You know you have a preschooler when... Vol 2

Isabel whining and screaming high pitch scream pleading for the green glasses that Daniel won't share.
D: I am not your friend, Isabel...
(Because not-friends don't share!)

Me: where does this wario ware DVD go?
Daniel: there! (Annoyed)
Me: ignored him and searched for the case.
Then I finally gave in (cause I cannot find the case). my bro-in-law placed 2-3 discs in one case when he gave us his old wii games
D: there. See I told u. (Huffed and sighed)

While at the park a lil girl age 7ish approached us.
D: there's a baby in mummy's belly. Wanna touch?
Girl: (no comment)
Me: (thank you Daniel for offering my belly) NOT

Lolo frank (bless his heart for teaching the kids the Filipino language) to Isabel: upo Isabel. Upo.
Daniel: THAT'S A POTTY WORD! (Clearly disgusted and disturbed by his Lolo's words)
We all had confused looks on our faces. I was thinking: did Daniel think Lolo said a bad word???
A sec or two later, he clarified things for us:
D: Lolo, you said poo poo. That's potty!
Heehee.... Poor kid heard poo poo instead of upo.
(Upo = sit)


Belly bump week #19

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
19 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Saturday with the family
Started with brunch with Isabel's god mom, then went to a super why concert and finished the day with a dinner date and concert with hubs
Prayer requests?
I think I'm sick on top of my seasonal allergies. When will the trees stop pollinating? I cannot handle this anymore..... My eyes itch like crazy. My nose drips like a faucet (eeewww!) I took Benadryl pretty much every 6-8hours this errkend since I was not driving or working.
Baby's growth?
Accdg to the babyCenter: Baby D3 is the size of an heirloom tomato weighs 8 1/2 ounces, length: 6 inches, head to bottom.
Weight gain (or loss)?
Gained a lot this past two weeks. I'm +17.
Cravings? Food Aversions?
Eating tons of sweet stuff this week: ice cream, tiramisu, more ice cream, muffins, coffee cakes. No wonder I just keep gaining and gaining.
Napped a lot this weekend
Also slept-in Sunday (bec of the concert, kids stayed with their Lola)
6x this week: 5x with Jillian's ripped in 30, 1x Zumba
Maternity Clothes?
Maternity shirts
Combo of maternity and Nonmaternity tights
Outfit above: White House black market dress (nonmaternity)
Last worn when I was pregnant with Isabel. Funny I haven't worn it postpartum because of breast feeding. Kinda hard nursing babes when wearing dresses
Hubs and I decided to be surprised.
Next ultrasound, we are not gonna find out
Baby D3 loves to kick when I nestle in my bed, ready for sleep.
And when I just finished a hearty meal (like after the dinner date) baby D3 loves Italian!
What I'm looking forward to....
Since I'm sick with my allergies, I'm looking forward to the trees all done blooming. Bring the summer heat.... Which equals less allergy symptoms.
Thoughts from the family....
Of course Isabel still doesn't have a clue about baby D3 coming.
Daniel still kisses my belly goodnight saying: good night baby in mummy's tummy.
Other news: Isabel is ready for potty training, she's been sitting on the portable potty (which was Daniel's)

Linking up with my pregnancy journal @ myjoyfilledlife
Check out growing bellies.....


Weekend play by play {wiws vol 22}

Started our day with breakfast.

Whole wheat Chocolate chip pancakes (strawberries are my addition)

And scrambled eggs
Lucky parents. Got to sleep in and make breakfast. And eat the pancakes and eggs before they got cold.

24 hours earlier......
Brunch with the fam

Waiting outside three sisters cafe. See my shadow???

18 hours earlier......
I kept the super why concert as a secret for a week! Didn't tell the kids until we are headed to Clowes Hall.
I enjoyed the concert as much the kids did.

Tried to capture the superwhy love sign up on stage --- didn't really work.
Oh well

12 hours earlier........
Lucky bees went out to dinner. Enjoyed an Italian dinner. Yum yumm
And off we went to the Pops concert series by the Indianapolis symphony orchestra. Lead vocalist is Ms. Lea Salonga. What an amazing performer.

Fast forward: Sunday.
St. Gianna's feastday

Really thankful for today.
Thankful for the entire weekend.

maternity tunic: The GAP from my first pregnancy (aka old)
Belt: jcrew
Tights: A&F
Rain boots: Hunter
Pearl necklace: from the Philippines

Mini Me:
Top from kohls
Pants: gift from in laws ???
Hello kitty sippy

For all my faithful readers: here's a kohls 10% off discount. BLOGS10 Ok to use till May 10th. And may use with other codes/discounts.
Ill have to check out these dresses for Isabel.

Happy 5th Sunday of Easter.
Sharing Fr. Roberts' message.

Linking up with FLAP


7 quick takes Vol 27

Hello, hello it's Friday! Another work week almost over!
Joining Jen @ ConversionDiary (welcome back!)

1. Exercise
I am glad to have such a light rotation this month of April. I switched my exercise routine to early morning workouts before I leave the house. I have been working out regularly since I have done that! yes, i do miss Zumba (Mondays and Thurs 7:30-8:30p at a nearby Catholic HS) but I am glad I am exercising more regularly.
My new fave DVD: Jillian Michaels ripped in 30.
Week 1 is already killing me like crazy but I can tell after doing it 5 times I am ready for Week 2. I will do these hard-core workouts till my growing belly cannot handle them anymore!

2. Sharing some meals I made this week:

shrimp Étouffée from Jenna

Braised beef with sweet potatoes (always a winner in our house! very filling!) from RealSimple

Bacon wrapped dates with cream cheese from Grace (addicted here. I made them 3 weeks in a row). Another reason why I gotta work out regularly.

3. eBay virgin
For all those eBay pros out there, I envy you. I have never won an auction EVAH!
And guess what, last Wednesday, I won my first ever ebay purchase via auction. (still waiting for  the item)
I about almost had an anxiety attack as I watch the last few minutes and then seconds on my eBay timer! whoa.... I was ready to be outbidded anytime.
yet, i still won! haha.
I'd love any tips from you all eBay pros!

4. Have you read this NFP article by Dwija?
I am only expecting baby D3 and I am already getting looks.

5. Another addiction to confess
I am crazy, crazy for any show BBC related. Remember my post about Sherlock? I am on season 2 courtesy of the public library. I watched WhiteChapel already (warning: gross,  bloody, pure terror). I have MI-5 series on request at the library (where else?)
Any other suggestions for BBC shows?

6. Kids' Addictions

I purchased the album 25 favorite silly songs
I borrowed DVDs from the library for the kids (and for me to enjoy)

7. Photo I am sharing (already posted on instagram)
Daniel: mommy, let's take a picture
Guess they got it from one of their picture loving, tons of posing parent..... guess who?

Happy Friday y'all!


Home call dullness

Oh nothing really to blog about today.

Except that I'm on home call (again) and has been growing cellphone ears for the past hour. Derrick said: it's gonna be a long night. (Thanks love)

And why, oh, why do the kids scream, yell, fight when I'm on the phone? Those moms on the other line were probably thinking: wow, it's crazy over there.
Those other doctors on the other line probably thinking: crazy lady, change rooms or something so I could understand what you're saying.

I actually tried going to the living room or the sun room and my little beanies follow their momma.....

When I'm on call, they are on call.... My little guy reminds me of my pager when it beeps and it takes me a millisecond to get to it and mute it.

And now for some peace: kids off to tar-jay with their papa.
Hopefully no beeps from my pager for the next few mins......

Empty family room

Quiet pager

Heaven for a few milliseconds

Happy Thursday!


Belly bump week #18

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
18 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Got out early Friday and spent time with my little D
Just him and me
Just like before isabellie was born
Prayer requests?
Healthy kids and healthy hubs
Happenings this week?
Started the novena for St. Gianna's feast day (April 28th)
Baby's growth?
Baby D3 is the size of a bell pepper
5.5 inches long
Weighing 7 oz
Constipation, reflux
Thank goodness no swelling, no high blood pressure
Weight gain (or loss)?
Didn't get much Friday night because of frequent calls (it's my weekend home call)
But what an amazing Sat night. No pages at all overnight!
That's a first!
Danced Zumba 3x
CrossFit once this week
Maternity Clothes?
Mainly wearing nonmaternity tights
Dress and cardi above: non maternity
Yes little sister. We are going to wait until baby D3 is born..... We won't find out during the ultrasound in 3 weeks
Fluttery kicks
Love it when I'm resting. I rest my hand on my belly and feel him/her kick
What I miss....
Nothing really
Maybe my non maternity jeans? I think it's time to wear my mama jeans soon
What I'm looking forward to....
When tree pollen is not on a high level
Rest of the family....
Isabel is learning her animal sounds and her body parts. She also has other words now besides mama. Mama pretty much meant: milk, more, food, and mama of course. This week she learned to say: ME which means mine! She also calls her daddy a distinctive dada now.

Linking up with my pregnancy journal @ myjoyfilledlife

Check out some growing baby bumps!


What I wore to (half a) Mass {wiws vol 21}

I didn't get a chance to take a decent pict of my outfit. I was stuck on the phone answering several back-to-back pages from patients and the hospital.

I missed the first half of Mass. (Sad, sigh, tear) i was outside the church answering more calls.

I was not ready to receive Christ. It didn't feel right going to Communion either since I was absent during the liturgy of the word.

Of course, icing on the cake: got another page during Communion. While I was sitting by myself on the pew reading the Readings and Gospel.
My hope is to go to Mass again today. On my own...... maybe ill be lucky and get no pages.

Messy house with a preschooler's clothes on the floor......
He is a good boy. He picked them up a few seconds after I shot this selfie.
Nonmaternity dress: h&m
Short sleeved cardi: target
Cropped Tights: Macy's
Zara flats: not shown
Newly manicured and pedicured nails

venting and encouragement iMessage from a friend

Joining the hosts and linky ladies at FLAP
Who went to a FULL Mass.
Check out their lovelier outfits.


7 quick takes vol 26

Spring Allergies
April showers bring May flowers.
For me: The month of April equals itchy red eyes, itchy throat, runny nose. I am allergic to the trees in our yard. The magnolia tree is pretty. The big maple tree at the back gives us a nice backyard shade but boy, oh boy, during April I am M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.
Allegra works when the pollen count is maybe 40-60% horrible. Above that, I double dose with allegra, add benadryl, use my nasocort/rhinocort (intranasal steroids) and my patanol (antihistamine eye drops) and I still have horrible itchy red eyes and itchy palate and throat.

A few more weeks -- by the time it's mid to late May and I can slowly wean off of the double dosing and benadryl. Less eye drops..... and Allegra does a decent job.

until then, I am a walking red eyed gal with itchy mucus membranes.

Welcome to Indiana spring weather.
The kids enjoyed such a nice afternoon playing ball, riding their little car and bike.

This was Wednesday:

And this was the next day, Thursday:

Via Instagram

3. Still praying for the grieving families and those injured from Monday's Boston marathon bombing. Let's remember that we are asked for a culture of life and love..... Though we are faced with such violence and sadness.
Cardinal Sean O'Malley's words from the peace service yesterday:
"The Holy Father prays that we will be united in the resolve not to be overcome by evil, but to combat evil with good, working together to build an ever more just, free and secure society for generations to come."

Brilliance and insight of a child
I am reminded to have a heart and mind of a child from this remark my smart 3 1/2 year old made:
So much rain! Why is it so gloomy and dark and rainy this week, I complained.
Daniel said: The plants need rain, mummy. so they can grow!
How selfish of me to just think of muddy streets, flooded backyards and gloomy dark days. My son's heart and mind saw the goodness the rain brought.

Hubs and I had a great weekend at the Marriage Encounter Weekend Retreat. (thanks to Caitlin @ Catholic Cookie Jar). I signed us up w/o reading her full post. So i did not really have any expectation for the weekend. My hopes: to develop a closer relationship with Derrick, get away from the busyness of life.

I was thankful!
Derrick was thankful! as evident from his dialogue entries and love letters.

we are still finding a rhythm to continue our daily dialogue at home. So far, we have been unsuccesful. by the time the kids are asleep, we are both tired. It's mainly my fault. I have been taking my benadryl bec of my allergies that I am so drowsy and uninterested to have intimate, loving conversations about our feelings and share our letters.

We certainly made a commitment to continue our daily dialogue so we will continue trying.

It's 10 and 10.
10 minutes to write our love letters (may be done at any time of the day)
10 minutes of sharing our feelings

Search a marriage encounter weekend coming to your town or city!
Sign up!
It will change your marriage.

happy Birthday to Mother Angelica.
She's turning 90 tomorrow, April 20th. http://www.ewtn.com/90thBirthday/index.asp
Read abour her inspiring story
This book is such a blessing. She made me laugh, cry, pray harder, live more faithfully FOR CHRIST. I shared this book to my mom, my MIL and girlfriends.
it's available in Audio -- so go to your library, borrow it. I listened to it on my way to work!
She is amazing.

7. Picture I am sharing
Thankful for lovely spring and healthy children.

Thanks Grace for hosting this week.

Happy Friday y'all!


Five favorites {pink edition}

Sharing my five favorites

Chanel mademoiselle
Love this perfume. Hubs got me my second bottle this past Christmas. Very sweet and subtle fragrance.


Imagine when a security officer was driving me across the street at 3a while on call. (we cover multiple hospitals while on-call) and he noticed my "subtle" perfume. He said: is that Chanel mademoiselle?
Talk about total freak out!
I'm supposed to be riding this security car to avoid scary peeps at 3a.....
Then he said: I've been wanting to get my wife that fragrance.
Ok.... Ok... Breathe.....
I guess my perfume is not too subtle.
But sure lasts a looooooonnnnng time because I placed that perfume 22 hours ago.

Bic ultimate sparkle pens
Inexpensive. Sparkly on the outside. Still writes in black ink.
Makes me happy when I'm working long hours.
No one steals them!
Who would wanna be caught with a pink sparkly or lite purple sparkly pen???
Just Dr. D.


My new Kate spade purse

What's inside?
Lets take a look

Perfect for my pink addiction. And for spring.
Best of all: already on sale and then I got 25% more off!

Shabby chic
My inspiration


My take:

Our magnolia tree
So pretty and so pink.
Def my tree.

Happy mid week friends.
Head over for more five faves at Hallie's


Belly bump week #17

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
17 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Hubs and I spent the weekend focusing on each other and participated on a marriage encounter weekend. I highly recommend this weekend for married couples.
Especially those who want to develop a deeper intimate relationship with their spouses. It's an interfaith weekend. It has a Catholic basis and foundation but several Christian denominations have participated on this movement.
Prayer requests?
For my husband and I to continue our commitments we made this past retreat weekend.
What scripture is speaking to you this week?
Isaiah 43:1,4a
I have called you by name, you are mine.
Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you
I am loved and glorious in God's eyes. How amazing is that?
Baby's growth?
Baby D3 is growing strong long bones! D3 is 5 inches long and weighs 5 oz.
Reflux is making its entrance.
Weight gain (or loss)?
This weekend I totally went all out. I was +10 before the weekend and haven't weighed myself.
Nothing really
Food Aversions?
What Made Me Cry This Week?
During the weekend. During one of our sharing time.
Cannot get enough sleep!
Maternity Clothes?
Wearing more and more tights bec work pants are getting tighter.
We are waiting to find out.
Fluttery kicks from Baby D3
What I miss....
Sushi and nigiri!
What I'm looking forward to....
My non-pregnant GI Tract. Oh I dislike you constipation.
Thoughts from the family....
My father in law told me he heard Daniel say to Isabel: I don't like you anymore baby. I like the new baby in mummy's tummy.

Linking up with my pregnancy journal @ myjoyfilledlife


Lovely weekend {wiws vol 20}

Sweet reunion.
Sweet face.
I missed you Lil one.

Cardi: Kohls
Maternity tank: old navy
Tights: VS moda international
Shoes: Sperry's

It was a lovely weekend as I spent it with my love.
Away from the busyness of life.
At the closing Mass of our retreat, hubs and I renewed our vows. I was taken by surprised. I did not expect that at all... Poor Derrick got all flustered and was so focused on the words he forgot to insert my name... But he did so randomly in between in sickness and health.

He wanted to hold hands. I said I want to hug him. I did not want to just hold hands because I figured I'm gonna shake and tremble. I felt secured holding him close to me. So we hugged one arm around each other and held hands on the other side.

And the weekend ended on a happy note when I was greeted by this sweet face. Too bad my Lil D is asleep in the car (too much partying at Lolo's house) we could have had D1, D2 and D3 with me!

Linking up with FLAP.


7 quick takes vol 25

Praying for our host Jen and her baby Joseph Thomas who is at the NiCU for respiratory issues.
Speedy recovery for both of them. St. Luke and St. Gianna, pray for them.
Thanks to Grace for hosting this week.

Special weekend for D-crew mom and dad. The worldwide marriage encounter weekend is in Indy.
More to come later.

Congrats to Stephanie of captive the heart! A baby due in October! So fun and exciting. I love the month of October. That's when I got engaged and a year later got married!
There's tons of pregnant mommas. I love following all of your baby bump posts.

Sharing this beautiful tree in front of our house. Definitely my favorite tree because of the pink blossoms. This morning my lil D said: goodbye beautiful tree.

It's my grandmama Mama Consing's bday today. She's in the Philippines and I miss her. She raised me and my sister.

Here's a picture taken in 2007 during a trip to the Philippines. I can really tan! L-R my mom, mama, and me.

I got a new favorite show. Thanks to Jen! I watched the first episode of Sherlock. It blew my mind. (Slight exaggeration) but truly I recommend it. I started episode 2 but was already super tired. And kids had to go to bed.
I love everything British! It's the accent!

Picture I'm sharing

Happy Friday y'all!


Five favorites {all about shoes}

Found this cute notebook from target which inspired me to write this post.
I used to think they're old lady shoes. But midway through my surgery rotation during third year, I gave in and bought a brown pair. It was the right choice for my back. All those days standing next to the surgery table for 6-8 hours at a time! I love the arch support. (They're also long lasting. I still wear my 7 year old brown pair!)
Now I'm an old lady. I own a red pair (bought during intern year) a black pair and a brown pair of Mary Janes, green python, and another reddish brown Mary Jane dansko from my mom.


Perfect for summer shoes, skinny jeans or summer skirt. My pink and shiny gold pairs are the angel bluefish styles.

I own Me Too flats. So perfect for summer at the hospital wards. There's a lot of walking and the soft cushion is enough for 10 hours (to 12 hours sometimes!) roaming the hospital grounds.

I don't have this ballet flat. I own a well-worn silver pair.
Rain boots
Some like Hunters. I like my Swedish Tretorn.

Flip flops
Technically not shoes. But I heart my reefs.


Now go see Charlie at Hallie's -- our host!


Belly bump week #16

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

I'm obsessed with these pumps! Wear them till my center of gravity shifts and cannot possibly wear them anymore.
Top- urban outfitters
Cropped tights - very old from The Gap
Heels- Corso Como

How far along are you?
16 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Enjoying the warm weather with friends at the park
A relaxing weekend
Prayer requests?
Healthy baby in utero
Baby's growth?
BabyD3 is 3.5 oz and 4.5 inches long.
Annoying constipation
Weight gain (or loss)?
The dates + cream cheese + bacon recipe Grace posted {made them 2 days in a row already!}
And I'll also make Laura's chocolate cake in a mug
Food Aversions?
Smelly stuff
I cannot get enough sleep. I'm averaging 8 hours this past week! Woohoo!
Maternity Clothes?
Buying a lot online but haven't worn them.
I'm more and more convinced now to wait.... My sissy says to wait. She waited for her firstborn.
Yes, I'm feeling little flutters more and more especially after I've started a meal. Baby D3 is grateful for the nutrition.
What I miss....
The regularity of my GI tract
What I'm looking forward to....
Walks outside with the kiddos. It's getting warmer here in Indy.
Thoughts about the family....
I read this post from Catholic all year. Praying the rosary as a family can be done! Ill start in the family car.... One decade at a time.
Something I'm Excited About....
The second trimester ultrasound is in 3 weeks.
Pregnancy related books you are reading....
There's the funny chapter about being pregnant in here:
Sparkly green earrings

Head over to Sarah's and check other growing bellies.

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Ultimate blog party

I'm a newbie for this year's ultimate blog party!
So excited to join an meet new e-friends!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

A little bit about me:
I'm a wife, mummy of 2 (baby D3 due in Sept) and a pediatric neurologist in training. I love, love, love anything pink. I crave sushi (too bad I'm preggers right now). I'm an Indianapolis colts fan. And most of all, I'm a follower of Christ.
I enjoy dancing and Zumba; reading blogs and searching for easy yummy recipes.

Why I use mummy?
My mom is mommy; my grandma who raised me is mama. I'm mummy to my kids. And I'm obsessed with the British monarchy. (Hey I was one of those 13 year old girls crazy over Prince William before he started balding)

My fam
D: best hubs, numbers-smart, SF 49er fan. Awesome awesome dad who changes soiled diapers. My travel buddy.
Lil D: 3 1/2 yo preschooler who lurves all things with swords and fight scenes... Ninjago, Star Wars, spiderman, iron man. you name it.
He's also a book lover and sweet boy.
Baby I: my Lil diva. Knows how to sign more, puppy and milk. Can roll her eyes at a young age of 16 months.
Baby D3: due in September. Our little blessing!

What I blog about:
My family, kids, residency
My journey

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Mom and daughter match-off {wiws vol 19}

My lil gal is learning from the pros. She looks like Grace (pose wise) on her pictures.

Wind blown hair.
Then suddenly Daniel said: bird poop, bird poop!
Thanks for pointing that out buddy!

Here's the real Isabel. With her daddy's smile.
{Ignore white fence needing major repainting.}

Outfit Deets:
Dress - first impressions from kohls. (Thanks auntie Suzy)
Pink Cardi - also from Suzy. Via kohls.
Pink patent loafers - trumpette (another present)

My outfit of the day details:
Button down shirt- urban outfitters
Tank - old navy maternity
Very low rider skinny jeans - Hollister. Only thing fitting now-a-days bec they're super stretchy and sits very low (inappropriately low. Hence the long tank)
Pumps- Corso como
Bowler purse- Burberry

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Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

Linkup with our fine hosts:

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