eve of Hallow's eve

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black and pops of red
still my fave way to spice up an outfit
these wedges are soooo, soooo comfy. 
They give me height and I can wear them ALL DAY in clinic.

meet the face bag... again.
She is losing her structure as the leather softens. 
I got her pre-loved.
I do not use her as much as I want to because she is HEAVY. 
She's all leather with suede interior.

Happy Friday! Yay!
What are your plans for this weekend? Do you celebrate halloween? or are you more of a dress-up as saints on All Saints Day?

Nov 1st is big in the Philippines. If it lands on a schoolday, classes are cancelled. It's a holiday. People pay respects and go to the cemeteries and pray and light candles for their deceased loved ones. The Philippines has ~ 85% Catholics. Hence celebrating this feastday. 

My children are brought up here in the US. They know all about halloween and boo-nights and trick-or-treating. I am not oppose to them experience those things. But I am having a hard time teaching them about the Filipino culture -- specially the way some holidays and feasts are celebrated differently back *home vs here in the US. We read books. I let them know bits and pieces here and there... but i feel like it's not enough. 

If you have any tips, let me know. 

My children are dressing up as a Ninja, Princess Ella, Spiderman and St. Lucy... Happy to have found eyeballs at Target... 

I hope you have a great Friday and great weekend.
don't forget to turn back your clock before you go to bed on Saturday night. it's FALL BACK, y'all!

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