Lucy @ 1 month {7qt}

1. She is plumping and getting some cute chubby cheeks. But she still looks like a Delima... Here I am still hoping she will somehow develop my features overnight -- or over a month. I don't give up.

2. at first I did not believe Derrick when he said she smiled at him. I said, she was just drowsy. But she did it twice with me and she was wide awake, She still cannot see far but I can tell she is more aware. She pays attention to my face and voice when I talk to her.

3. At her 1 mo WCC, her Stats:
weight 8 lbs 15 oz -exactly 2 lb weight gain from her birth weight
length - 21 inches
OFC - 36 inches

4. baby acne - Sebastian had this bad!
Lucy scratched her face during one of her crying spells. Just a few minutes later, she developed pink bumps where she scratched.

The rash is not evident on the picture below, but you can see the scratch. I'll spare you (and her future self) a photo of the bad rash.

5. onesie stickers - I got these on amazon. I did not do this with my other children. It's never too late, eh? if you don't like the chevron pattern, you can try the elephants or the cute bugs. Boys are not left out, no worries. you can choose from neckties to stripes.

6. Do you have a routine yet?
Just when I thought I might have figured her out -- she proves me wrong. Again, humility. When all 4 children are home, I DO NOT plan anything. I don't expect anything to get done. So low expectations mean low chance of disappointment. Then I amaze myself when I get stuff done.  My FIL has been generous this summer and continued his babysitting days though I am on leave and not going to the clinic. Those days, I just have Lucy. I plan my day. I write a mental list. I bring out my books, plan my chores, plan meals, try to cook! all those things go out the window.

Once she hit 4 weeks, the switch of awareness turned on. You know, when the newborn actually looks at you when she is awake those couple of hours? She actually looks for you (mom) when she just wants to be held? I even have trouble (more like I am just stressed!) leaving her fussing in the swing while I get my lunch ready. And this is not some fancy lunch! it's salad, blueberries and home-made dressing + microwave leftover porkchops for my protein.

My best time to read or get stuff done while sitting is actually holding her instead of leaving her in the swing/crib.

Any suggestions, mamas? I have 4 children but I still need help. Should I start wearing her now so I can get stuff done while up and about in the house? I only have a moby wrap. I was about to use it last week but I did not know her weight. Per pamphlet, recommended staring weight is 8lbs and heavier. (now I know her current weight)

The moby is thick during summertime. Any slings you mamas suggest?
I also have a babyBjorn... But i have always been afraid to carry my babies while I am cooking or prepping food specially with a knife. I have used it before while doing laundry. That reminded me of pregnancy and my big belly on the way, hitting the washer (!)

7. To compare (and believe) that all my children look THE SAME:
Daniel at 1 month old
Sebastian at 1 month old
(Sorry  Bellie, I have photos of you but I took a blogging hiatus when you were a baby)

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they know me too well {accessories}

Betsey Johnson sunnies // F21 skirt, similar // BR tee, thrifted
LV pouchette // Bakers flipflops, old

Turquoise bracelet via zulily, gift from Auntie Feli (thanks Auntie!)
other bracelet, gift from bestie SJ

sisters necklace, gift from who else? my sister!

monogrammed LV pouchette, MK watch

My family and friends know me TOO well.
This post goes to all who have given me bling. I'd like to recognize your awesome fashion sense and for gifting this wanna-be fashion mama blogger.

First the necklace. Since Lucy is only 3 weeks old (when this photo was taken), I am not afraid to wear it. There are no prying hands yet that can pull and break it. necklace gifted by my sister

Next: bracelet. Credit: @thefoodfashionista. awesome BFF.
The bracelet has a matching pair of earrings. But I decided against wearing them. I was already fully loaded with arm and neck candy. I spared my earlobes.

Next: Turquoise ring (similar) and matching bracelet via zulily. Credit: my amazing inlaws in Cali. Thank you for the birthday present. I used the check really well and got myself more BLING.

These two are not accessories but I LOVE them tons! xoxo


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alert: lotsa complaining below

I want to document this day. Because someday I want to look back and read this post and laugh out loud and make fun of my foolish self. Or maybe cry again. Anything. 

I don't plan much during the newborn period. But as I find that I have more kids, they have to be entertained. They have to get out of the house. There's just so much inside the house/family room time they could handle. 

I haven't had all 4 with me for a couple of days. For those couple of days, my only worry was feed baby, change baby, eat now while baby naps. 

I postponed going to the library for the nth time. I had to re-request a few books to put on hold. The first time they were out on hold, I couldn't make it out of the house.  I had to pay the fine. So no more procrastination. The children needed to redeem their summer reading points. 

Morning prep went so-so. Let's give it an A-. We didn't have a timeframe for our day plans so we left the house at 11a after feeding the babe. That's good enough. 

I give the trip to the library a B. There was a long line for book returns and points. It's also the time to redeem them. When else am I going back with my crew to redeem points? So I did that too. Sebastian was all over the place. Thank you Dad for watching him. I would not be able to watch a crazy toddler, a first grader on the computer and keep an eye on the stroller with the baby with Isabel at my side. So thank you girls. You are easy peasy at the library. You listened to mama. Lucy slept  like a hibernating bear. She made no sound, no squeak, no problems. 

Then we made it to my mom's for lunch. Grandma cooked Filipino food. I cannot really pass that up. 

The lunch was A+. But trying to feed my eldest while busy with the iphone/games and the arguing was a C. What happened to my sweet guy? Does the arguing and the complaining start at 6 years old? It must be in my family. 

The children barely ate which was the case when they're playing with their cousins. We had the park planned for the rest of the day. I had a craving for some Starbucks so we stopped by for decaf java chip frap. I give my drink an A+. The hungry bears requested a banana nut bread and the snacks for the park. I gave in. They missed Lola's lunch but I was not going to deprived them of food in general. 

I give the park experience a D. It's not a total fail but a D. It must be the heat and the stress of watching them altogether. Besides my brood of 4, we brought my nephew who is 5 months younger than Daniel. Those boys together SPELL TROUBLE. I thank Lucy's guardian angels for keeping her nice and quiet in the stroller. I was able to watch the boys and Isabel. My dad had to supervise Bastian 1:1. Poor kid was trying to keep up with the big boys and was always left behind. 

They asked for drinks because they were thirsty. Of course, we ran out. So off we went to the drinking fountain. More bickering and whining there. "It's my turn." "Let me do it (fill the water bottle)".  ahh, uh, ahh, SJ pointing to the fountain. 

I suggested we change scenery and go to the nature center. Halfway through, we saw the unshaded path. Isabel was already complaining. So we made a pitstop at the benches under several big trees. They played hide and seek for 5-7 minutes. Then isabel said: momma, I have to go pee. 

^^^Well, clarification. This happened first and then Isabel said she had to go pee. 

We did not really have a choice but trek to the nature center. Again, thank you dad for carrying Sebastian while I chased the other 3 with my stroller/sleeping baby. Right outside the restrooms was a tiny hallway enclosed by two double doors. It was tiny and everything echoed in the room. The boys were shrilling like girls pointing at the tiny spider hanging on its web about two feet from the floor. It was right at their eye-level. They were screaming and moving away from it. Oh, the headache continued. 

We trekked back to the benches and had to stop... It was one hot summer day. The kids played tag while I changed Lucy's dirty diaper. Amidst the whining and more arguing, we finished the rest of the walk back to the parking lot. 

I bet if you ask the kids they will rate the park experience an A+.  I, on the other hand, still gives it a D.

Now that I have typed all this, I look back and wonder why I am complaining.
-I had a free lunch. I did not have to cook.
-I had dad to help me out.
-nobody got injured. Nobody got lost. They whined and some of them cried but altogether, I think they had fun. 
-Lucy slept which made it easier for me to watch the other children. 
-I did not have to chase the boys while nursing a newborn. 
-Derrick was ok with take-out pizza for dinner and he loved the chicken spinach mozzarella pizza that I chose.

Anyway, I am done with my soapbox. 
Thanks for reading if you made it all the way down here.

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don't write like your mama

To prevent rusty minds (and hands), we (thanks to Derrick) have been pushing Daniel to keep working on his writing. He has to practice his letters and numbers daily before he could play outside/his toys/Wii.

And honestly, I do not want him to inherit my handwriting!

He uses pencils just like any soon-to-be first grader. He picks up his pencil case and looks for the most colorful pencil. I don't think we even have the regular yellow banana looking #2 here at home.

I received these colorful pencils by BIC for free.  It did not take a lot of prodding from him to use them to practice his letters. They are just like your regular #2 HB pencils but with the added pizzazz! They have a two-tone color barrel. They are easy to erase if you make a mistake They are lead-free (of course!) and certified non-toxic. I was looking at the back ~ and they are made in FRANCE. (you know my love for french things ha)

I also have a little scribbler here at home. We did not have to teach him how to hold a pencil or crayon. He is a good imitator, following his older siblings. I have a feeling he will be an artist, painter, writer! I am impressed with his fine motor skills at 23 months old.

One lucky reader also gets a free set! Enter the giveaway below. If you win, I will mail your BIC XTRA FUN #2 pencils! I also have coupons to hand out. The winner will automatically get one coupon! If you want one, send me an email! I have a few to handout in person and via mail. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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paint night with chanel

Michael Kors Bradshaw watch 

I got a chance to dress up with this super old red dress and show off my new-to-me vintage Chanel during paint night. {little trivia} the first time i was away from my firstborn was when he was 6 weeks old. I could not even handle dinner with my hubs so we went for brunch instead.  Once you have your fourth child, I guess it gets easier to leave him/her at 2 weeks old. Granted, it was only 2.5 hours and my super amazing husband had her. Guess where they went after they dropped me off: Costco. Super amazing parent went shopping with his newborn. Brave soul.

Back to the  dress. It is older than my children's ages combined (6 + 3.5 + 22 months + 2 weeks) I am glad I kept it. It paired well with my Chanel.

I am a LOUIS girl. But every purse collector needs a Chanel in his/her repertoire of purses. I cannot justify a $5000 purse right now (or ever!) If only I bit the bullet 5 years ago, I could have gotten a new Chanel flap bag for $1500. Now they retail around $3000-5000. Even used ones are still out of my price range.

The consignment options for luxury designer bags boomed in the past few years. WIN for me. After spending time on websites, I found this vintage Chanel. It's in good used condition. The lambskin is so delicate that even if the previous owner took care of it (I am sure she did!), some minor scuffings still present. Best part, I spent only a fraction of the price of a new Chanel. Virtual fist bump y'all!

Now I am ready for a lot of date nights.

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black, white and crochet {wiws}

Kiss mommy, Bastian. 


Hey what are you doing? Are you itchy?


Badgley Mischka Crossbody, sold out
but more options here. Look at this one in GOLD. And another on that is 50% off!


Urban Outfitters TOP + SKIRT, both clearance
B. Mischka Crossbody
Bakers flip flops, old

It was a pleasant gift to go to Mass with only 2 children. Am I a bad mama for saying that? The older two went with their Lola so it was a spontaneous decision to go to Vigil Mass. Usually, when Derrick is lead usher, we go as a family at a different time. He gets to go to Mass twice that weekend (holy, holy!) I actually heard the readings from beginning to end and stayed at my seat during the ENTIRE homily without going to the potty! It's like having a donut at the fellowship after Mass. It's a treat!

Saturday also marked my  dad's last day in Indy. His week-long vacation went by so fast!

He wore the shirt I got him from med school ~ med folks, get it?
It's V-fib! HA!

To finish this super long post, I am answering Kendra's questions.

1. What's your favorite grocery store splurge?
my greek yogurt, Fage.
expensive cheeses

2. How's your penmanship?
Clue 1: husband texts me during grocery shopping because he cannot read my list.
Clue 2: my fellow physicians/attendings (when i was a resident) complained that they cannot read my handwriting.
Clue 3 (from my husband again): This was your handwriting when you were 8 years old??? This is really nice.

It seemed to be that part of getting an MD means BAD handwriting.
See for yourself:

What I wrote may not make sense -- these were my notes for neuro-onc review.

3. Do you have a "Summer Bucket List?"
It's not really a formal bucket list. I have plans and expectations and so far so good. My sister is visiting. My grandma is here from the Philippines. My dad as I mentioned above was also in town for the week. So far summer has been great.... Not to mention, we welcomed baby Lucy!

4. What's the best thing on the radio right now?
I don't know if it's the BEST song but this one has a good tune:
I Don't Like It, I Love It. 

I just wish it does not have the bad meanings behind it.

5. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
I go back and forth... Right now, ice cream is winning. But if there's a nice FroYo place, I am all up for it! My current fave is yellowcake batter.

6. Have you had that baby NOW?
Lucy's birth story:
the day before
the morning of
finally, she's born

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