lace dress + boots {date your children}

I took Isabel to her first ballet a couple of weeks ago. We watched the Indiana Ballet Conservatory's The Nutcracker. There were a lot of moms and daughters, even dads and daughters at the ballet.

The ballet was still a little bit too long for my 3 year old's attention but all-in-all she enjoyed it! Her eyes lit up when the ballerinas came out in their shiny, pretty tutus and performed their grand jetes and pirouettes. 

It was a wonderful afternoon with my little girl. She and I love to dress up. So that afternoon at the ballet, we wore our fancy dresses and pretended we were also ballerinas.

This dress is the 3rd dress I got for a great deal at the Saks sale. I wore the first black dress here... and then another black dress here....

Tory Burch Britten Clutch

Zara booties

J. crew factory bracelet

Isabel missed the photo session. She was napping. But I did take a few of her at the IMA while waiting for our ride.

Isn't she adorable? :)

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sj at 15 months

Eats A LOT
Loves Hawaian rolls, na-na (banana), tofu, noodles, tiny, tiny pieces of chicken
Sleeps 10 hours at night
Naps twice a day
Finally has top tooth coming in

Dances some zumba 
Still a serious little guy
Had his first broken bone (right leg)
Visits the ER second time this year 

Drinks regular Vitamin D milk (whole fat for brain development)
Signs milk, more and bye-bye
Weighs 18 lbs

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

To copy Sebastian's look:
Gymboree Button Down
Janie and Jack Jeans

Photo cred: lolo delima

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red + bat cape {wiws}

Can you, can you, can you believe it? Only 4 days before Christmas! yippeee...
Also today is the shortest day of the year -- what's so exciting about that? well, that means, starting tomorrow, the days will start to get longer and longer. another yippeee!

I apologize for my photos. It's hard during winter time to take really nice photos. My photographer has an 8a-5p job. Sunrise is 8:03a. Sunset is at 5:22p which means it's always dusk when we step outside to take photos of my Sunday outfit or my work outfit. 

Call this my holiday look... Christmas red made its appearance prematurely.

This bat cape is so cute. The measurements are tricky so if you get one from this site, make sure to check the size chart. The clothes are all different "sizing" bec they are based on measurements. I ordered a medium. Length was perfect. Shoulder could have been wider. oops. I was probably better off with large... (I got another poncho coat and the size small fit perfectly. so, see, make sure you do the measurements correctly).

This red sweater dress made its debut at my work party. I got it from Macy's during the Thanksgiving sale.  It's currently unavailable... Here are some other options. Raise your hand if you think it can be worn again for Valentine's day! You bet. 

My boots are Etienne Aigner. 

One other thing about the bat cape. Although it stated winter wear on the website, I think the lining and thickness overall makes it best for autumn wear. It was a pleasant 34 degrees yesterday. I went from the warm car to the warm church so it was no biggie to wear it. But if I stayed longer outside (even with my arms inside the cape instead of outside), I would not stay warm under the bat cape.  unless I was wearing these. maybe.

ok... ciao!
Happy 4th Sunday of Advent.

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isabel at 3 years old

still a picky eater
Loves rice, rice, rice
Sleeps 10 hours at night
Naps once x 1-3 hours (!)

Weighs 26 lbs
Sings Let It Go
Plays with her 3 Elsa dolls, 1 Anna doll
Wears lip gloss

Goes to the potty well (when she is not falling apart or breaking down)
Watches WonderPets, Dora, Diego
Enjoys "Disney egg surprises" on youtube

Rest of pictures taken during gymnastics time. Bastian makes an appearance.

Lola caught in the act giving Bastian more sugar

Photo cred: lolo delima

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hedgehog + pink cords {Gaudete Sunday}

Just because I wore pink already last week does not mean I cannot wear pink again this week. Specially since it's the third Sunday of Advent.... which is Gaudete Sunday. Let's light the rose candle in our advent wreath!

During my online perusal last Thanksgiving sale, I found this cute, cute sweater from Macy's. It's obviously not from the women's department.... not in the girls' dept either... Juniors, alright. 

I thought it was cute and the sweater is 100% cotton. I get disappointed when some of the cute outfits out there are cotton mix or poly. Sorry but it's currently unavailable... 

My children LOVED this top. It's super soft and comfy too. 

eric + lani sweater {similar} // Old Navy cords // Tory Burch Britten Clutch // Ninewest kitten heels

I hope your weekend was blessed with love and family time. There's 10 days before Christmas! Are you ready?

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black and leopard print {7qt}

My way of Friday introductions via 7QT and outfit post.

1. I wore this outfit at our family photos -- soon to be mailed Christmas cards.

2. I like fashion and shopping. My husband helps me document my hobby... He's my photographer.

3. I have had long hair since..... high school. Actually, take that back, on and off throughout my life, except for that short hair stint during sophomore and junior year. I have had this same hair style for YEARS. I am afraid to cut my hair shorter than shoulder length.

4.  We love living in the city. We love the community. I love my short commute to work.

5. I am addicted to designer purses. Meet Louis above. I call him Louis. I treat him like a member of the family. He is not placed on the floor (horror!). He sits next to me or placed on the table. He's not cheap so I keep him nice and clean.  

6. I am loving more blacks and neutrals in my wardrobe. I still like pink but it must be change of times (or aging or something)..... I know I would not be wearing bright neon pink tops when I am 80.... well, I guess I still can. But I truly love this black sheath dress from piperlime. 

7. Leopard print = neutral.
I read it on the web.... so it must be true. (ha!)

Happy Friday, friends!

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