painted the trim at the family room, cleaned the girls room and donated lots of stuffed toys (my stuffed toys from high school whaaa??!). I also cleared boxes of stuff from Med school! Yes those things were in the basement. All forgotten once we started having babies. I also did some deep cleaning which I haven't done in years yikes.

Hubs and I enjoyed our NYE break from all the prep work and cleaning and decluttering and watched a musical. . We went to Mass -- just the two of us.  Then enjoyed a lovely dinner. It was a well deserved day/night out.

On New Year's Day, listing of our current home went live. We had professional photos taken two days before. Seeing those pictures  gave me such pride. Derrick worked really hard decluttering. I have never seen our house look sooooooo clean all at once!

 We had a couple of showings the first week. Then we prepared for the first open house that following weekend. Another day of deep cleaning and more decluttering and we had our open house. Our realtor, after showing us comparative market analysis, was confident that our current home will sell. Hubs was pretty excited and happy too. I'm not usually the pessimistic type but since we have two optimistic folks, I tried to neutralize it. I was more of the cautious worrier. I've heard stories of "sold within a month." I cannot help but wish for that too.

After the open house that Sunday, we received a call from our realtor that an older couple is very interested. They wanted to look at the house again the following day for the second showing.

We received a cancellation from the couple who wanted a second showing. We haven't had time to process it (I was at work, Derrick was at work.) when another request for second showing popped on my messages.

Then a couple of hours later, another request for a second showing.

Our realtor updated the interested parties that there's more than one buyer interested. That helped the offers to start coming.

 That Monday, nine days after listing the house on the market, we got our first offer.

We were given 24 hours to respond. We used all of the 24 hours because of other interested parties, giving them a chance to make their offer.  The time expired and we gave a counter.  The buyers did not wait at all. We received acceptance within the hour. So on my drive home from work Tuesday evening, hubs received a call from our realtor that we have a contract.

It seemed so unreal. I was praying for a smooth sale, within 60 days would have been perfect, specially since it's winter time. But 10 days on the market and we have a contract is beyond amazing.

 It was indeed exciting and surreal. God's hand at work, indeed! That week was my full week at be hospital. It was also the first school week back for the older children. What a week to sell a house when everybody is trying to get out of the house in the morning all the while keeping it nice and tidy and uncluttered.

We did survive it though.

Now, we are all thankful, we can leave a dish or two in the sink without freaking out. The children and I are getting sentimental as well. I will miss the magnolia tree in front. I will miss my peonies and stargazer lilies. I hope the new owner enjoys my flowers.

 If all goes well, next month will be our move-in month. Please keep us in your prayers :)

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