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// fun shoes for toddlers //


This boy is a hoot. I love him!
I love his funny expressions.
----- My serious Sebastian is not so serious anymore.  
-----  Bastian started preschool. Lucy and I walk him to school. He likes it. He is familiar to this preschool because he and Lola dropped off Isabel there 2 years ago. He knew the room and the toys!
----- He has to have something in his hand, whethere that's a ball or play doh or sword or airplane. He has to bring something when we go places.


P = MD


// how about this look?  //


sandals via zulily
Louis Vuitton Vernis leather
earrings, old

My alma mater adopted the pass/fail grading system for the first year medical students who started in August.

When I was in their shoes years ago, we were graded Honor, High Pass, Pass and Fail system.
This change has been in discussion for a couple of years. Finally it's implemented.

It's interesting that the driving force to change from the H, HP and P, F system to P/F system is the wellbeing of the student doctors.


one love {wiws}

//  F21 dresses //

exact dress, Forever21, similar
Heels, Corso Como
Louis Vuitton
Bracelet, present
silver chronograph watch, MK
Rayban aviators

I stay away from BodyCon dresses. I do not have that 25 year old body anymore. The mommy pooch shows itself even after a cup of soup. What more when I am bloated and I had a full meal? it's not pretty.
I went for the Large size on this dress so there's still leeway.
Yet it is still "tighter" than my other dresses.
I may be the only mom at the 1030 Mass who wore a body con mini dress + heels.
You could say I felt  a little out of place  (just a little) -- as other moms wore their maxi dresses or shirt dresses or jeans or flats or sandals.
But when else am I going to wear my heels?


praying with kids + more quick takes

// fun watches  //


dress, Old navy, yay rewards
Gucci soho  shoulder bag
Joining Alicia and Kelly on this beautiful Friday.

1.What are your favorite devotions?
The Rosary!  What better way to spend time with the Lord? meditate on the mysteries of  Jesus' life and passion... Then also involve his Mom. Can THE Son of God say no to his mother?

Favorite prayer growing up ~ morning offering. It's a great way to start my day.
I also grew up praying the Mother of perpetual help novena.
Blessed is she daily devotions also help me with my day.

2 and 3.   Have any of your prayers been answered? Do you have any prayers that you are glad weren’t answered the way you’d hoped?

Prayers that have been answered? -- Absolutely.
Finding a great husband and father for my kids - check!
Getting into medical school and finishing -- check!
Safe and healthy pregnancies and deliveries -- check, check!


brickwall art + milestones

// more summer sandals //

top, BR
skirt, J Crew
Gucci soho bag, my birthday present
sandals, Naturalizer
necklace, Jcrew factory

A lot of milestones happening this week.
My Bastian turned 3 years old over LBD weekend.
We went out to lunch with the fam. Since I did not cook, I baked! Bastian loves cupcakes... well, let me rephrase: bastian loves frosting.

Since he pretty much does not care what's the cake underneath as long as there is frosting, I made banana nutella muffin cupcake. Bastian loves nutella and banana. so why not?

Lucy enjoyed the birthday song. Check out the video. She was dancing.
I played the video several times for her. She dances and then claps at the end. She sings with the video too. It's so cute.


markers all the way

I was approached by Alicia to link up for this week's topic at the Zelie group. St. Zelie is special to me because she's the mom of St. Therese of Lisieux. My Lucy Therese is named after St. Therese.

This week's topic is back to school.

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