to the pumpkin patch {photo diary}

this post is sponsored... but thoughts are my own... I love this product and I hope you check it out. 

Jeans, thrifted || similar and less than $60
Necklace || from my mama
LV pochette

This was the first time we went to the patch and it's not muddy... instead, it was dusty.... as in blowing sand/soil everywhere. 

Spot the lil boy having fun... check out his white, dusty legs.

Lucy also pretty much slept the entire time. While the children played, my grandma and I saved our spot for the hayride. It was the last day of the apple festival so it seemed like everybody in Indiana went to the orchard. It was a long line. 

Lucy slept through the ride  to/fro and during our "pumpkin hunting." She only woke up when we got to the corn maze. My grandma stayed with us while I fed Lucy... Good thing we did not go... because they got lost in the maze... and "found" a shortcut from marker 4-->10 (!!!)

When the little angel finished her feeding, she was ready to explore the world around her. I planned ahead and brought this lovely ring sling from Lily and Mama.  I would have done a tummy to tummy hold but look at how she turns her head to look at the world. 

Her head control is awesome for a 4 month old, so i went ahead and did a hip to tummy carry. She loved it. She is still very light anyway and I did not mind carrying her around. 

The orchard owner's daughter spotted the baby in the sling and said: may I take your photo? I want to place more babies on our FB page and she is just so cute in her sling.

how could I say no???

Thanks, Kaitlyn for such a beautiful sling. Check out other beautiful autumn/winter ring sling colors. 
For double layers --
I like this...
and this....
and this..

Double layers are thick. If you get hot easily (like me), consider the single layer which is what I have.

You can have the exact same one we have....
or this one!

Thanks, Lily and Mama for sponsoring this post.

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  1. What a fun little trip. I love your baby wrap! All of your babies are beautiful :)

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  2. What a fun day! I need to visit a pumpkin patch ASAP. I'm loving your outfit too. The distressed denim is awesome!



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