pink stripes + rips {wiws}

I almost wore this sweater... but changed my mind. It's too early for all black. Even if the hedgehog is cute. 

Summer is long gone :( I can already feel the chill here in Indy. We turned on our heater for a little bit.  I wore my longsleeve pjs. I put away the short- sleeve shirts and white skirts. 

I love the stripes on this oldie but goodie sweater. It's the right pop of color for me. I love fall because of the layering options. Add a vest and voila -- the outfit is more "put together." This outfit, surprisingly enough, turned out okay. It will be a repeater. 

My eldest did not want to take my photo because of the rips in my pants. There's nothing that stresses him more than seeing rip jeans/pants.... besides heights, big slides, scary background music and many more... hehe.  I told him I tried to make it up by wearing tons of bling.

The earrings are cute and under $20! I also got this stack of bracelets during their extra sale on sale items! I love awesome deals. 

outfit rundown. if it's pink, it's a link ;)
Vest , old || similar
Heels, sold out || similar
Handbag || anniv gift
Necklace via ig shop || similar

Sharing a few words from our pastor's homily:

The New Evangelization calls for evangelization to begin with families, and for families in turn to evangelize the world.

Whether we are single, or married, or divorced, or whatever our situation, as a Church we are called to help sustain and sanctify family life. Families are “factories of hope,” not because they are perfect, but because they need to be filled with God’s grace and love, which first came to us in a family, as a little child.  

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

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  1. I think that is hilarious that your son does not like ripped jeans! lol

  2. Love the pops of pink, and my kiddos act the same way about ripped jeans. :)

  3. Anonymous10/06/2015

    I think your priest and my priest must have been reading from the same set of notes. So cute about your little guy and the ripped jeans (mine probably wouldn't even notice) :)


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