honey sesame chicken nuggets

These are super easy to make but time consuming. 

Prepping the nuggets take the longest but it's super easy. 

I preheated the oven to 400 degrees. I cut one lb of chicken tenderloins (Costco pack x 2) into bite sized pieces. I seasoned chicken with salt and pepper. 


looking for eggs {Easter photo diary}

Be forewarned.
This post is photo heavy.

^Sebastian with a lollilop already in his month. seriously, child. you have your mother's sweet tooth.^


more Easter photos with my little lady


Happy Easter Tuesday!

ignore my pasty white face. I am still playing with make-up... Overexposure and beginner make-up skills DO NOT MIX (hubs are you reading this??? come on, help me here... make sure you get the right exposure....)

Some thoughts about Easter...

-- Why do egg hunts happen on Saturday? I know we are all celebrating with our family on Sundays, hence community egg hunts happen the day before. But it's giving our children mixed signals... we should be waiting patiently for Easter Vigil.

-- I am glad Target was closed on Easter Sunday. Good job for giving your workers a day off.


Easter Monday

Pretty quiet here. Just the way I want it...
Meal prep done.  Little bit of laundry done.

I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to blog these photos. But the older two are with their grandparents. They asked to spend the night there. Lucy is napping. Sebastian is supposed to be napping but back to playing with his paw patrol. He was done coloring with me.

So here goes. Photos of Lucy, Sebastian and hubs.



He is our hope {wiws}

Christ my hope is arisen...
...Christ indeed from death is risen
Sequence - Victimae  Paschali Laudes

Let's start with a blurry iphone photo of the family after Easter Mass. 
I promise there are nonblurry ones that will make it on the blog... this week.. next week.

After all, Easter is a season. Not just a day!
In fact, thanks to Rosie, I will be (hopefully) posting ways how we keep the momentum of Easter celebration. 


will be back after three days

I have another post lined up for today, continuing my "day in the life of a resident intern" series. 
But it's a special day today. it's Holy Thursday.

I love, love, love Christmas. 
Holy Week - specially the Triduum - is a close, VERY close second!


my review of a Barbie movie

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I have heard horror stories about the Barbie books.... so I stayed away from the Barbie collection at the library. We never really introduced Barbie to my girls. My mom did.....

I have nothing against Barbie. My sister and I played with our Barbie dolls.  I had the superstar Barbie (I don't think my mom spent $85 on her... but that's her price right now... eeeek)
I like the Filipina Barbie. I never owned one. Too pricey for a little girl (or grown woman).

Barbie has launched her new collection of different body types and different skin tones.
meet Curvy, Tall, and Petite


Now for the review of the movie, Barbie and the great puppy adventure


life lately in videos

Featuring my boys...

Car derby race
Daniel did not win. Hubs was an awesome dad letting little D design his car. After Daniel lost and saw the other cars, he is determined to win next year.

also -- what team colors did Daniel paint his car?
do you know?


if i am shopping for spring items

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Here are some spring items I found while browsing...

one    //    two   //   three    //    four    //    five    //    six    //  seven

(1)   cami floral dress - of course, I chose to place this one here. I picked one for my little girls. too much matchy-matchy?
(2)   swing pin tuck shirt - I  can never have too much white!
(3)  print scuba dress - this dress is perfect for fancy date night, work dress or Sunday best.
(4)  flutter sleeve
(5) gerber daisy skirt
(6)  high waist and bandeau bikini set - I like the retro style swimwears. I am not sure I could pull this off though. It won't look as nice as this model.
(7) amaris cutout one piece - another one piece that's daring than my regular one-piece. Maybe something I will wear sans kids.

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my most favorite Scripture {wiws}

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The second reading is my most favorite Scripture.  I was very honored to read it at one of my best friend's wedding in 2014.

that at the name of Jesus
every knee should bend

of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth...


he's an oldie {date night}

red dress via hautelook, similar
my fave Zara booties


st. paddy's parade

What a gorgeous day for a parade! I have never been to any parades downtown.  I have never watched an Indy 500 parade... no veterans day parade... no st. patrick's day parade...  nada for this homebuddy.

So to march on a parade -- that's something to remember!

I was stressed out just thinking of pushing a stroller and carrying a baby and "chaperoning".  Will I ever be able to contain Sebastian? He's at the this stage of wanting his independence. Will he run away from me while Lucy is fussing?

The toddler tantrum on the way to the assembly was something I'd like to forget... He stripped off his clothes before we left the house. The only thing green on him are his socks.  He did not want to sit in the stroller once we parked. He did not want his hoodie or blanket. It was a little chilly in the shade.

Thankfully, Bastian's guardian angel and St. Patrick interceded for us. Bastian cooperated once we joined the group. He stayed in the stroller! I did not drop the baby. Lucy did not fuss or have a poopie explosion. I even fed her at the sidewalk {Kathryn will be proud!}

I wish I was able to capture Lucy waving at the crowd. It was very precious.

Happy St. Paddy's Day.
As for me, it's past 5p ~ I think I am going to open that wine bottle.

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kid approved, super easy chicken wings

Here's a recipe that is a winner for my picky children!
It is super easy and yummy!


cute spring items for girls

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one   //    two    //   three  //   four   //   five    //   six   //   seven  //   eight   //    nine

Here are some things I am loving for my girls.

(1)   Chambrays are here to stay. Shortalls for your toddler are even better.
(2)   Cropped leggings in florals of course!
(3)   Scalloped dress in pastel color
(4)   Floral linen blend shorts FTW
(5)   Floral rompers
(6)   Midi dress
(7)   Floral jersey leggings
(8)   Ruffle shorts
(9)   Summer swing dress

This post is not sponsored... I am truly an Old Navy and Gap shopper :)
I have rewards to use so I will be getting some of these for my girls.

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grammar police {wiws}

I dressed up as a teacher/librarian/student for Church so might as well comment on St. Pauls' grammar? This is the longest runon sentence ever! ** I added the verse below.

Maybe it's the clogs that pulled the outfit together?


seven favorite drugstore make-up items

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My new obsession:

watching youtube make-up videos! I like their channel.... and her channel (she's half Filipina so I can see what works for her skin tone before I go to Target).... and thanks to my sister for telling me about this channel. I am very impressed with their work of art.

Here are my fave drugstore products right now....

1. foundation 
I am scared of liquid foundation. I get intimidated by it. hence I watch youtube make-up tutorials.
So happy i found my color. But this is my "winter" color. I get tanned and bronzed in the summer. i anticipate moving to caramel beige when that happens, or maybe something darker...

My foundation is Loreal LUMI True Match in Sun Beige, W6.
I am finding more and more that the LUMI version makes my oily skin even shinier (ugh!) so I am looking for a new matte product out there. I am thinking this one....  if you have any suggestions let me know. Otherwise, the Loreal Foundation is awesome and easy to apply. It's not heavy at all on my face. I use a pressed powder to set the foundation and cross my fingers that the shiny T-zone areas would not blind my patients by lunchtime.

2. bronzer
Helps me look like I have color after powdering my face. This is a winner in my book!
Mine is the sun bronze, Rimmel London bronzer.

3.  baby lips lip balm
This lip balm smells so good! it's sparkly. i love sparkly lip gloss and lip balm.
Mine is the crystal kiss Maybelline lip Balm.

My medical assistant told me not to get intimidated with make-up. I said: "I don't have 30 minutes in the morning to put make-up on." She said: you just have to have the right tools.

oh yes, she's right (dear HP, you know who you are! if you are reading this! you've got me converted). This brush is amazing for blending foundation and concealer.

There are other cool real techniques brushes out there. I haven't used the sponge yet... I will let you know if it's as good as the expert face brush. Right now, I am trying to get comfortable and efficient with the brushes.

before youtube videos, I haven't heard of primers at all. what are these things? they are supposed to be moisturizing and hydrating and as a base for your foundation. I thought foundation is the base already but, there's the primer now. Primer first --->> then foundation.

Mine is the e.l.f hydrating primer infused with vitamins A,C and E.

6. mascara
I don't wear mascara on a daily basis. I wish I can... My eyelashes are sparse and bottom ones are pretty much nonexistent. With my seasonal allergies, my eyes get so itchy and sometimes (well a lot of times) i end up scratching my eyes... oops. I don't want mascara smudges on my face! but on special occasions, I wear mascara...

mine is the maybelline colossal volume express mascara.

7. new lipstick!
i love red lipsticks. I tried pinks and nudes but they are just not my signature. When I wear nude or pink lipstick, I might as well just wear lip balm or lip gloss....

My new tube of red lipstick is Covergirl in HOT. 

click on the photos to get your own!


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letter for Lucy {8 mos photo journal}

Dear Lucy,

You are the fourth baby in the D-household. These photos are evidence enough. If I did not take your photos, you would have been 9 months and my compulsive self would not be happy with my survival mode self.

Thing is: I have been doing this for 8 months with you. I haven't failed yet (yippeee!)
Please forgive your mother that your 8 month photos are blurry. It was dark that day.

Thanks for being such a trooper every day.
I love, love, love seeing your smile. It's such a gift when I come home from work.
I love kissing your neck and you cheeks.
Your blow raspberries like none other!

I've got a question for you though ~~ what's up with you boycotting on the bottle? Are you following your sibs' footsteps? You are not malnourished by any means. But we are running out of freezer space with all the milk bags you haven't been drinking.

You are growing way too fast for my liking. But i am loving what you are becoming.
I am so thankful for you.

I love you!


Thank you for reading! 

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