Rock and roll {wiws}

Happy belated Sts. Peter and Paul feastday!

It's definitely a rock and roll Sunday. As my hubs said: we can never go back to 10:30 Mass.

The kids were out-of-control this morning. Isabel had to be taken to the back of the church three times. Daniel shred his drawing in tiny little pieces (oh what a joy to pick all those little pieces of paper!)

Mass behaviors: per hubs
D: F
I: F- (yup something lower than a failing grade. And hubs gave it to Isabel. ouch)

Thanks to my saint-in-the-making, I still have a picture of my OOTD:

Dress: maternity maxi dress from Old navy
Wedges: hidden. Korks by kork ease. I had to wear them though my thighs are sore from my new weighted ball workout because the dress is really long
Necklace: zulily
Lipstick: CG tempt

Here's my little boy who loves dirt, twigs, leaves, etc.
little side note: my flowers are pretty!

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Happy Sunday! Hope your trip to Mass is less stressful.


7 quick takes vol 32

Joining Jen for some Friday love.

1. I'm on call tonight and can't sleep after a page. Aaaahhhh.... Since I'm up anyway why not try to blog 7 quick takes right? Maybe ill be super tired afterwards and go to sleep.... Or not.

2. Friday is my long awaited last day at the hospital wards after 12 consecutive days of working... Without a day off.
I was getting really cranky. Some days this week, I just want I take a day off and NOT be a doctor. What a difference a day off makes to lift someone's spirits. Just one day of not driving to work. One day of not stepping Into the hospital and not putting on my white coat.

3. The new batch of pediatric doctors started this week at the hospital. Interns.... I remember my first week as a pediatric intern. I was a nervous wreck, praying constantly that ill do the right thing! That nobody's gonna "code" or crash on my watch!

My letter to the interns:
Please, oh please, just don't be "pager" happy.
I'm getting paged quite a bit for tons and tons of questions. Open the chart, read our notes first. You'll save me a few beeps if you do so.
And I understand we are all learners. You'll catch up pretty soon. Getting a history is the main thing and examine your patients before you call for a consult. Thanks.

4. Let's shift to Isabel
She has always done everything on her own schedule. She gave up the bottle at 9 months. She still breastfed but she hated the bottle. So we turned to sippy cups early. She's ready for potty training at 17 months. So we have pull ups on at 18 months. And yet another change this past week.
No more sleeping in her crib!
She has a twin bed in her room and she's been sleeping there! So there you go. Another transition that she initiated herself. No prompting from her parents here.

5. I'm joining Medical Mondays on July 1st. Stay tuned for a post about pregnancy and residency. And here's a 5.5 quick take for you: I passed my glucola {glucose tolerance test}! Woohoo!

6. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my pink day of trying out my new lipstick shade.
It's an $8 tube of hot pinkness, very bold, still self conscious about it. Yet I love the pinkness!

7. Picture I'm sharing:

Sun glare: added the imperfection that makes this pict one of a kind!

Happy Friday y'all!
It's a celebration for all! T minus 18 hours till I'm off service.


All about Daniel vol 5

Watching our wedding video
Me: where are you guys? Haven't seen you on tv.
Daniel: I was sitting next to Lola

Daniel taking my blood pressure using his toy sphygmomanometer (try saying this word 5x really fast!)
Me: what's my blood pressure? Give me 2 numbers
D: uhm... 4
Me: ok another one
D: 5
Me: 4 over 5. Ok I'm dead

Watching the miss usa swimsuit competition during nba finals halftime
Lil D: you need to be there mummy
{my sweet child boosting my confidence}
Me: with my belly or without
Lil D: without
Me: ok we gotta wait after your baby brother or baby sister is born
Derrick: ms pregnant usa pageant.
Thanks Hun!

Daniel wearing the "poop catcher hat" {never used as my GI illness finally resolved}
D: look, I got a cowboy hat.

Daniel during Mass, lifts up my dress revealing the slip.
D: mummy, you wearing underwear?

Me wearing teensy weensy short shorts for bed
Daniel: mummy you don't have underwear
{seriously, really?}

Trying out a new lipstick shade
Me: do u like it Daniel?
D: you look funny!
Me: is it too pink?
Daniel: it's really pink

Isabel making an appearance with the clean cowboy hat


Belly bump week #27

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

Another bumping update for y'all!
Ootd: tunic from Heidi Klum maternity line: Loved via kohls. Tights: nonmaternity {woohoo stretchy!} VS pink. Wedges: kork-ease {they give me 5 inches of added height}

How far along are you?
27 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Dinner date with hubs TWICE
Prayer requests?
-Surviving another week of inpatient rotation without a day off
-that ill know what to do to help these really really sick kids
-healthy pregnancy
-my friend as she moves across the country in less than a month {ill miss her tons}
-that ill pass my glucose test
Baby's growth?
This week, baby D3 weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with legs extended.
With more brain tissue developing, baby's brain is very active now. - something a neurologist likes to hear.
He/she is a squirmer. Not the big kicks or nudges but i specially love the little movements.
And I haven't been sleeping well because of frequency awakenings :(
Weight gain (or loss)?
+26 lbs
Ranging 7000-10000 steps daily at work.
Taking 4-5 flights of stairs at the hospital tower. My longest flight was from the 3rd to the 8th floor at one time. I skipped the ground floor to 7th floor trip which my staff neurologist and co-resident did. I wasn't alone at the elevator that time. The student doctors were with me!
Cravings? Food Aversions?
Nothing really
I'm enjoying fruit especially grapes yumm
What Made Me Cry This Week?
Hmmm..... During morbidity and mortality case conference.
I haven't been sleeping next to Derrick. Twice this week i did sleep in our room. Either I slept in Isabel's room or the couch. I just could not find a comfy spot. I have frequent awakenings and i toss and turn. Not cool.
Maternity Clothes?
We don't know. Baby D3 is a surprise
What I miss....
Nigiri, raw fish
What I'm looking forward to....
Better nights
About the rest of the family...
Isabel's vocabulary is flourishing! So excited for my little girl. She has a new word every day or so.
Daniel is addicted playing wii. I'm not happy about it. He asks every day if he could play it.

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A weekend but not a day off {wiws}

The price we pay for working at the hospital this month. When I drove to work during Christmas Day or thanksgiving or day after thanksgiving or any other holiday in between -- my mantra was: somebody has to take care of the sick kids. It's a holiday but the hospital doesn't have vacations. Somebody has to work today. It's me and it's ok.

It's not a holiday weekend but it's my call weekend. Tied to my pager since Friday 4pm. Fri night was an awesome night call. I might have tossed and turned but I got no pages from 11p to 530a.
Sat night was a different story.
Beeped at 11p

And for a pregnant lady who couldn't find a sweet spot to sleep, it's a double whammy. I was up for an hour after the 1:30a page. I just couldn't find a comfy position to sleep. boo.

Anyway I'm still a lucky gal. I got off at a decent time both days after seeing kids in the morning. I had lunch with my family. And best of all, I got no calls during Mass!

Ootd deets:
Pregnant Mama: gap maternity dress circa pregnancy with D1
Wedges by kork ease

D1: old navy polo, gap shorts

Look at them! A pose for show!
Isabel: dress from Lola Lisa {consignment store here in Indy}

Mass behaviors:
D1: A {no snacks during Mass for this boy!}
D2: D {Derrick gave her this grade} she was taken to the back of the church twice due to tantrums. and she did throw the pager on my face! Ouch
D3: pretty quiet in the womb

And for this Sunday:
Question posed by our priest: who do you say Jesus is? What does your life say about him?

Something for us to ponder. And be more aware this coming week, huh?!

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Lucky parents

Derrick and I are sure lucky to have both our parents living in the same city. We don't have to ask them to give us a break from the kids . They freely ask if they could have the kids.

We haven't had a date night since April. How did we let that happen??? We, who vowed, to have weekly date nights before kids. Then 'weekly' turned to at least once a month just to be realistic.

After a drought of NO dates, we sure were lucky to go to dinner twice this week!

My in-laws have the kids Monday during the day. They just kept them till after baths so Derrick and I could go to the Brugge and enjoy mussels. Well, mussels for me and steak and eggs for Derrick.

We also went to the ice cream place by the monon. Enjoyed our mint ice cream with fudge and red velvet {my split scoop} and rainbow sorbet {his}.

My mom wanted the kids Friday night. Since both Derrick and I are working Saturday the request was perfect. so there you go. another opportunity for dinner sans kids.

We frequent an Italian resto just a few miles from our first home. Oh we love this place. So that's where we went last night. Though I'm oncall, I only got paged once. And the rest of dinner was lovely. We sat outside {though humid} and enjoyed chicken involtine {for mrs} and chicken Alfredo {for who else!} and tiramisu for dessert.

We didn't order the calamari this time {try it if you ever stop by broad ripple} -- I think it's the best out of all the places order calamari. We shared prosciutto and melon instead for our appetizer. Delish and superb.
I wish I took a pict to share before we ate it!!!

On my way out to meet hubs. I was so excited to take off the white coat and meet him.


Belly Bump week #26

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
26 weeks
Best Moment this week?
My weekend day off
Father's Day
Prayer requests?
Healthy baby
Scripture speaking to me this week?
The gospel during a funeral Mass I attended. Jesus said to the woman with hemorrhage: "Daughter, your faith has saved you; go in peace" Luke 8:48
Baby's growth?
Baby D3 is continuing to put on fat. He or she now weighs about 1 2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches from head to heel. {source}
After my GI mishap, I'm back to having constipation. At least I won't be worried about accidents.
Also having some reflux
Weight gain?
+26 lbs
No Zumba this week
I made 3 days with over 10,000 steps
Since I'm on a hospital rotation, I try to take stairs all the time and walk, walk, walk.
Cravings? Food Aversions?
Nothing in particular
What Made Me Cry This Week?
During graduation we remembered a colleague who recently passed away due to metastatic melanoma. She left three young kids.
And during the funeral of a baby boy. Only 33 days old and already called by Jesus to sit with him in heaven. The funeral Mass was so beautiful -- I felt both sadness and joy for baby J and his family.
I love it. I need it.
Maternity Clothes?
Zulily has been my go-to place for maternity outfits. That and old navy maternity.
I'm still able to wear some nonmaternity tights.
Is it a boy or a girl? I don't know.
I love baby D3's kicks. Derrick rubs my belly and talks to him/her and D3 responds with kicks.
What I miss....
My pre-preg body. The usual
What I'm looking forward to....
I've started planning Daniel's party. It will be fun.
About the rest of the family...
-We are busy with swim lessons twice a week.
-Derrick and I went on a much needed date tonight. When we don't have our "we only" time, the busyness of life gets to us and weigh us down.....

Zulily nonmaternity top
Tights: Liz Lange maternity
Reef flip flops
Bubble necklace from zulily
Monon trail after our dinner and ice cream. {runners and bikers wondering what a pregnant lady is doing posing and all}

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Father's Day {wiws}

What a lovely day.

Started our day, greeting Mr. D {best dad for my babies} a happy fathers day. Daniel painted a tie artwork. Isabel signed hers by palm printing her work from school.

Then I gave my own present to my hubs. A cool idea that made him smile!

It's such a wonderful day to commemorate our dads for all their hard work. My dad, my father in law, my husband -- they all sacrificed sweat and tears to help all those around them. I pray God will bless them always.

Shout out to my mother in law who is celebrating her birthday today. This day is loaded with celebration.

What We wore to bday lunch/fathers day celebration:
Zulily maternity top
Maternity shorts
Kork-ease wedges

Isabel: pillowcase dress from Hanna Anderson
Daniel: very patriotic tee from the Philippines
Awesome dad: express polo

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: C - snacked his way through Mass, potty-ed twice, spilled all of his teddy Grahams
Isabel: B - could have been an A until she broke my fan

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Finally..... Residency graduation

Last night was a special night for my co-residents and I as we celebrated the end of our residency. Finally, we are done with training.

Although I have less than 6 months left of training {technically}, I still got to celebrate with my class. There were lots of tears shed last night, and speeches of thanks and well wishes.

It is definitely a long road for us resident doctors. There's 4 more years of schooling after college. And in my case 5 years of training until I become board eligible in child neurology.

My mom kept bugging me when I will get a job.... She is used to me being in school and training that the thought of graduation finally here is almost unbelievable. "What if she doesn't pass?" She asked my program director. {what?! Mom?! Give me some credit here}

It was a lovely dinner and evening. And you bet I will be even more sentimental when I'm officially technically done with residency with an even mushi-er blog entry early next year.

Thanks to my husband for being with me through the years in med school and residency. As I always tell him, the MD degree and the residency training is as much his accomplishment as mine. I would not have made it through the years without his love and support. This is an awesome Father's Day gift for him too.

1. This man stayed with me through on call, post call and days in between
2. Accepting my certificate and thanking everyone
3. The graduating residency class of IU neurology


7 quick takes vol 31

Joining Jen for another edition of 7qt. I've missed the past few Fridays (vacation, then back full force at work).

Quite a challenging week as I recovered from a nasty something, something. It was not the bad yogurt that did it to me because the GI symptoms lingered for days. Thanks ti all my coworkers who stepped up to cover for me.

I'm glad to report that I'm advancing my diet! Yay!
I was totally over The BRAT diet by Tuesday. Thursday is actually the first day I ate something more substantial than rice, noodles and broth. I was so grouchy by then that I went to the McDonald's at work and got myself coffee.... I was so afraid of my morning coffee which I drink with tons of creamer that I've skipped it since Sunday. I really didn't have a choice Monday or Tuesday as I was just trying to keep hydrated with water and Gatorade..... No room for coffee there..... I sipped my cup of coffee during morning clinic and did well.... So far so good.
As for other things: I'm still staying away from cheese and other dairy products. Also acidic fruits, I'm just scared to touch them. But grapes and cantaloupes stayed well in my tummy. I'm so grateful for that.

It's been a tough week at work. Just a lot of sick kids. No surprise there since I work at a hospital. But these are really sick sick kids... As in at death's door. please pray for them and their families.
Another prayer request: a couple from our small group in our parish said goodbye to their firstborn as he joined Jesus in heaven last Wednesday night. Baby J is only 33 days old and had been sick since he was born. My heart goes out to them..... Let's lift up prayers for them.

So glad to be done with my 10-minute research presentation. It was added stress on top of my nasty bug. I kept reminding myself that 10 minutes of my life is just a sliver of time and I should not let it ruin my day etc. that attitude sort of helped. My poster was displayed. I gave my 10 minute spill. Now big sigh of R-e-l-i-e-f!
(Refresh your mind here as I talked about the poster and the anxiety of putting it together) or not....

As we end this workweek, some great things to look forward to this weekend:
- it's my weekend off
- it's graduation celebration for the neurology residents and fellows. Even though I'm not finishing till February, I'm actually being 'recognized' this weekend along with my co-residents who are finishing on track, on time. I'm an example of 3 maternity leaves during residency.
- it's my mother in law's birthday
- it's Father's Day. I'm excited for hubs and he deserves a day just all about him. He's been a single parent most of this week as I just lay around hydrating and hoping that the output did not exceed the intake.

Daniel is doing much better with his swim lessons which we started last week. We are on day 4 of 6 this month. And I enrolled them for another month of lessons. Isabel, on the other hand, loves the water from the very beginning.
Daniel is working on floating and letting go of the teachers hand/death grip on the teacher I should say. At least I don't have to 'make him' go to the water and that's an improvement. He goes to the edge of the pool and holds on (again with a death grip) and practices his bubbles and kicks.


Trip to the Dells

Day 1:
After my morning clinic and OB appt, we picked up mom and headed north on I-65. This trip is a combined family vacation and birthday weekend. My mom celebrated her birthday the day before and I have mine 3 days later.
Our first stop was Chinatown. A trip to Chicago is NOT complete without stopping by for good Chinese food in Chinatown and smoothie with boba (tapioca pearls)
Late that night we made it safely to the Wisconsin Dells area.....

Day 2:
indoor and {some} outdoor water park adventure
Posting some pix now from my iPhone. Still lazy to download/upload pix from the point and shoot cam.

Kids were bored after dinner

Day 3:
Dr. D turns 30
Very laid back day....
It started with this

And then this

By the way, this monstrous pancake is Derrick's. I just claimed it as my birthday cake for Instagram.

Kids played inside the indoor theme park
And a very nice dinner by Mirror lake to finish the day

Day 4:
Seeing the Dells

Chilly day for a 2 hour boat ride but we survived it.
Beautiful Wisconsin river and the Dells
The kids napped pretty much the entire time.
We also had a pretty authentic NOLA Cajun food at the downtown Dells area. Daniel got an alligator tooth back scratcher. Thanks to my mom.

Day 5: last day

Day in Chicago and the aquarium

I've been looking/waiting for the time to upload pix from the point and shoot cam.... Maybe retouch my iPhone photos, etc. But it's been a couple of weeks and I couldn't find the time..... It comes down to "just post the pix woman".

So thanks for browsing through my out of focus pictures. I'm sure there are tons of blogs with really polished photos (like my sis')
I'm just glad I documented and shared such a lovely family trip on my birthday weekend.

I love family vacays.


Belly bump week #25

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
25 weeks
Best Moment this week?
Hmmmm..... It has been a challenging week. Isabel got me sick with her cold and cough. I ran a low grade fever but managed by Tylenol. Unfortunately, I had a Gastrointestinal issue this weekend which kept me bed bound with frequent trips to the bathroom.
Prayer requests?
That I'll get better soon
Baby's growth?
Baby D3 now measures about 13 1/2 inches. His or her weight – a pound and a half
Weight gain?
Weighed myself this morning. Quite a drastic drop just because I was not eating or tolerating much. With the diarrhea the water weight has changed of course. +24 lbs which is 3 lbs less than a week ago.
The last time I did Zumba was on my birthday while on vacation. Since sick with a fever last week, I just slept and slept as soon as I'm off of work.
Cravings? Food Aversions?
Scared of dairy right now. I just want to feel better....
Since bed bound, I took about 3 naps yesterday while the kids did yard work with their dad. Of course, I was woken up by my loud tummy.... And need for potty breaks. {sorry, TMI}
Maternity Clothes?
Post-shower pict. What a difference a shower makes for the spirit.
Top: Liz Lange maternity by target
Shorts: Liz Lange too
Some assortments over the week:
Nonmaternity from zulily
Maternity top from motherhood maternity
And my tights: oh I love them so.
It's a surprise!
Thank goodness baby D3 loves to kick and move.... I'm thankful I'm not overly dehydrated and he/she is still doing fine.
About the rest of the family...
Kids did great with their dad during Mass yesterday. {thanks hubs for stepping up yet again due to my illness. You're amazing!}
Something to share...
Good friend of ours from Michigan gave birth via c-sec this morning to a baby boy Giovanni (Nino) weighing 8 lbs 1 oz. so excited to meet him.

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Nasty Bug

No what-I-wore-Sunday post today. If you have a weak stomach, stop here. I may be divulging too disgusting of details.

This GI bug is cramping my style {got it?} been racking my brain for the cause of this nasty diarrhea.... It's either food-related {I.e. bad yogurt} or infectious.

I'm not the one to call my doctors office or let alone call the on-call line for non-labor related issues. But after uhm, 7 trips of watery stools (yuck) I just have to make sure I'm being a good patient. And of course, good mother. I have my little one in the tummy to worry about. If I'm not pregnant, I will deal with the issues and not even call.

Doctor asks: any cramping?
Me: just upper quadrant pain. Nothing lower.
Doctor: keeping anything down?
Me: trying to.
Doctor: why not take zofran so you can tolerate water
Me: {duh, how come I did not think of that!}
Doctor: how's the baby?
Me: moving around just now {praise The Lord!}

Yesterday, not even the BRAT diet sat well in my tummy. I've never had such loud hyperactive bowel sounds. One does not need a stethoscope to figure out something nasty in the tummy. One bite of banana -nope done.... Water saved me.. And one dose of zofran.

Today, I'm advancing my diet. I stopped counting yesterday. I must have had 10-12 trips to the bathroom. Maybe more?

I ate some rice for lunch. More than one bite of banana. So there's nutrition going to the baby. And I'm making urine.... Instead of watery you-know-what.

I'm not the only one bed- bound today. My good friend's toddler tripped and fell and has a splint right now for possible fracture. They'll know tomorrow if he will need a cast. So I'm not the only one who needs prayers. Pray for the cutie. Because this will be the second time he will need a cast {if he needs it} and he's not even 2.

This is what the kids were doing while I lay on the couch.

They gave good entertainment in between my bathroom trips.

How about another pict from my birthday weekend? Maybe this may substitute my wiws photo op? {nah - I just love posting Picts}

White dress - nonmaternity from zulily
Kate spade purse

Ms. Isabel had a Gymboree top and Jeans from Carter's and stride rite shoes. She's lovely.


All about Daniel vol 4

Daniel rolling my exercise ball with Isabel as his target
Me: what are you doing?
Lil D: I'm bowling

Daniel asks me: mummy, why did you get married?
Pointing to my picture on my wedding day
Me: to be with your daddy
D: blank stare
Me: so we can have babies like you
D: rolls his eyes

Me: look at you! My future doctor!
Daniel: walking away from his crazy mother
Me: I need help. Will you please check the baby in my tummy?
Daniel: still backing away. it's not real. {referring to the stethoscopes wrapped around his neck.... I mean the shirt graphic}

A mom from daycare donated two-year old medals from a kiddie run... Obviously left overs with stamped dates so what else to do with them right? It was a hit for the kids. Both Daniel and Isabel grabbed a medal, placed it over their heads, wore the medals proudly around their necks.
Daniel showing his dad his medal: daddy, look at my medical!
Me: you mean medal......
{haha hearing too much medical terms from one parent here}

Daniel out of the blue..... Said: mummy you're gonna be fat!
Me: what?!?!
D: you're gonna be fat as butter?
Me: huh?!?!
D: fat as butter... Like my lion book...
Me: oh the tawny scrawny lion?...... But i wanna be a scrawny skinny lion... Instead of fat as butter....... You want mummy to be fat? {giving him a guilty look, sad pout}
Lil D: no....

Me turning to my husband: why'd he say that?
Big D: he hears it from you....
{I do complain about my weight gain!}

Me to my driver-husband: Let's stop for a potty break... maybe look for a McDonald's??
Daniel: and let's get ice cream with "nem & m's" {m&m's}

Happy day to all!


All about residency

I'm 2 days late for medical Mondays... Oops sorry.
Thank goodness the linky is still open. Be sure to head over: your doctors wife.

2 link-ups in 1:
This is also my five faves: all about residency edition.

Friends you make during residency and med school are friends you keep for a lifetime.
These folks are your co-soldiers in the battle, deep down in the trenches. Sometimes, you don't have a choice. You see them 12 hours a day (28-30 hours) if you're both on call q4days. It's either you end up liking them, or hating them.

Opportunity to whine.
Thanks to residency, I can whine, complain, talk all about the horrible call and schedules and black weekends.
I try not to overdo it. Hubs just tune me out.

On call visitors
The sunshiny part of a gloomy, oh-so dark, up all night on call shifts. Before the intern work hours have changed, I was pregnant as an intern and worked q4days for 28-30 hours. Fast forward second year: with a newborn. Still on call q4-5days and still working from 7a to 1p (or 2 or 3p???) the next day. I'm so thankful for my husband who brought Lil D, then Isabel so I could kiss them and nurse.
Definitely one of my faves of residency.

Cute visitors who brought me non-hospital food.

Post call food coma and tradition
My usual post call food are:
Thai food
Chinese food
Indian food
See the trend? All loaded with carbs and protein..... That's super helpful to sleep off.
And I don't even get up for dinner.. I get up during dinner time to kiss my husband and play with the kids. But no need to eat as I've usually stuffed myself with above menu.

Post call tradition:
As if dealing with medical decisions for 30 hours is not enough, I watched grey's anatomy post call so I could cry and cry. Crying post call feels so good.
Must be the 'I'm so tired hormones' kicking in.

Thanks for stopping by!
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And also my 5 faves with Hallie.


Belly bump week #24

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

How far along are you?
24 weeks
Best Moment this week?
My birthday weekend and family vacation {wait for the post and TONS of pictures)
Prayer requests?
That Isabel and I will feel better soon. poor baby has been sick with cough and cold, and got me sick as well. Hopefully Derrick and Daniel will stay healthy.
Baby's growth?
Baby D3 gained another 4 oz in the past week! He/she is almost a foot long
Less backache when sleeping.... unfortunately more congestion from allergies and being sick.
Weight gain?
+27 lbs at my OB appt yikes!
anything sweet! especially chocolate. I already finished the toblerone bar I received for my birthday. Thanks kids.
Zumba: 3x this week, once during our 4 day vacation. Will have to step up this coming week.
I need LOTS of it. Little Belle did not sleep well while we were on vacation. Probably because we co-slept. She is used to her own crib, her own space. And she's sick too so she just wants to be consoled by her momma. Hence I am sick and Derrick not-sick.
Maternity Clothes?
nonmaternity tights and dresses
long tops and tunics
some maternity outfits
Baby D3 is a surprise!!! we don't know if it's a boy or a girl.
little bumps when I am resting. Less when I am busy and moving around.
What I miss....
NOT gaining weight
pre-pregnancy skinny jeans
What I'm looking forward to....
Cruising along the rest of the pregnancy. Not hurrying it up... because soon, I will have 3 kids in tow.
About the rest of the family:
Thanks to my mom for coming with us to the Dells this past weekend. It was a big help since I was with Isabel (napping and resting) and she took Daniel to the water park.
Daniel is still scared of the theme park rides -- we need you with us Nathaniel!!!

head over to:
My pregnancy journal @ Sarah's
She won't be hosting the link-up in the future (sad....) but I will continue journaling weekly here as we wait for Baby D3.


Birthday weekend & wiws Corpus Christi Sunday

Missed the Sunday blog hop. It's been a busy weekend (birthday weekend, family time). I cannot wait to view all of hubs' pictures on his point and shoot cam -- which was my old Casio exilim that he ended up using more.

Ill scan both iPhone and point and shoot Casio and will share tons and tons of pictures here!

For now, here's what we wore Corpus Christi Sunday visiting the Dells. What a lovely parish we visited.

Kids' Mass behaviors:
Daniel: B+
Isabel: A (because she was asleep most of the Mass and woke up just in time for Communion)

Pregnant mama's outfit:
Cardi: kohls
Maxi dress: zulily
Wedges: kork-ease

Daniel - so sweet giving me hugzzzz.
Isabel - so thrilled that she got her craving (rice)

Link it up: FLAP

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