life lately {7qt}

1. Happy Fall Break to my kids!
We have a staycation this break. Having been off of work in the summer because of maternity leave (aka not getting paid), we decided not to go anywhere.

On a happy note, thanks to my PIL, we already have our spring break planned.
It's so hard to keep the secret from the kids.
They know it involves the beach and a long drive... but there is still something big we are keeping as secret!

2. LinkToBerFEST question:
what is my most popular post?

This one
I talked about boards, Louis, my kids (of course!) and our fave Filipino restaurant in Chicago.

3. What is my most favorite 7 quick takes post?
There's a lot!

Let me share them:
week of posts  recap
freeing confession
something from 2013
houston trip - just bec I love the fam picture of me, D and SJ.

look at the list if you want
some ancient posts
super ancient posts - superbowl in Indy, Detroit wedding and tons more.

4. you know there is an outfit post in this series.. so let's just get it over with...let me share... please.

This was what I wore for the infamous trip to the  doctor's office where I brought all 4 kids...
why was I "dressed up?"

I filmed an unboxing video... Gotta dress up for that...

Top (jcrew factory)
skirt (jcrew)
Wedges (Bellini zulily)
Bracelet and ring (zulily)
lipstick (eternal ruby)

5.  I miscounted my 7qt posts.... I looked at the total tally for my labels and I did not realize I missed a few!  So this post is in fact my 85th post....

6. first week of p90x3
Just a little update from the p90x3 kids.
Some workouts are technically longer than 30 minutes when you add the cold start (which we had to do once already bec it was 36F in the morning!). Cooldown is not included in the 30 minutes, FYI.

So for people pressed for time (like Disis) we ended up working out 40 minutes one time.. which resulted in chaos trying to leave the house to drop off the older children before the assembly bell rang... aaaahhhhh...

but all in all, this week was fun! I loved the warrior workout the best.
hubs liked the agility workout the best.

we took our fit test a week ago and our before photos...
scary photos that are NOT blog-worthy..

7.  video I am sharing
this was the farewell video from my grandma's airport drop off! we miss and love you, Mama!

here's a photo to leave you guys on this beautiful FRIDAY!

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  1. Amelia loved seeing Ate Isabel. And when you said bye, she blew a kiss to Bellie!


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