it's only weird if it does not work

I was singing praises for these mommy jeans -- and I still am. I gave in y'alls. These are my 1-up jeans. 1-up as in 1 size up. Call me impatient... call me shopaholic... but my other jeans do not fit me yet and I want to wear something other than my boyfriends jeans or skirts or leggings that have tons of "give".  

Spot my Colts earrings and Colts bracelet.

You know the commercial: it's only weird if it does not work?
When I wore my  Colts gear for the first two games, the men in blue LOST. So I wore this outfit for their 3rd game and voila! they won. 

So hubs said: you won't wear jerseys anymore on game day?
me: only on home games... I will wear my jerseys on home games.

Another thing to spot is my new-to-me LV pochette. I just love good deals... I got this for 80% off! The lady bought a neverfull in Damier ebene and did not use the pochette. 

GOOD FOR ME. I love the wristlet option and I like that it can attach to a D-ring inside my LV bags or workbag. 

The Damier ebene is also more-toned down compared to the monogram which has LV splattered everywhere. At least with this one, only LV lovers would know the print.... or you could always stare really, really closely to see the print!I also like that the leather is dark brown instead of the vachetta which could patina.

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Another topic change:
My grandma is also leaving today. please send prayers for safe travels home to the Philippines. She has an hour to Detroit + 18 hours to Japan + another 3-4 hours to the Philippines. It is a 24 hour travel time to go halfway across the world. 

I will surely miss her.
but she will miss Lucy the most! 

I was doing a youtube video and she was cracking up. She said in Kapampangan: "balamu malasing ka.  Paksabyan mu ing sarili mu."

translation: You're like a crazy person. You're talking to yourself.

I had to stop videotaping. I want to post a blooper video actually.

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LV pochette {trendlee 5% off discount use DISISD}

I am selling Tory Burch these flats.... if interested, send me an email. I can send more pictures. They are only worn a few times and not even entire day. These are the newer Reva ballet flats without the elastic backs. 

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