nursing-friendly outfit {wiws linkup}

Clara shirtdress xoMandySue ~ use code DISISD35 for 35% off your order
Prada sunnies
Chanel Wallet on Chain, preloved rom Rebag
Chanel espadrilles, similar by Sam Edelman
Nars lipstick
earrings, old from the Philippines
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it's not "just" a bag, it's a prada {wiws}

// what's in my make-up bag? //

outfit details
dress, local boutique, Prada bag, Prada heels
St. Lucy necklace, Axis Mundi Etsy shop
gold bracelet, wedding gift from my grandma
lipstick, Ruby Woo

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Sharing some outfits I already posted on instagram but not here on the blog. I have been "micro-blogging" on instagram. I post there daily. Since I intend to print my blog posts (publish a book!), I want to share some of those captions and thoughts here.

🦋 The butterfly said to the sun, ☀️ "They can't stop talking about my transformation.
I can only do it once in my lifetime.
If only they know they can do it at any time and in countless ways."
athleisure outfit here

If i didn’t let go of the notion of a perfectly decorated and clean home, I’d never host a #blessedisshebrunch. My house is by no means the way I want it to look. There’s clutter. There’s lots to clean. Our ceiling in our sunroom has a hole (!) and is still not repaired! But I did have a clean dining room and a yummy #eggcroissantcasserole. There’s flowers (thanks @dianastlouis) and lots more food to share (thanks wonderful ladies who made it today). Thanks @derrick49ers for taking 8 kids to the park so we can have a couple of hours of fellowship. Nash and I enjoyed brunch. 
outfit details here

I got some airtime on this photo. 😉 photo shoots with my little photographer are so fun. Isabel has the eye. She’s been asking to use my big camera. 📷 Right now, Isabel is killing it with the iPhone cam.

outfit details here

Who would have thunk it? Making #indiana home? I’m an #indianatransplant. I married @derrick49ers who is another Indiana transplant. Now we have made Indiana #ourhome. I’m #bornandbred per se in the #IUfamily attending #iumedicalschool, IU #pediatricresidency and IU #neurologyresidency. I am now an IU #faculty mentoring future #physicians
All of my 6 children are #Hoosiers! Indiana is a great place to raise them. #midwestvalues I just wish Indiana winter is shorter 😓 😝 
Who do I need to thank for transplanting me here? My mamey @spencercali! I would have lived in KY and be a #southerngirl if she didn’t move here ♥️ 

outfit details here

Voy a reír, voy a bailar
Vivir mi vida, la la la la
Voy a reír, voy a gozar
Vivir mi vida, la la la la
#marcanthony’s song vivir mi vida
🌸🏖♥️ #bittersweet that my favorite season is leaving to make way for autumn. Bittersweet that my maternity leave with my sweet baby Nash is almost over. The song above resonates to me today. 
So I say (to me and to y’all) 
Voy a reír, voy a bailar
Siente y baila y goza
Que la vida es una sola
outfit details here


light blue + mustard yellow {wiws}

// statement necklaces from Jcrew Factory //

Dress, TJMaxx
Top, BP nordstrom
Chloe Drew bag - Rebecca Minkoff here for less or here for even less
Louboutin pumps - similar here
arm party, bracelet set, xomandysue (use DISISD35 for 35% off)
necklace, Jcrew factory, old
lipstick, Urban Decay
curling iron

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sunday best with lucy {wiws}

Dress ~ TJMaxx exact one// Louboutin heels from the summer sale  //  Gucci purse // PUR x Barbie lipstick in legendary (my fave hotttt pink shade!)  //  old bracelets (Hard rock souvenir, gift from my mom, alex and ani) //

on Lucy, dress hand-me-down from Ate Belle H&M //  freshly picked sandals, bought recently during their summer sale

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happy birthday sebastian!

You are now 6 years old! My sweet, serious Sebastian is a big kindergartner!
You have a different kind of smile. You use it to communicate with me. I love capturing your true smile and not just the one for mummy's big camera.  (can you guys tell which smile I am talking about? The one that has several layers of meaning behind the smile?)

You are soft spoken which makes it even sweeter to hear your voice. You love hugs and you tell me you love me, ALL THE TIME.

I felt really bad when I made a bad joke and you took it seriously.
Your sister asked: Mummy, which one do you love more? Your children or your purses?
I answered: Of course.... MY PURSES!
(it was a sarcastic answer!)
 We all just laughed and moved on. 10 minutes later we heard you wailing and sobbing. Oh my poor baby! You took my answer seriously. You truly thought I love my purses more than you.  I apologized and gave you hugs and kisses as soon as we were out of the car.

You teach me to love more and be present. Since you have louder sibs, I make sure I ask you and look at you and wait for YOUR answer. I value your answer, Sebastian. You definitely love the eye contact I give you. Because, I too, have a special smile just for you. With my smile directed towards you, I tell you I love you. With my smile directed towards you, I tell you I cherish you.

I sing you songs and you become bashful. Again, you give me a special smile JUST FOR ME.
Happy birthday, sweet Sebastian! May the Lord continue to bless you everyday.


For his birth story, head here. It was featured on the pregnancy and newborn birth stories.
For his fifth birthday, head here.

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peach + pink + pearls {wiws}

// Not too late to get your chunky heel sandals //

from head to toe~
hair clip ~ xomandysue // Dior sunglasses  // top, old anthropologie   // skirt ~ also xomandysue   // Chanel flap bag, preloved   //  Chanel sandals    //  lipstick, my new fave hot pink shade PUR x Barbie, legendary  //    pearl bracelet, from a boutique in French Lick, IN   //  shell earrings, from the Philippines, thanks grandma, similar here   //

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