Wild World of Neurology

I picked up the kids early from day nursery so I could study more at home for the RITE (residency in-training exam). Plus, I want to work out today. I skipped yesterday because  we attended Mass on Ash Wednesday and had a pretty late dinner at Sakura! It was sushi time since the Delima family abstained from meat.

What's running through my head right now:

The brachial plexus - a high yield must-know structure #1. These are the nerves that innervate your upper limbs.

Circle of Willis - must-know structure #2. Thanks to Dr. DeMyer, I am able to draw this by heart thinking of it like an insect! see the legs? the antenna? how about its big eyes (Internal carotid arteries)?

Let's not forget neurophysiology. Here's a bad,bad EEG. see this -- it's abnormal. and unfortunately I see kids with EEGs like this.

Of course neuroimaging. I am just blown away that we could see the brain of a live person without dissecting or opening the skull. AMAZING!

Quick note: Herniated cerebellum equals not good.

If you are still reading, thanks for letting me show you the wild world of neurology.
Now, I should stop blogging and do more studying.

First 3 picts and last pict from wiki. Picture with brain lesion from mayoclinic website.


7 quick takes Vol 2

My 7 quick takes is soooo late for last Friday, but so early for this week. From now on my 7 quick takes will be posted during random days!

1. Bible stories - we have read Bible stories to Daniel before but now that he is a toddler, he usually chooses his books to read at night. He has not really picked up his Children's Bible in awhile. So while I was on the computer the other day and he on my lap, I searched for a video of "David and Goliath". I really tried to make it interesting but I think he got scared. He wanted to be Buzz Light year instead of David.

2. I have been back at work for 2 weeks now! hence the untimely posting of my 2nd volume of 7 quick takes.
3. Isabel's first week at the day nursery was rough. She did not take the bottle for 8 hours. 2nd week - 1/2 oz to 1 oz per day. This week, she is finally taking 2-3 oz per feeding! yay! She still gives her dad grief and stress during on-call nights though. She refuses bottlefeeding and waits for me for 12 hours. Pray that she will turn around.

All bundled up to be dropped off to Day care

Ice cream during winter!
4. Derrick and I had our date night for V-day at Canal Bistro (our favorite Mediterranean restaurant) and BRICS (ice cream shop in our neighborhood).  Thanks to lolo and lola for babysitting!

5. another picture I am sharing taken (not by an iPhone cam but ..... drum roll please..... Derrick's 5 (?) year old slide phone!) Gotta place this beautiful smile here! Daniel is 2 years and 7 months last Monday. To celebrate, we went to BRICS...... I should have gotten a foursquare badge: snowqueen or something... 2 check-ins at BRICS in a week!

6. 40 days for life during Lent. Pray for respect for life and to end abortion.  This little one I am holding is the image and likeness of our Lord.

Isabel and mummy -- pro-life!

7. It's LENT! I am giving up:

-----> ice cream. I love ice cream. It does not matter if it's winter (as evident from our BRICS trip last week).
-----> cookies.Bye-bye to my favorite thin mint Girl scout cookies.

How about you? what are you giving up this lent? what are you doing more of?

It does not matter if you give up your favorite food or a habit; or do more of something.... as long as you'll take these 40 days to get closer to the Lord and aspire to do His will. That's my goal these next 40 days. I want to hear (and listen to) His voice and follow His will in my daily life.

Check www.conversiondiary.com for more 7 quick takes.


Super Time at the Super Bowl Village

Wednesday, Feb 1st was unseasonably warm for Indianapolis. No complaints since it's superbowl week in Indy! Isabel, Daniel, Derrick, Lolo Frank and I went to downtown to check out the Super Bowl Village and NFL experience.

It was crowded downtown as expected. We saw a lot of families enjoying the festivities. We even saw our friends, the Downings!

Superbowl village down Georgia Street


Photo op with the 49er helmet

Locker area at the NFL experience

NFL Rush Zone for kids -- Adam Vinatieri at the Play 60 area

My future QB. Our cam a little slow because he already threw the football

With Isabel!

Heaters throughout the Superbowl village

Five Kids under Three. We are blessed!
--{L-->R Elizabeth (3 yrs), Luke (8 mos), Andy (8 mos), Isabel (2 mos), Daniel (2 yrs)--}

Found the perfect bench to feed the babies

D and D

Nice throw!

Gotta support Peyton's little brother

He loves this football so much. He has been sleeping with it for 2 nights now.
He carries it everywhere!

At Monument Circle with the BIG XLVI (46) superbowl sign
It's nice to have Indy (a midwestern city) receiving the limelight. We are proud of our city: beautiful, family-oriented, hospitable. We know how to throw a partayyyy!

If you live in Indy, share what you love about it!
If you live in another city, also share what you love about your place!

7 quick takes Vol 1

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1. Daniel loves HOODIES. He has been wearing them with his hood up. So, so cute!

2. Isabel's first week in school: She only went 2 half days. Baby and I did well since we were only separated 4-5 hrs per day. It's a different ball game when it will be 24-30 hrs apart. My first hospital call is in a week. Since I'm anxious, this verse comes to mind: Philippians 4:6-7 which starts like this "have no anxiety about anything...."

3. Plugged duct again! I saw my family doctor, finally called my OB, called the Lactation consultants (again for the 6th time) and met with them to review the basics. I am currently on antibiotics to finally, hopefully resolve this issue. Praise God for a normal Ultrasound!

4. Super Bowl village -- the entire Delima family went. It was such a warm, nice day in Indy (temps hit the 60s!)

5. Komen stops funding Planned Parenthood announced earlier this week. However, before the work week ended, the big advocacy group did a 180 on their decision.
6. Vera get carried away tote -- Fail!!!! I went to work for half a day last Tues and the bag was too heavy. I needed to disperse the weight so I got myself a hot pink backpack as my pump bag.The rest of my stuff can be placed in my not-as-big VERA tote.

7. Super excited for a super weekend for the Super Bowl!

See http://www.conversiondiary.com/ for more
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