My --{place an adjective}-- work bag

Tell me what you think about my workbag. I bought it before Isabel was born. When I was pregnant with her, I have (1) a work bag, (2) lunch bag, (3) neuro doctor bag. Since I will be pumping again when I go back to work, I will have (4) a breast pump bag to carry. So I decided to buy the biggest ever tote made by Vera Bradley: the "get carried away tote". Oh yeah I got carried away. It's HUGE!

I have been asking Derrick if people at work will laugh or make fun of me bec of my BIG bag. I decided to consolidate my bags into ONE HUMONGOUS one.

Here's a pict with Isabel for full effect -- the tote is wider than me and Isabel combined!

I can put a lot of stuff inside! Folders and books for work, my umbrella, water bottle and coffee cup and of course pump parts! my lunch bag can also fit in there!

So when asked: why such a big bag?
Derrick says I should answer: I have my baby in there!
My friend Sheila says: I have my breast pump, breast milk and baby in there!

What do you think? Am I crazy for using such a big bag? What should I tell people giving me weird looks as I pass by?


I am a newbie to Jennifer Fulwiler's website: conversiondiary. Here are my answers to her questions as I introduce myself to her (and her readers!):

1. Tell me a little bit about your own spiritual journey: what were your religious beliefs when you were younger? What are your religious beliefs now (if different)?

I am a cradle Catholic. Baptized and confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church. I attended Catholic schools all the way to highschool. I experienced “spiritual dryness” and dark times (if one can call them that) during college. I still attended church but when I was sitting on the pews, it felt like the altar was miles away. I asked and asked God how I can be close to him and finally during medical school, I met 3 wonderful amazing Christian women that ignited a spark inside me. We had Bible study and faith sharing during the first 2 years of medical school. At the same time, I started reading more about the Church. I searched for the truth and I am thankful that the Lord has placed this knowing in my heart that I am truly with Jesus and at home with the Church.

2.Where are you from?

Born in the Philippines and then moved to the US just in time for college where I met my amazing husband. We started dating while I was in medical school and got engaged 10 months later. We got married on the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and been married for 5 years! We have a 2 ½ yo boy: Daniel and 2 mo old baby girl: Isabel.

3. What is one book* that has had a great impact on your life (other than the Bible)?

I like a lot of books: but the one book that really started my “wanting to read more” about the Church was Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Since then, I have read (and enjoyed) Catholic for a Reason, Building Better Families, Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality, Search and Rescue, The Lamb’s Supper, Hail Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God and tons more!

I also like CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, Completely His, Every Woman's battle,The Five Love Languages.

4. Tell me a little bit about your daily life: what is a typical day like for you? What’s your favorite part of each day?
Currently I am a stay at home mom on my maternity leave! Just had my little Isabel who is 2 months old.

My other full time job is being a child neurologist in training (what they call resident doctors!) I work 60-80 hours a week. I love my job. But my favorite part of the day is coming home and receiving a big embrace from my Daniel! And pretty soon, getting that smile from Isabel when I return from the hospital or clinic!

I love that at the end of the day (after a busy day of being a mom and a doctor) I get a big hug from my husband as I sleep!

Where does prayer come in my day: ANYTIME! Getting out of bed: I say a quick thanks and praise to God, while driving, while seeing patients, while walking or running up and down the stairs, while making dinner, while changing diapers, anytime! My most effective prayer (esp when I am stressed out and anxious) is: Jesus, I love you.


Date nights and get-aways

So how important is date night for married couples?

Derrick and I prebabies had our date night every Friday night. I was a busy med student then so we made sure we had time just the two of us. We started this habit early on, so it becomes a habit when we are busy running around with children (yup, that's me planning ahead!) Then post-baby, we were more realistic: we made sure we go out once a month. One thing we told ourselves to do is going away for our anniversary EVERY YEAR. We got this idea from our marriage sponsors (marriage godparents).Going away for us refreshes and renews us. It also shows where our priorities are. Some couples may not afford going away for a weekend anniversary. So a solution: make it an even SPECIAL date night. How about for those who cannot even afford to go on a date? well, just be creative! why not ask family or friends to babysit the kids (let the kids spend the night with them ) and celebrate anniversary night at home!

Priorities -- yes you bet my relationship with my spouse should be my number one priority. That's one lesson I learned from our pre-marriage retreat. Imagine a clothesline: the husband and wife are the end sticks and the bond between them is the line. The children are the "clothes" that hang on the clothesline. This clothesline or bond needs to be strong because the children thrive and depend on the love between their parents.

Our children need immediate attention so we give them that. But I (pray to) always remember that immediate/emergency things are not always the most important. Derrick is the most important person for me. I make my relationship with him my priority.

So how are we doing with our date nights after Isabel is born? We haven't been out just the two of us and she is already 2 months old. But we have one planned for tomorrow --- oh I am excited! Lolo and Lola are babysitting and we are going to our favorite Italian restaurant just a few miles from our house. With Daniel, it took us (or me mostly) 6 weeks to finally leave the house without the baby. I have been away twice now (to see the dentist!) without Isabel but it was not with Derrick. Derrick and I have taken isabel on our lunch or brunch dates. She sleeps through the entire meal (lucky us!) The grandparents also kept Daniel several Friday nights -- so even though we have a new baby to take care of, Derrick and I were able to rent movies and spend time just the two of us (in between changing diapers and nursing Isabel!)

As for our anniversary get-away, we were lucky to go places every single year. Blessed that we have family to watch our children and opportunities to drive out of town. This year (just like when Daniel was less than a year old), we will have to stay close to home. And maybe just one night away from baby Isabel instead of a full weekend. You bet, it will still be special. And I am always excited to get away with my Derrick.

I was inspired to write this entry by my friend Christie Ly, who just had a date night with her hubby..... Hope you had fun girl!

Disis on our 2nd year anniv get away to Tampa/St. Pete. Kinda hard to take pictures of the 2 of us together,when it's just the 2 of us!


Growing so fast!

My little Isabel is 2 months old already! WOW! We had to take our monthly picture late last night. The lighting is not perfect and we only have my point and shoot camera and iPhone cam to take pictures. But Derrick and I know, she will cherish these picts when she gets older. We as parents already cherish them!
We are using Daniel's board (my Valentine's gift for him last year). We only have one for each letter of the alphabet so we had a dilemma for upcoming months: THREE, SEVEN, NINE. So we decided to use different languages for the numbers! last month was in English: ONE (easy enough). This month, in French! For sure, when turns 5 mos, we will use LIMA (Filipino/Tagalog word for 5) same as our last name: deLIMA.
So again sorry for the yellow picture. our pictures last night were either bright or yellow. bummer. Cannot wait for my sister to come visit us and take pictures of my baby girl who is growing so fast!
Please pray for our little girl too: she is still battling the cough and cold she got from her Kuya Daniel. She is still eating well and playing and cooing. Thanks be to God!

More.... we saw the pediatrician today for a well child check.
Isabel is 10 lbs 15 oz (50th percentile) and 22 inches long (25-50th percentile)
Another grateful mummy moment here.

Here she is, showing off at the pediatrician's office. Kicking her legs, lifting her bottom and head up 45 degrees.


2 weeks left and counting (second time around)

2 weeks left and counting... But this time around, not waiting for a baby to be born --- but anxious about going back to work. So how's having baby #2?

Lessons I learned (and won't do again):
-not procratinate working out during pregnancy. I was very active with my first pregnancy and exercised till a week before giving birth. With Isabel, I slept and slept and ate and ate. Yes, I gained weight -- 42 lbs of heaviness.
-Not wait till 6 weeks postpartum to get back to my workout routine. I was ready to work out with my first baby at 2 weeks postpartum. Hubby (and yes OB) said that's way too soon. So this time, I waited until 6 weeks (after the holidays). well..... the baby weight is depressing me. I should have started at 3-4 weeks as recommended by my OB. Then I could have lost more lbs before I go back to work and maybe fit in some work clothes...

-Not have a winter baby. Isabel at 8 weeks already has a URI (upper respiratory infection: runny nose and cough) given by guess who: Kuya Daniel.

With Daniel, we walked outside at 2 weeks postpartum and continued to do so every day of my leave. It was summer: sunny, warm, wonderful. With Isabel, we are stuck inside the house. It's winter: gloomy, cold, sad.

Lessons I learned:
-if a baby is stubborn with his/her latch-on at birth, then better resolve the problem right then (rather than wait at 8 weeks of age when he/she is even more stubborn.) I am battling my 4th case of plugged duct in 2 weeks. talk about breast milk oversupply!
-tons of lessons about breastfeeding! From olive oil used to treat milk bleb/blister to weaning from the pump as I have freezer stash enough to feed triplets -- well maybe not, exaggerating there.
Even though I nursed my son for 15 months, I am still learning this second time around. My 2 children are different! One was a slow nurser taking his sweet time. The other one is an efficient baby, who is done nursing in 6-8minutes. And she is content and full after one breast!

What I am thankful for:
-being with my Isabel for 10 weeks. Learning her cues, bonding with her and gazing at her lovely face while sleeping... and crying...
-going back to a job that I like. It was difficult coming back to work after 14 weeks with Daniel. I know this time is not any different.
-Daniel loving his little sister! He comes home from school and as soon as he sees me, he asks: "Where's Isabel?" (What happened to "Hi mummy!")
-our family and friends who brought us food and babysat for us so we could run errands, go to doctor appointments, etc.... Thanks to grandparents who kept Daniel overnight (several times) so we could (maybe) sleep-in some mornings.
-having a Thanksgiving baby bec I had maternity leave during Christmas! (But again, no more winter babies after Isabel)
- My supporting husband who stays up with me during fussy nights, changes diapers when I have to tend to my plugged duct, watches the kids so I can dance some Zumba and so many more gestures of love.

I sound like an echo to a lot of moms when I say this: it's tough having a newborn, but it's all so worth it. Yes, Derrick and I are still praying for more children after our 2 munchkins. But with God's plan, we hope to space them just a little bit farther apart. Maybe not 2 years apart like Daniel and Isabel... How's 3-4??? haha.

Love every minute. Be grateful every day.
Positive things I pray for daily. Especially when I get depressed that I will be apart from my little girl pretty soon......



I have been sick this past week with runny nose and cough and temperature up to 102.6F. I hate taking medicine! YUCK! It takes two people to pin me down.But once I have the medicine, my fever goes away and I go back to playing and dancing. 3 days into the fever, I found out I have an ear infection. So guess what, another 10 days of taking medicine: yuck,yuck,yuck.

My Lola babysat me last Wednesday bec mummy was trying to separate Isabel from my germs. I love giving my li'l sister kisses. But I was not allowed to kiss her face or her head yet bec of my runny nose. I gave her feet kisses instead!

This was a conversation I had with my Lola Iryn last Wednesday:

Me: Where'd Daddy go?

Lola Iryn: He went to work.

Me: Work?

Lola Iryn: yeah, work. He is an accountant.

Me: A-cow-nan?

Lola Iryn: Do you want to be a doctor or an accountant?

Me: A-cow-nan.

Lola Iryn: Do you want to be an accountant or a doctor?

Me: A-cow-nan.

(My daddy's job is cooler than my mummy's!)

Go 49ers! Win tomorrow's game.




Isabel's Baptism

Sharing pictures from my baptismal day on January 15, 2012. My Ninang (Godmother) and Ninong (Godfather) are Sheila Jose and Ken Hutchinson. I received this wonderful sacrament at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Indianapolis presided by Fr. Guy Roberts. Sign of the cross on my forehead
I did pretty well during the ceremony. Did not cry at all!

Fed and happy before the baptism

Slept like a princess

Beautiful altar of St. Joan of Arc, built in the late 1920s (before the depression) for ~$350,000.

My beautiful dress fit for The King's princess. (Christ the King!)

My mummy and papi and kuya Daniel

Opening Ninong Ken's present

My Kuya Daniel (before his fever hit him) :(

Glamour shot in my pink dress

Group pict with my lolo and lola's and Fr. Guy

My Godparents

Baptized in water and spirit

My kuya is so curious -- can you spot him watching Fr. Guy???

To share, here are photos from my Tita Lady's Baptism (my mummy is the toddler in the picture). She's not happy -- must have felt left out!

And here is my mummy's Baptism. She was almost 2 months old (like me) when she became (officially) a child of God.


For more readings about Infant Baptism, click here.

38 And Peter said to them, "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
39 For the promise is to you and to your children and to all that are far off, every one whom the Lord our God calls to him."
Acts 2:38-39

15 Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them.
16 But Jesus called them to him, saying, "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.
Luke 18:15-16



Guess who is 7 weeks old today! ME!

For some of my blog entries, I will post pictures of my mummy around the same age. First, here are pictures taken from my mummy's iPhone cam.

This one is overexposed but you can still see my beautiful pink headband and dress.
Christmas Day at 4 weeks old. I love this white gown. I am mummy and papi's princess.

Here's a nice picture with my brother: Kuya Daniel.

Now my mummy's baby pictures! What a serious face.

Chubby cheeks she's got!

Some shots she did look like me!

You be the judge. Do you think we are look-a-likes? Who is more beautiful?




5 weeks of God's promise

My name: Isabel Francesca.

My birthday: 11.25.11

(Day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday)

I am named after Elizabeth, Mary's cousin and John the Baptist's mother; and St. Isabel of Portugal (who is Elizabeth of Aragon, who became Queen of Portugal). Mummy and Papi chose the Spanish version of Elizabeth because of St. Isabel and since the name starts with an "I" like my mummy's name: Isis. For the story of St. Isabel of Portugal, click here.

Francesca came from my papi's dad (my Lolo Francisco 'Frank' Delima) and my mummy's great Lola (Apung Cisca: Francisca Lozano). She was my great, great Lola! My Lolo Frank was born October 4th, the feastday of St. Francis of Assisi.

My saint feastday: July 4th

(after St. Isabel)

I have an awesome Kuya (big brother) Daniel. I enjoy his kisses and hugs.

here are some pictures I am sharing for my first blog post:

I am still a little swollen here, just a few hours after birth. According to my papi, my mummy did a great job with the delivery. She enjoyed Thanksgiving with the entire family the day before (with me still inside!). She then went into labor 6am on Friday. After 10 hours of labor (without meds, natural just like with my Kuya) and about 15 minutes of pushing, I was born at 4:06 pm. I was a pound heavier than my kuya Daniel. He was 6 lbs 5 oz at birth and I weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. I was only 5 days early from my due date (whereas Kuya Daniel was 8 days early!)

Our going home picture. Look at my mummy and papi -- so proud to have a little princess.

I am lucky to be born before Christmas. It's such a festive time of the year.

At 2 weeks old: I look satisfied after eating! Kuya Daniel thought I was drinking lemonade from mummy. How funny!

Three weeks old....

I turned 1 month on Christmas Day.
I weighed 9 lbs 2 oz.

All smiles at 5 weeks.

My chubby cheeks are getting chubbier each day!

I have 5 more weeks with my mummy staying at home. She loves being a full time mummy. And I love being with her.

She says I am God's promise

(by the way, Isabel means: God's promise)


Isabel Francesca


2011 on one blog entry

2011 highlights

January: Our first trip to Aruba. Blue skies, white sand, 80 temps.

February: cold, cold month!

March: Trip to michigan visiting our close friends: The Ly's and Patty & Domenic.

April: Spring trip. St. Augustine, FL and Atlanta, GA

May: St. Louis trip

My best friends, Katherine and Hannah

June: I was the camp doctor at the Muscular dystrophy association camp.

July: My boy turned 2!

August: Sheila and I went to the Britney Spears concert.

September: Labor Day weekend trip to Milwaukee. I am pregnant and huge at 7 months.

October: 5th year anniversary in Michigan, where we spent our 1st year anniversary. We visited Oink's ice cream parlor. See entry from 2007.

November: my baby girl Isabel is born.

11.25.11 at 4:06p. here's our going home pict.

December: so lucky to have these two cuties!

Christmas Day picture of Daniel Isaac and Isabel Francesca.

Maybe I will blog more this year of the dragon.

Happy 2012!

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