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Nash and I woke up dark and early to be dropped off at the Indy airport.  Thanks to my brother who helped me push my heavy luggage and the bag of carseat + base. I was prepared this time. Flying Southwest with a baby on your lap requires documentation that has baby's name + DOB. I had Nash's shot records and medical summary. A birth certificate or passport would also work but being baby #6,  I  don't have either one.

One of my very best friends from medical school picked us up and we drove straight southeast to Galveston beach. What a beautiful day.  It was sunny but windy. We were pretty much alone at the beach being a weekday.

I found a complete, unbroken shell that I took home as a pasalubong for the kids.

My friends brought me to the Kitchen at the Dunlavy, a super cute french brunch restaurant. That place was instagram-worthy!

It was overlooking Buffalo Bayou park. WE went for a walk after brunch, enjoyed the fresh air and sun before heading back. We passed by the waugh bat colony. I did not look closely in the crevices underneath the bridge. I don't want to see the bats.

Houston Zoo was hopping! There was no place to park. The women and children were dropped off. We took the train around Hermann Park.

Dinner was at La Guitarra con Sazon. If you are looking for authentic Peruvian food, come to this place. I had lomo saltado and ceviche nativo (mango, avocado, shrimp and fish) yummm!

Nash and I went to Mass at St. Vincent de Paul. What a lovely church!
I made a premature turn and had to turn around in the neighborhood behind the church. Those houses are beautiful. They average around 1.2 Million so yeah, not going to afford that location with 6 kids.

Back to Mass: I finally parked  at a public parking across from the church. I took Nash from his carseat and saw the blowout all over his back.   It was already 9:02 and I still had to walk to church by crossing at the crosswalk. I did not want to jaywalk 6 lanes and a median.

I thought about just going back to the condo... just for a split second. I was already there and I committed. I may be late but my intentions were clear. I want to be at church. I needed that hour with JC more than ever (thank you blow out!)

I entered the church. It was already the responsorial psalm. what?! I went straight to the women's restroom. I stripped off his baby Gap button down shirt. The shorts were safe. The mess went up his back but not down his leg. I gave him a  rinse on the sink. poor babe. He fussed but he needed it.

We entered the sanctuary and the gospel was ending. oh.... I totally missed the liturgy of the word, except for the homily.

We stayed after Mass to pray and admire the church. The stained glass windows were beautiful. The big case of relics was beyond amazing. I haven't seen that many relics  displayed in a church in the US! In Europe, yes, but in the US ~ their "collection" was astounding. St. Rita of Cascia's relic may have been a piece of bone.

In the afternoon, we drove about 45 mins to NASA. I was geeking like none other. I have always been fascinated by the cosmos, planets, stars. Besides the human body and its intricacies and how the different systems work, studying the planets and stars  have been a fascination for me. I like reading about astrophysics, albeit I may not even fully understand it. I am also into sci-fi (The Martian, Interstellar, Lost in Space, etc).

We took the tram to the mission control which was restored to the 1969 control center during the Moon landing. I sat at the chair where Queen Elizabeth II sat when she visited NASA.

We went to Independence plaza which showcases the now-retired Orbiter and the shuttle replica Independence.

There were alligators, turtles and longhorns in the NASA compound. There was another hangar and section  that we did not get to tour. That means I need to come back. The next time has to be with the kids. The older ones specially will enjoy the Johnson Space Center.

For dinner, we went to Gerry's grill, way across the other side of the city. The drive was worth it and thankfully no stopped traffic. My friends were impressed. I went very basic with what I ordered. I got grilled squid (which my much smarter MDPhD friend told was in fact cuttle fish), bistek (beef marinated in soy sauce, garlic, onions and lemon), pork BBQ, lumpiang shanghai (egg roll), pancit bihon (stir fried rice noodles with veggies and chicken), grilled chicken and crispy beef. I wanted to order the crispy pata (fried pork) but I have friends who don't eat pork. The fried beef was still so, so good.

If you are in Houston, make sure you visit Gerry's grill (not paid to advertise for them).

How about that?
My first post of 2020 is a photo diary! I sure miss blogging and using my macbook instead of just typing on that tiny iphone keyboard and posting it on the gram. There's something about typing here that is very therapeutic.

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