a week of crops

For a week, I had this crazy idea to wear my cropped tops with my maxi dresses. Something I wanted to try a long time ago... but forgot about it... until that week. So I went to clinic and wore maxi dresses plus cropped tops.

This was the second ensemble. I did not take a photo of the first one (my mom is probably jumping in joy yay! one less OOTD post from her firstborn). It was raining and cloudy and yucky. But i wore this dress plus this cropped top. You can imagine it... it's pretty...

anyway.. back to the week of crops ~~ i should be posting the 3rd ensemble of maxi dress plus cropped top soon. It's also a dress you have seen before... and a crop top you have seen almost a year ago. (my sis took the photos... so we just have to wait and see)

This is the BIG reason I post or record my OOTD. I end up finding nice combos in my closet. I see it on the photos and just fall in love with what I came up with OR just say -- nope, never again.

I say that maxi dresses and crop tops are a winning combo.

Cropped Top

If you want to be outfit twins, here's your chance. Pinks are LINKS. Shop away. 

Maxi dress || less than $35!
Cropped Lace Top || on sale, baby!
Earrings || from the Philippines, gift via bff SJ

photo cred: little D

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