Purple princess {wiws}

Not talking about me.
I'm talking about her.

We had Isabel's special birthday lunch with family and godparents. She couldn't take her eyes off of her birthday cake once we picked it up from the store.

Her dress made her look like a princess.

And since it's the first Sunday of advent, our purple outfits are appropriate and liturgically trendy.

Purple me
Top: hautelook
Faux leather: Macys, old
Hunter boots, presents

Purple princess:
Dress: target
Tights: old navy
Ankle mocs: presents from Ninong Ken

^^Photo was poorly taken. Flash was way weird. But it's very artsy... Don't you think?

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: A, he redeemed himself after the breakdown in the car
Isabel: A+
Sebastian: A+

^^He's a cutie. ^^

Another full belly day in the D-crew household. We had pork BBQ {Filipino way}, sweet potato fries, pancit, chicken wings. And of course cake! Thankful and grateful.

And Dora, she grew on me. Because my lil girl likes her. A LOT!

Linking up with FL&P for over a year now!
Happy first Sunday of advent.

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  • 11.28.2013

    Thanksgiving messages

    I've got a lot to be thankful for.
    ~ family
    ~ health
    ~ friends
    ~ God's faithfulness

    I enjoyed making these thanksgiving messages for my most favorite people.

    Message for hubs.

    To My children.

    Thanks zulily.

    All dressed up for thanksgiving day... And family photo shoot for our Christmas cards.

    Details, details:
    Turtleneck: express, old
    Faux fur Vest: hautelook
    Skirt: kohls
    Tights: kohls
    Boots: Mia

    The kids are adorable. But I'll save those pictures until I've ordered the pictures.

    Happy thanksgiving Day to all.
    Where did you have your Thanksgiving dinner? Who did you spend it with?

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    Linking up with FL&P.


    Festivities and meals

    This is a short work week.
    Filled with a birthday, anniversary and family fun.

    Christ the King Sunday: Baked Tilapia with veggies

    ^^look at this beauty^^

    ^^mouth-watering. Can't even see the fish. so healthy^^

    Monday: happy birthday, Isabel!
    Japanese Dinner ~~ she loves nabeyaki udon.

    Cajun chicken pasta

    Dinner with an old friend from medical school.

    Happy thanksgiving to all!
    Happy anniversary to my parents-in-law!

    I'm gonna bake this ~~~Tres leches cake~~~ and hope it turns out great.

    I'm not a baker as much as I think I'm a cook. I've been dreaming of this dessert from our favorite tapas place. Might as well make it now and share, rather than eat 90% of the 9x13 pan.


    Isabel's birthday party

    My share:
    Pork BBQ
    Pizza using Italian bread ~~ she loves my semi-homemade pizza
    Cake ~ I ordered a Dora and Diego half chocolate/half white sheet cake with whipped frosting. Whipped frosting is less sugary compared to traditional
    Buttercream icing and it tastes like whipped cream.

    My mom:
    Fish - my request {I'm in a seafood mood}
    Vege dish

    My MIL:
    Pancit ~ Filipino noodle dish inspired by Chinese

    Have a blessed week to all.
    What are you making this week?
    What are you thankful for?

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    Baby #2 is 2

    She woke up this morning, saying: birthday, birthday.

    It reminded me of my wedding day. I woke up and said: it's my wedding day! Cue music: nothing is gonna break my stride/ Nobody's gonna slow me down / Oh no, I've got to keep on moving /

    She is so excited for her birthday. I don't blame her. I make such a big deal of their birthdays. It's their special day!

    Developmental milestones: (from AAP/healthychildren.org)

    Gross motor skills:
    ~walks alone (since 12-13 months of age)
    ~pulls toys behind her while walking
    ~ Carries large toy or several toys while walking
    ~ Begins to run (since 19-20 months)
    ~ Stands on tiptoe
    ~ Kicks a ball (she tries)
    ~ Climbs onto and down from furniture unassisted (this is her favorite game with Kuya Daniel)
    ~ Walks up and down stairs holding on to support


    Fine motor skills:
    ~ scribbles spontaneously
    ~turns over container to pour out contents
    ~builds tower of 4 blocks or more
    ~ might use one hand more frequently than the other (She's a righty)


    Language skills;
    ~ points to objects or picture when it's named for her (she loves the cloth book with the farm animals)
    ~ recognizes names of familiar people, objects and body parts
    ~ says several single words (ABSOLUTELY!) We may not understand her but she tries.
    ~ Uses simple phrases (by eighteen to twenty-four months)
    ~ Uses two- to four-word sentences
    ~ Follows simple instructions
    ~ Repeats words overheard in conversation (she says: Bastian, it's ok.. Bastian, I am coming. Bastian I know.) I wonder who she hears that from.

    Cognitive skills
    ~ Finds objects even when hidden under two or three covers
    ~begins to sort by shapes and colors
    ~ Begins make-believe play

    Social and emotional milestones
    ~Imitates behavior of others, especially adults and older children
    ~ Increasingly aware of herself as separate from others
    ~ Increasingly enthusiastic about company of other children
    ~ Demonstrates increasing independence
    ~ Begins to show defiant behavior (oh my... yes....)
    ~ Increasing episodes of separation anxiety (toward midyear, then they fade) ~~ she's still quiet towards new folks, otherwise she warms up pretty quickly now.

    ^^chocolate cupcake for the birthday girl^^

    ^^lemme give Dowa a kiss^^

    ^^nabeyaki udon for the kids^^

    ^^sashimi dinner for mummy^^

    Happy birthday, beautiful Isabel!!!
    You bring joy to our hearts.
    Mummy and daddy

    Isabel turns one
    Isabel's ballerina party

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    2 in 1 {HG, flannel-love, bumps, life}

    I'm a day late for my quick takes and I'm a day early for what I wear Sunday. 2 in 1 link up. Is that allowed?
    I'm either efficient or lazy or desperate or all of the above. You choose.

    I appreciate Jen hosting 7qtF. It's a good platform for not-so-creative me to blog about my week.

    1. Fly fly fly
    Sebastian is 11.5 weeks old. What?!
    Wasn't I just posting belly bump updates?

    Thanks to family and my hubs. Another week at work flew by. I had a couple of late nights. We had pizza last night (first take out in awhile! Yay!) me cooking dinner is a good sign that I'm getting out at a decent time and I'm not overly tired to whisk something for the fam. My crock pot is also a huge lifesaver.

    Last night turned out great. My mom stayed for dinner. I was the last one to arrive in the house. Kids were devouring their deep dish pizza. There were no pointing fingers at the mom/doctor. No pressure that I asked hubs to get take out at the last minute. When I finished clinic, I had a few (or a lot) of dictations left.

    2. Blogs I'm loving
    Talk about blog envy.

    Katrina writes thought provoking posts about faith and motherhood.

    Dr. Grumpy's patient/doctor interactions are so funny. I lol with very single entry!

    Kendra's birth stories are a must-read.

    This is an amazing study tool from a hopeful doc.

    How about Grace, who is expecting bebe nĂºmero quatro? She ain't gaining a pound! Jealous of her skinny frame.
    (Here I am not back to pre-preg hips and thigh proportions to fit my regular skinnies -- but thanks for compliments that I look decent. Truly)

    3. Bump it
    A lot of bloggers and friends are due next spring!
    I'm so excited for Katie, Erika, Jenna, KT. I'll be following your bump updates. These lovely ladies are having their firstborn! Just amazing. Don't think I forgot about you, Grace. Soon you will have 4 under 4!

    4. I'm on fire
    I'm headed to watch HG with my dear friend MR. I haven't seen her in awhile. Last time was when I was discharged from the hospital postdelivery. Our kids don't go to the same daycare anymore. And we work at different buildings. Oh how I miss her! Can't wait to see her and watch my favorite book of the HG trilogy.

    Team peeta!

    5. Party time
    We are going to our first Beaujolais nouveau tasting party. I've never had that wine. I may write a review/blog post about it.

    6. Wiws ~~ flannel crazy.
    It won't be a 2-in-1 link up without my outfit post.

    Flannel shirt: target
    Tights: from my grandma (Philippines)
    Hunter wellies
    Hunter fleece socks via hautelook

    It's brrrrr outside. All for fashion and Picts. I endured the cold.

    7. And my homies.
    7qt won't be complete without a pict of my loves.
    Pict I'm sharing:

    ^^too bright mama^^

    Have a great weekend! Happy feast of Christ the King. One of my favorite feastdays. A great reminder of that wedding feast I'm preparing for here on earth.

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  • 11.21.2013

    Derrick's wise words

    Me: gosh, another $40 for my criminal background check. Tons of fees for licensing! I'm not making the big bucks yet!
    Derrick: they don't know your criminal background?
    Because you stole my heart!
    Me: gagging. Choking.... Help!

    D: hmmm... they got a new guy for that grey book. Is that forty shades?
    Me: fifty shades of gray.
    (I'm actually proud that he doesn't have a clue about the title of the book)

    Me: wow, Jesus is floating. ~~ pointing to a Paper Jesus propped on our window.
    D: no, he's rising.
    (Catholic friends, get it?)

    Me: the word of the year is selfie.
    D: what's a selfie?
    (He's actually serious.... Coming from someone without an account on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest)

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  • 11.19.2013

    All about Daniel

    D: pointing at Sebastian's scalp... What's that white stuff, mummy?
    Me: cradle cap
    D: cradle crap?

    After trick or treating on all saints day! A day late.
    Me: I saw that! Give back the kitkat to Isabel.
    D: I just pretend to get it.
    Me: uh-huh...
    Not believing him one bit.

    morning after trick or treating
    Lil D: daddy, let's go downstairs. I want to see my candy.
    Big D: it's too early to eat candy.
    Lil d: I just pretend to eat it.

    D: I love my mummy. {giving me a hug while reading his fave book in front of his class} aaaawww... I'll remember that moment when he's in high school and won't even give me a fist bump because it's "uncool."

    I love you too, my lil D.
    You're an awesome big brother. Mummy's proud of you.

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    Saints and meals 11.18.13

    St. Elizabeth of Hungary
    Patron saint of bakers

    Meal: Empty the fridge

    Dedication of Churches of Saints Peter and Paul

    Meal: Lighter tastes like lasagna soup~~ update: I used chicken sausage instead of turkey. Next time, I'll omit the extra salt. The salt from the chicken sausage, chicken stock and mozzarella cheese is enough for me.

    St. Agnes of Assisi
    She was a sister of St. Clare and her first follower.

    Meal: Roasted shrimp tomatoes and feta

    St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
    ..since hearing tales of missionary work in Louisiana as a little girl, was to go to America and work among the Indians... Finally, at 72, in poor health and retired, she got her lifelong wish. A mission was founded at Sugar Creek, Kansas, among the Potawatomi. She was taken along. Though she could not learn their language, they soon named her "Woman-Who-Prays-Always." While others taught, she prayed.

    Meal: left overs

    Presentation of Mary

    Meal: Braised beef and sweet potatoes. This is a favorite of the D crew. So easy and packed full of flavor. It's a change from my slow cooker roast recipes.

    St. Cecilia
    Patron saint of musicians

    Meal: baked Sundried tomato chicken
    I couldn't find the sundried tomato vinaigrette with roasted red peppers. I hope the roasted red peppers vinaigrette will work out just fine. And I'll just add sundried tomato toppings. Recipe from 1001 ways to cook southern.

    Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

    Meal: left overs

    Hunger games movie in the afternoon
    Bonjoulais nouveau tasting at a friend's house

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    Scarf it up and bright pants {wiws}

    After a few chilly mornings, we had a no-jacket day yesterday.
    Here's what we wore for Saturday anticipation Mass.

    Cardi: girls mossimo target (shhhh....)
    Cami: the Gap
    Bright pants: old navy
    Ankle booties: Mia
    Scarf: kohls

    Mass behaviors
    D: A
    I: A
    S: A

    I'm generous this weekend. Plus, the children did behave well.

    ^^daniel: Isabel, this side's my bed, you sleep over there^^

    This cutie is all smiles. He just had his 2 month well child check and is 11 lbs and 2 oz. good boy!

    Head over to FL&P for more.

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    Whirlwind week {7qt}

    I'm joining Jen et al for 7 quick takes Friday after missing last week.

    1. I've got excuses for missing the party last week.
    -- it was my first week back at work which means I'm on a need-to-get done basis. As much as I want to bore the internet with my back to work lamentations, I had to figure out working full time, making dinner, getting kids ready for bed, pumping etc.
    -- I did want to blog. But blogpress was acting up on my iPad. And I was lazy to turn on Derrick's computer.

    2. It's wintertime in Indy!
    I went from this, to this, to this.
    No complaints for this weekend. Highs up to the mid-50s yo!!!

    3. Kudos to my Mamey!
    My mom made it through the week babysitting Isabel and Sebastian. Kids were fed and changed and healthy so no complaints.
    - except she let Daniel watch power rangers from 3:30-5:15p on Tuesday
    - Isabel only ate banana and mangos for lunch one day because after Isabel said no to chicken, she didn't offer anymore
    - Sebastian slept in her arms all day the first two days
    Do I sound ungrateful???!!!
    What an ungrateful daughter!

    I Truly appreciate mom babysitting! Truly. Gratefully. I survived yet another work week because of family's help. Thanks Mamey!

    Kids didn't have to bundle up when it was 19 degrees cold one morning. We (especially me!) were spoiled! It's like a nanny coming to our house! Will you do it again, mom???

    4. Prayers
    Please pray for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. So, so sad.

    5. HG
    Who's excited for the premiere of hunger games: catching fire? I made plans this week to see it opening weekend with a friend! It's my favorite book of the trilogy so I'm super excited!

    6. Sebastian's saint name twin
    I met Sebastian's saint name twin at my finger printing appointment (of all places!) the guy patiently took my fingerprints (now ink less) and made small talk. Yep, a tad weird that he was holding my fingers and scanning them. I also brought Daniel and Sebastian. Sebastian was in my arms and I alternated holding him with my left then right then two more changes.
    He asked Sebastian's name and immediately said: I like that name! It's my confirmation name. Patron saint of sports!

    I agreed: yeah patron saint of athletes!
    (Hmmm what an unexpected place to meet another catholic AND discuss saint names!)

    He asked for Daniel's middle name. Once I said Isaac, he said what a strong name. And that I did a good job giving my boys strong names.

    Then off he went criticizing north west and apple. (Oooops!)

    7. I leave you with a painful scene. This just breaks my heart seeing Sebastian cry. His left leg is clearly achy. He's in pain. I nurse him on my right, left leg close to my chest and he cries and cries. There's a knot from the injection site -- which can happen with the prevnar vaccine. I felt the knot on my other two kids' legs post injection. But they weren't in pain.

    Sebastian is clearly hurting.
    I told my husband: we learn and experience new things with each kid. We will never be experts. And that's ok.

    May his night be soothing, calm and less painful.

    Happy start of the weekend to all.

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    Aid the Philippines ~~


    ^^The typhoon is so huge, you can barely see the Philippines^^

    Thanks so much for all those who called, sent me messages on FB and cell asking about my family in the Philippines. Thankfully, my grandparents and cousins live in the northern part (Luzon). The major devastation is in the central part of the Philippines (visayas).

    I still remember the rainy days growing up. There'd be dozens and dozens of typhoons passing through the Philippines. But nothing like typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

    The country has survived earthquakes, mudslides and volcanic eruptions. I experienced the earthquakes in the 90s and Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991. I remember the devastation.

    Please continue sending prayers to my kababayan {countrymen} this time of need. If you'd like to send help, the missionaries of the poor and Catholic Relief Services are sending food and medicine.

    Thanks for asking about my family. They are all doing well.

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    Saints and meals 11.11.13

    St. Leo the Great

    Finally made the pot roast, posted last week

    St. Martin of tours - patron of soldiers

    Meal: Linguine with shrimp and tomato cream sauce

    St. Josaphat

    Meal: leftovers

    St. Frances Xavier Cabrini - patron of immigrants
    She is the first United States citizen to be elevated to sainthood. {ewtn}

    Meal: Slow cooker honey sesame chicken, handle the heat

    St. Nicholas Tavelic and companions

    Meal: crock pot ranch pork chops

    St. Albert the Great
    He was known as the "teacher of everything there is to know," was a scientist long before the age of science, was considered a wizard and magician in his own lifetime, and became the teacher and mentor of that other remarkable mind of his time, St. Thomas Aquinas. {ewtn}

    Meal: Salmon baked in foil.
    I made this three weeks ago and loved it! It's healthy and easy.

    St. Gertrude
    She is the only woman among the saints to be called "the Great': St. Gertrude the Great. {ewtn}

    Meal: more leftovers

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    Spring Green and Brown {wiws}

    I'm so thankful for this weekend. I napped for two hours both Saturday and Sunday. {thanks love!} Working full time with a 2 month old, a toddler and a preschooler requires naps whenever I can take them.

    This weekend is probably the warmest and best days this week. I see snow on Tuesday's forecast! Might as well wear my skirts whenever I can.

    I second guessed wearing this light green top from banana. But like what I said, it was nice and sunny. Spring green during fall.... Works for me!

    Cardi: kohls
    Top: Banana republic
    Skirt: Banana republic
    Tights: kohls
    Boots: Mia limited

    Mass behaviors:
    D: --- he slept the entire time. That doesn't really count. He partied too much at my mom's house
    Isabel: C, a lot of no's and "loud" whispers
    Bastian: A. Stellar!

    I just love their smiles!

    Linking up with FL&P.

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