Maxi Dress + Snakeskin {wiws,Sunday Style}

You're in a for a lucky treat! These pictures are amazing. And I am not talking about myself. {though I am showing off what I wore today} but because my sister is gracious enough to be my photographer today and give Hubs a break from his Sunday job with the iphone.

Maxi Dress ~ zulily
Open Cardi ~ zulily
Snakeskin  sandals ~ zulily 
Charm bracelet ~ from my grandma
Capiz shell earrings ~ from the Philippines

I did not even plan to wear all zulily today... It just happened.

Photos by Diana

Happy Sunday! 
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Spring cleaning

Posting some gently used clothes, loved by me, ready to hand over to you!

We don't have big closets in our home. It's built in the 1930s and closet space was not their priority. Having my off-season clothes in a separate location gives me the opportunity to go through my spring/summer and winter/fall clothes when I switch them out. I have been sending clothes that I haven't worn in awhile to the Philippines. I cannot really send some things. what would they do with thick angora or wool sweaters? Some I have donated to Thrifty Threads or Goodwill. I am trying my luck selling some gently used clothes this time around...

Thanks for stopping by and hope you like something!

Category 1: JEANSI have to give up these babies. JCrew, Ann Taylor, American Eagle -- they were perfect fit pre-having babies. aka when I did not have hips. Post-baby body shape is different and I found other jeans that fit better. I wish I could keep them ~ but alas, time to let go.

Jcrew BootCut jeanssize 25 short (I am 5'2 and they are perfect)
Bought them full price $92 (gasp)
I am asking $28, shipping included.

Ann Taylor Jeansanother well-loved pair. These are not the Loft jeans. I love the whiskers in front.
Size 0petite (25). these are straight cut, but sort of on the skinny side too. I wore them with flats and heels :)
Asking $22, shipping included

American Eagle JeansDark wash pair. Size 0 (25)
Asking $20, shipping included

Ann Taylor jeansI got these because of the design on both back pockets. Love them!
Size 0 petite.
Asking $22, shipping included

Silver JeansSuper FLARE jeans. These are light wash and they have a slightly distressed look on them. They are LONG on me. I have to fold up the hem....
Size 28
(And yep, I made a mistake and sized way up... TOO BIG for me)
Bought them $70. Asking $22, shipping included

The Gap, always skinny jeansSize 25 regular, these are long on me. Light wash, faded and distressed look.
Asking $20, shipping included

Now moving on to other things:
Express button down shirtSkinny fit
size small (fits like an XS)
Asking $15, shipping included

B.O.C. wedge sandalssize 8 wide. B.O.C. runs half a size bigger, I think. And these are wide, hence I cannot keep them. I only wore them once. All Man-made materials.
Asking $22, shipping included

Dansko, Mary JanesThese are not your clogs :) They have a wedge heel and are still comfortable.
size 38, but they were too big on me. So guess what, only wore them a couple of times.
Leather upper, man-made balance. Made in Portugal.
Asking $45, PLUS shipping

Sanita Clogs SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!!! Aren't these the cutest? Purple/pink clogs! I wore them a few shifts at the ER but these are the original WOOD clogs. So one could hear me coming down the hallway. Some scratches in front but there's no signs of wear on the heel. please grab them!
Asking $35, PLUS shipping

Comment away if you see something you like or email me disiscloset(at)gmail(dot)com

I will email you invoice via paypal. Please pay within 24 hours. No returns/refunds.

I am open to offers. These clothes need a home.

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First Day

Another milestone. Not for my children. A Milestone for me.

For pump-up music, I played the worship CD my good friend, Hannah, gave me almost 10 years ago! We were mere first year student doctors then. I was teary eyed when memories of 10 years past flooded my memory bank. I have been seeing patients in the hospital but today was my first FULL DAY in clinic.

I got in the office and saw this:

and this:

^^The hyacinth smells so good. I already gave in and ate 2 dove eggs. yumm.....

Here's to being a real doctor! {as my mom would say}
To which I reply: I've been a doctor for 5 years! Come on, now!

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Denim + tunic + leggings {wiws, Sunday style}

I'm having a great weekend. My Saturday was spent with other Catholic women from all over Indiana at the catholic women conference. The speakers were amazing. Janet Sahm, native of Indianapolis and co-founder of verily mag was the first speaker. She shared her reversion story and how she responded (and is responding) to JPII's calling. Mrs. Julia Calandra Lindberg spoke about Padre Pio. Sister Caterina spoke about the Divine Mercy.

Some other important highlights include celebrating Holy Mass,praying the Divine Mercy chaplet and the rosary. We finished the conference with benediction. It was a beautiful day.

Our Sunday was spent catching on sleep (yes!) we all napped in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. D and all of the 3 children at the same time. We were one tired family.

Chevron print tunic ~ nordstrom rack via hautelook // denim ~ old, old, Levi's. // leggings ~ vs pink // red suede wedges ~ aerosoles, so comfy. // new to me vintage Louis bucket tote Thanks, mom, for providing a new liner.

Mass behaviors:
Daniel - A
Isabel - A
Sebastian - A

See the correlation of naps and best behavior in church.

Hope y'all had a restful weekend, friends.

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Thursdate, granola and reflex hammer {7qt}

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1. Thursdate
We finally brought our baby to hubs' work to show him off. It only took 6.5 months. Lunch date with this delightful bi-bim-bop.

It was as good as it looks.

2. Granola-crack
I'm so addicted with homemade granola. I made this.... Then a revision of this.

^^text thread with my sister^^

3. Sperry's and "broken jeans"
The first day of spring called for Sperry's.... And ripped jeans or "broken" per lil D.
D to his teacher: my momma has broken pants.
TK teacher: that's the look, Daniel.

Top ~ a&f
Ripped jeans ~ a&f, thrifted
Sperry's ~ love them!

4. 365 photo going strong
Just a few picts from my instafeed.

There's a theme: babies, food, outfits. My hope is to expand my iPhone capabilities ;) we will see. Kids are just sooooo darn cute!

5. Praise!
Update on grandma: she's two weeks post op from her right knee replacement and doing well.... Still in a lot of pain but doing well.... Thanks be to God.

6. This weekend.....
So excited to attend this weekend's conference. the archbishop is presiding the Mass. There's adoration all day. There's opportunities for the sacrament of reconciliation all day.

7. Picture I'm sharing

It's even more official.i received my tromner reflex hammer from my residency director. And my name is engraved. Except I look like I'm 15 here. (What?!)
Thanks, Patty, for the picture!

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  • 3.19.2014

    Blazers + statement pieces + movie {five faves}

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    1. Timer cam app
    This free app is my back-up photographer when hubs is not around. So when you see weird shots in the sunroom or in the dark living room, you'll know why.

    2. Statement pieces

    This outfit is not really super remarkable. When I try to tone down my outfits (ie not a lot of bold colors or pink), my go to colors are black/black or grey/white/black combo. But then I long for something that says: ME.
    So I add a statement necklace. (Similar)
    I add a beautiful purse. (Similar)
    I wear polka dot tights. (Similar)

    What do you think? Too much for orientation?

    3. Ripped jeans
    I am obsessed with ripped, distressed jeans.

    If you follow me on IG, I already posted this outfit I wore at a 5 yo party.

    A friend asked: so do you just post exceptional outfits? Or you post almost everyday?
    My answer was: it helps me figure out pieces that do work or do NOT work. I mix and match and try to get inspiration on how to get the most out of what I already have in my closet.

    4. Blazers

    I have blazers in the back of my closet ignored for years! Cos first, I cannot button them because of expansion postpartum chest wise. Secondly, I gave them up during residency because they were too bulky underneath a white coat. But oh my, blazers add so much to outfits. So I am back to wearing them... And loving them.

    5. The kings speech
    It's $4 at our target. Got it yesterday!

    Also linking with Lindsey.

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    Red + black + leopard {wiws, Sunday style}

    This Second Sunday of Lent, my little girl makes a comeback with me on my what i wore Sunday post. Just to recap, the coloring pages from CatholicMom were still a hit. It kept the kids busy and engaged.

    And my son Bastian was mentioned in the gospel today. He is named after James the Greater.

    Mass Grades:
    Sebastian - A++
    Isabel - A {she danced for Jesus in the tune of I have loved you, with an everlasting love, I have called you and you are mine} alternating releve, arabesque, releve, arabseque. The pew was her barre.
    Daniel - B {It could have been an A but he vandalized and scribbled on our new church hymnal.... aaahhh)

    Hi-Lo Sweater ~ express, old // tights ~ pink // leopard ankle booties ~ Mia // purse ~ Burberry

    Cardi & Skirt ~ gift from Antie Suzy // Tank ~ Janie and Jack // Shoes ~ stride rite via zulily

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    Have a fun Sunday, now off we go, for a play date.....

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    Bastian, the Color Run, owl pellets and more {7qt}

    1. Slimming down

    My Bastian, just like his brother and sister, is slimming down. He used to be in the 25th percentile for his weight. Blame it on genes (good genes, I hope). My children are meant to be on the 3rd-5th percentile on both height and weight. Hubs and I were not blessed to be 5’11, ya know.

    6 months well child check:
    weight 14 lb 11 oz
    length 26 inches

    2. BSB
    Do not unfollow me for this confession.

    My sister and I are (possibly** most likely ***) going back to the same place we saw the BSB for the first time! And we thought that that concert was the last time they perform together as a group. It was the last tour before AJ went into rehab.

    Two professionals: a physician and a nurse, both going back to a BSB concert as if it was 14 years ago! We are making signs this time!

    3. smart1s

    My sis, mom, sis’ mom in law are walking/running the color run in May. I could not come up with a funny team name. I kept racking my brain for something funny, something glam, something pink. But not everybody in my team loves PINK! Especially since we are bringing the older kids (Daniel, Nathaniel and Isabel). So I came up with smart1s. Good enough!

    Thanks mom for making us tutu’s for the run. I cannot wait to see mine. I think I am going to wear leggings instead of shorts. Leggings that are worth spraying with cornstarch based powder paint.

    4. new (to me) blogs
    Here are just a few blogs I have found…. Now following.

    Beaninloveblog ~ Been following Sheena on IG. We both have Sebastian’s. And I love what she is doing with her house. I wish I am as crafty as her.

    Beautyofthepicturebook ~ Thanks for visiting my blog, Divina! I love picture books. She’s going to be my go-to blog for picture book recs.

    5. EEEWWW
    My FIL and I took the 3 kids to the museum yesterday. I volunteered us to join the detective agency. I saw “dissection” and “learn” and just volunteered us. As Daniel and Isabel lined up to enter the room, I realized we were going to dissect an owl pellet? Owl pellet? What is that? How bad could it be? I thought they will give us props? Nope, not at the best children’s museum !

    So there I was, dissecting a fur/feather hair-ball looking owl pellet! Eewww… My son was into it. I was going to take a picture but forgot…. Good, I did not want to touch my iphone. We found 2 skulls with rodent teeth, jaws, scapula, pelvis, ribs, femur, front legs… eeeewwww….. I used the forceps and sticks. But not my other dissectors. They just went for it and dissected the pellet with their bare hands. The museum staff assured us that the pellets were sterilized (high heat) so they were safe to touch. Then they gave us hand sanitizers to clean our hands. I still went to the bathroom and used soap and water after the dissection. i wish they gave us gloves.

    Oh yeah, our assessment: Our owl was one hungry owl. He ate two rodents.

    6. Husband speaks

    Talking about fitness

    Me: Do you think it’s too late to have a fitness goal?
    D: Hmmm...
    Me: like a handstand?
    D: isn’t that hard? A HEAD stand?
    Me: No, handstand...
    D: hmmm...
    Me: ok how about a forearm stand?
    D: (still looking doubtful)

    Thanks, D, for your confidence in me.

    7. picture I am sharing

    This is what happens when one lets a 2 year old choose an outfit for the day.


    Happy Friday. Check out jen and her snoop dogg concert!

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    What I wore

    Tuesday's work outfit: It was sunny and 70 degrees.

    Top~ express, old // cropped pants ~ the limited // sandals ~ AE

    Next day: back to boots and long-sleeves.

    Swing dress ~ hautelook // vest ~ also hautelook // boots ~ hunter, present // shell earrings ~ Philippines, 2007

    Another cold day:

    Drapey cardi ~ zulily // tights ~ zulily // cobalt blue top ~ banana republic // boots ~ zulily.

    Can you see a pattern here...
    Outfit one: all oldies
    Outfit two: hautelook
    Outfit three: zulily

    Now, Let's post a cutie. Or a pincess (just how she says it) great Hun. We will work on your r's. Let's practice. Rrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Dress: Hanna Andersson

    When will I be posting skirts, shorts, tanks? Come spring, come!

    Linking up this week's outfits with Lindsey at the pleated poppy. Do the same!

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