lace + animal print {Sunday Best}

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on Lucy:
dress, gift

Top, Jack by BB Dakota
skirt, Macy's
wedges, zulily
Rayban sunnies
Gucci padlock (medium/large size)

I have a guest blogger on this post. Thanks for joining me Lucy. You and your half-hair-down and half-pigtail hair. 
Is it just me or your kids end up taking their scrunchies off  0.782653 seconds after fixing their hair?


Lucas' birth story

I have waited the longest for you, baby Lucas. I was already off of work since you were 38 weeks gestation. I did everything to get you moving... well, not quite everything, since I did not have the eggplant parmigiana that my friend, Mer, used to get baby Sammy out.  But I went for walks, I had my pedicure done. I went back to furniture-making.  I ate spicier food.

I even made a VLOG the day before you were born. Funny that once least expected, that's when labor will start right?

Thursday morning:
I woke up late. I was not sleeping well for a few weeks before Lucas was born. Since I did not go to work, I was able to sleep in. I already asked hubs to telework on Thursday. (like I knew something was up). the real reason was I did not want to show up at Bastian's preschool, large and still pregnant.


postpartum blues

those postpartum blues are real.

i feel sad... why do I feel sad? i smell my baby's head. I see my children run and play. Yet I feel sad.

My husband asks me a question.  I did not want to answer. I did not want to converse at all. Like there is no reason to talk so why answer.  I know it's rude. But why am I mean to him? He did not do anything wrong.

It's 11:45pm. Instead of sleeping when my baby sleeps, I am here sitting at the loveseat, staring at the moonless, cloudy night. I did not do this before. I was either knocked out because I need sleep or busy, busy, busy doing something and checking off my to-do list. Yet I am sitting here, about to cry.

Cry... Those postpartum blues are real. Why am I suddenly crying for no reason?
I am sleep-deprived. I am tired. I am adjusting. I am constantly counting how many children are in my field of vision. If not all 5 are  accounted for, I go through my head where one (or two or more!) child(ren) is/are located.

Thoughts of failure and defeat enter my mind. I try to push them away. But they keep coming back. I just cry. Cry... then hopefully afterwards I will feel so much better. lighter.

That's the hope, at least.

Photo taken by hubs. Postpartum blues has not hit me yet. Just the tired face of a mama who went through an unmedicated birth. 

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floral + light pink {Sunday Best}

Floral dress, Macy's, exact one
Chanel lambskin, silver hardware, jumbo
similar for a splurge, similar for less (Guess.... DKNY)
Naturalizer sandals, sold out

First Mass as a family of seven. We made it to church 20 minutes before Mass started yippee! Lucas was crying and needed to nurse. I did not want to nurse him at home because it would have taken him 30 minutes which meant we will be late. so we drove the short drive to church and got there with plenty of time to get "settled."

As usual, the fun parent was an usher. 3 out of 5 kids (the ones awake) followed him to greet people. Bastian and Lucas were knocked out. So much for feeding the baby. He fell asleep and slept through the entire Mass.


likes + shares + outfit post this first week postpartum {seven quick takes}

1. Happy one week old, baby Lucas! I am still typing his birth story. It will be published soon.  We are all adjusting being a family of seven.  Lucy is having the hardest time. She is loving on the baby but wants to cuddle and be held when we are holding Lucas. I am not surprised with her actions. She's still a  baby and the transition is going to be a process.

2.  To hide those dark circles: wear mirrored sunglasses. These are the ones I am wearing (sold out, but found on eBay). I got a new pair, much cheaper {only $12!} and will be featured here on another blog post. New pair comes in 2 colors, metallic and burgundy. I got the metallic which is more rose gold.

3. For my pregnant mamas out there...
This is for your postpartum bottom ~ so refreshing and cooling. GET ONE NOW. you will thank me.

4. My feet and fingers are more swollen a week postpartum compared to the last days of pregnancy. I did not want to deal looking for sandals that would be comfortable right now. so flipflops it is.
These ones I am wearing here are nearing the end of life. I got this pair and this pair. I am definitely a REEF-fan.


first mother's day with five babies + prayer requests

Dress, shopbop
earrings, Nickel and Suede

Floral dresses from shopbop

love the print of this dress (got it on sale!)
then the rose gold watch and bracelet set is a good accessory. 

Hubs took over 30 photos of our attempt at showcasing 5 babies this Mother's Day.  The middle 2 (not called younger two anymore!) did not cooperate. Surprised? never.

On other updates:
--- recovery is different this time. I am anemic to begin with. I was not tolerating my Prenatal vitamins nor the Iron supplements prescribed around 2nd trimester.  So with some blood loss during delivery, my Hgb is even lower. I cannot stand for long periods of time because I get lightheaded and dizzy. Orthostatic blood pressure was done while at the hospital and as I have expected my BP went down from sitting to standing.

--- I got dressed for pictures. I felt fine most of the day and thought I could be dropped off alone for Sunday afternoon Mass. But then, I started feeling dizzy again -- thank you sleep deprivation and anemia.
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baby boy and baby girl wishlist

Happy due date Baby #5! Here are a few items on my wishlist. Make your appearance soon -- and we can go shopping! {edited: this post was written before baby LUCAS' appearance!} yes! He is here! It's a Boy!

1. Kohls - gray onesie, family favorite
2. Baby Gap - reversible pant
3. Buy Buy Baby - burp cloths
4. Kohl's - black onesie, hello
6. Gap - socks
7.  Old Navy - jersey leggings for baby

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i have a lot of kids

Baby #1

Baby #2

Baby #3

Baby #4
her novella birth story (part i, part ii, part iii)

Hubs said after my 39 + 3days OB appt ~ we are going to have 5 kids.
Me: not this week. 

Am i admitting defeat? 
I surrender, baby #5. You can come whenever you want. 


what to wear on mother's day +15% cash back

Let me share a few items  from my favorite stores and give you ideas on what to wear for this Sunday's festivities.  If you've been a reader for awhile, you already know that I am an online shopper. Thanks to my sister for opening my eyes to eBates. I link my shopping trips through eBates and I get % cash back.  I like getting paid for my shopping.

1. Kohls -  Lauren Conrad Cold shoulder shift dress . There's also a coupon for $10 off for $50 worth of women's accessories and apparel.  use code MOMSDAY10, discount good until 5/14/17.

2. Saks Fifth -  Jo Malone English pear and freesia cologne. Free shipping on any order.

3. Nieman Marcus Last call - Rebecca Minkoff Medium leather tote bag.
This one  is in blue, but also available in white and lilac.  Receive $10 off when sign up for emails.

4. ShopBop - Michael Kors rose gold watch. If you are an amazon prime member, then you get free 3-day shipping.

5. Saks off fifth - Marc Fisher Perforated wedge platform sandals. I am seriously eyeing these.... and very, very tempted to get them!

6. JCPenney - Rose Gold earrings . I am still on a rose-gold kick. These are so pretty. you get 15% off side-wide using code EBATES15.

It's eBates' anniversary so some stores are giving away cashback up to 15%! that's awesome! Boden, coach, dick's sporting goods are just some places that offer 15% cashback.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Average cashback is from 1-3%. During special days or weekends, there will be double cashback. So it's worth shopping on those days too.

If you use my referral link, I thank you so much! Once you are a member, then you also get your own personal referral link.

Also let me know if you end up getting anything from my collage above or something from the sale. Post it on instagram #disisdpicks so I can follow along!

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longest i've ever been pregnant + house updates

Dress/tunic, MissGuided
Manolos, 50 mm in nude
kate spade bracelet, mine is sold out, this one with a bow as well



 earrings, Nickel and Suede

I really think I am going to  deliver  baby #5 on my due date.  Just when I thought there will be a pattern - this baby throws me (everybody!) a curve ball. 

Daniel came at 38 weeks + 6 days. 
Isabel (the one closest to her due date) was the latest one at 39 weeks + 2 days. 
Sebastian was born at 38 weeks + 4 days.
Lucy was my earliest (yet still full term babe) born at 38 weeks.


hubs says my outfit is a bit too much {our Sunday Best}

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Long bell sleeve lace blouse, JCPenney, nonmaternity (small)
Skirt, bisou bisou, also JCPenney, non maternity (small)
Chanel jumbo single flap, lambskin
Manolo's in nude, on sale, 2inch or 50 mm heel
Valentino Sunnies, sale on hautelook, similar


39 weeks + 2 days...
that's what that gestational age looks like on ME with baby #5.

I was hoping that this Sunday best post will either be a birth announcement or postpartum outfit. I debated if I should wear this or this or this. Basically the same maternity or nonmaternity third trimester outfits you've seen before on the blog.

I wanted to wear this midi A line skirt with cherries... So cute!
I tried to zip it up -- even placed the waist above the bump and there's no zipping it all the way. forget that skirt, then.

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what we wore for First Communion

Daniel requested ice cream cake to celebrate this Special Day!

Dress, nonmaternity, Gap. I went a size up. It will be very big postpartum
Chanel, jumbo, lambskin
Valentino rockstud ankle strap sandals

Got so many compliments on these heels. They are the comfiest designer shoes I have ever purchased! Still does not justify the price to most folks... but if you want to splurge and maybe save a few $$, try RueLaLa. Valentino shoes and bags are discounted for a few $$ and they are on sale every few days, it seems like.
I needed help strapping these sandals. The 30 week bump did not want to be squeezed!

A few more white dresses from the Gap.
Click thumbnail to shop!

This is just the outfit post of what I wore and what Daniel wore for Mass.
More photos coming up from my FIL's better camera. Because these are just iphone photos. (yikes!)

Here's a video of the First Communion Mass

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polka dot + red {Sunday best}


Polka dot dress, nonmaternity, Old Navy
Chanel mini
Salvatore Ferragamo flats, via RueLala

Bump at 38 weeks + 2 days

The photos on this post are worse than usual. Apologies. (I really want a new cam!)
There's nothing exciting in the L&D* dept. I am typing this and I am 38 weeks + 3 days. Made it longer than Lucy's birthday.
I offered to help out tomorrow at the hospital. Maybe the walking at the hospital will help the baby move along.
More polka dot options


I had a productive Monday.
OB appt - check
USPS package drop off - check

then thanks to hubs -- I was able to squeeze in a pedicure and a salon appointment! :)

of course now, I am tired. I am resting my feet up while blogging.. Then the nesting continues. I want to empty some boxes of clothes! This means I will be posting clothes for sale on my instagram closet. I purged some clothes already and donated lots to Goodwill before we moved. But I am still finding things I can sell and donate.

Have a good week!
Maybe sometime this week, I will be posting a birth announcement.

*L&D = labor and delivery

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