animal print + ripped jeans

If you missed my post yesterday, i have a story about this outfit. 
Love the details of my Vintage Chanel, sparkly flats and bright pink lips.

Purse Vintage Chanel
Flats, splurge :::: save 

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so fancy for spit ups

I love looking at these photos because I just crack up.  I wore it for school drop off (while I was still on leave) and then stayed home all day.... then cherry on top of my ice-cream day: I got spit on by my sick third offspring. 

Funny how  I am familiar with the sound of pre-vomiting... Instantly, I knew what was about to happen. I put sebastian at arms' length  away from me and saving the top and jeans. 

After giving him a bath and my hair a quick rinse, we headed outside because again, priorities folks! I want my photo taken. i did not wear this outfit for nothing. 

or to be spit up on and then nothing...

I asked Sebastian to take photos with me. Derrick captured what happened next....

Me: SJ, come join momma for photos.

SJ:.... silently walked towards me.... and then passed me...
me: my reaction below.

But the show must go on.
Keep snapping photos, dear husband...

Are you wondering what hubs is doing below? He wanted to "squish" all my online shopping boxes, among other things, so the recycle bin will close.

That's why I married this guy. He is so smart and full of common sense...
Until he falls off or hit his head or cut his toe bec of opened cans, whatever: then I will say: yup, it's your fault. you should not have done that.

Love... all I give my husband is Love... and HONESTY.

Purse Vintage Chanel
Flats, splurge :::: save 
Bracelet || gift from bff SJ

I took iphone photos of close up deets of the outfits.. I already dumped a lot of photos here. So i will just post another one (same outfit) tomorrow. 

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bright pink + blue {wiws}

pinks are links :) easy ways to shop the same or similar item featured here... thanks for stopping by. 

My photographer is getting the hang of fashion blogging photography.  He now coaches me and tells me if he cannot see the purse or I am doing something funny with my face or lips. 

He even mimics me by saying: "details, details" after full body shots because I want to highlight my accessories and handbag.

He still makes fun of me when I ask for an outfit photo but he does it with an open heart either way. He knows that dressing up and blogging can be an outlet for me... a creative outlet of some sort.

Who else is following the Pope's visit to DC/NYC/Philly?  we do not have cable so we cannot watch the live coverage. we are also out and about this weekend so we cannot stay tuned online. 
Thanks to social media, I was able to  catch awesome videos and glimpses of the Pope

Here are my favorite bloggers and their instagram shots.
How cool is it to be one of the priests who got to go super close to Papa Francesco?

I wish we could have traveled to the world meeting of families... But with the visit being my first week back in clinic, I just cannot take time off again. 

Next time World Youth Day is in the US, we are definitely going... Does anybody know when that will be?

Pink Jade Bracelet and Bangle || thanks mom and my friend Deanne
Vintage Chanel || use code: DISISD for 5% off
Earrings || thanks MR!

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smells like heaven {photo diary}

Don't babies just smell like heaven? I love to smell baby's hair -- specially my babies.
Even more so when these babes are newly baptized and the chrism is still fresh on their foreheads.

We opted not to keep the bonnet on... The children called Lucy the chef :)
She wore the same dress that Isabel wore on her baptismal day.

^^ She thinks it's a good choice to keep the bonnet off ^^

I love capturing candid photos -- like the one below.
see Lucy yawn. see the other children around us. Such precious moments.

^^It's so sweet to see my grandma with my youngest ^^

I kept this grainy photo in here... Because again, it captured special moments. 
Our priest patiently waiting for all to come over and start the sacrament.
Isabel looking at him.
Derrick looking at Isabel lovingly.
I was gazing at the other babies being baptized. There was a set of twins and a baby girl. 
They had such sweet saint names: St. Rita, St. Thomas and St. James the Greater (just like my SJ... who is named after St. James)

... for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
Galatians 3:27

^^ such a beautiful photo with Lucy's godparents (ninong and ninang) Even Lucy is looking at Lolo's camera ^^

^^ With all of our children ^^

^^ My heart is melting... Look at their sweet faces ^^

Guys, we have a saint in our midst! This sweet little babe's original sin is washed away. She is baptized in Jesus Christ.

... don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.
Romans 6:3-4 (NIV)

For Sebastian's Baptism
For Isabel's Baptism
For Daniel's Baptism

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