The Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY (December 21st, 2008)
Happy 4th Sunday of Advent! Christmas is almost here!

Outside My Window... dark and cold Sunday night. Is it snowing?

I am thinking. . . of how much I have eaten today. I just nibbled all day.

I am thankful for. . . a restful, peaceful Sunday with my husband. Working 80 hours a week, I need to be thankful for every sweet moment with him.

From the kitchen. . . leftover Vietnamese soup, leftover pot roast, leftovers, leftovers, leftovers.

I am wearing. . . my Hello Kitty purple PJ pants, longsleeved tee w/ my gray Notre Dame tank underneath. Plus my soft blue socks from Mom!

I am going. . . to work tomorrow (just for 2 more days before Christmas break!) and then meet some friends for dinner.

I am reading. . . Chosen and Cherished by Kimberly Hahn.

I am hoping. . . to work out tomorrow morning. Zumba anyone? before work?

I am hearing. . .the Carolina vs Giants game.

Around the house. . . books, books and more books. Christmas presents too. Thank you hubby for wrapping ALL of them!

One of my favorite things. . . my flowers from the winter showcase. They are still alive and very pretty!

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . work for 2 more days, see friends for dinner, Pacer game on Tues(?), enjoy the birth of our Lord with my family.

Here is picture thought I am sharing. . .

Winter showcase of the Moving Company. I love to dance.


The Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY (November 15th, 2008)

Outside My Window... rainy, gloomy, lots of leaves on our backyard from our big Maple tree.

I am thinking... of my laundry down in the basement.

I am thankful for... my husband, who is so patient and loving esp in the past 15 days that I had to work w/o a day off. Who would stop by Sakura and buy me some sushi??? only Derrick.

From the kitchen... my hubby's favorite Filipino dish -- adobo! hmm... (this is the first time that I cooked in 10 days!)

I am wearing... my pink Adidas gym pants, green racerback tank and cropped VS LOVE PINK w/ rhinestones sweatshirt.

I am creating... a strong, confident heart, completely given by my source of power and rock-solid confidence, JC.

I am going... to the Colts game tomorrow.

I am reading... To live is Christ by Beth Moore and Completely Loved 30-day devotional by Shannon Ethridge. I will be reading these for a while.... I am in a busy rotation.

I am hoping... to adapt soon from my busy ward schedule as a wife and intern. This month is my first month in the wards. And I'd like to cook for my hubby :)

I am hearing... the washing machine working really hard down in the basement and Derrick's laptop's fan.

Around the house... I have my dance bag with ballet and jazz shoes, leotards and tights, leg warmers and shorts. I was rusty today in ballet class. I haven't done barre work in a month.

One of my favorite things... my prayer journal. I spent some quiet time this morning with the Lord. I needed it....

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

  • be at peace with a q3 schedule and not going to see much of Derrick until... hmm.. Friday night
  • learn the 3rd dance for the winter showcase
  • keeping a healthy mind and body (eat, sleep, exercise)
  • ?watch the new James Bond movie

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

I am going to the Colts game!!!


Florida vacation, our 2nd year anniversary trip

Day 1 - Tues 10/21
We arrived in Tampa at 1p and went grocery shopping. We realized right away that traffic in Tampa is not that great -- with all of the constructions and congested highways. But while stuck in traffic, we found this radio station: SpiritFM (Catholic and Christian station) and heard about Theology on Tap that night. Guess what we did: oh yeah, we crashed their party. The topic was faithful citizenship. Very appropriate since the national election is coming up.

View from our suite -- Tampa Bay

Theology on Tap 986 miles from home


Day 2 - Wed 10/22
We drove to Clearwater to enjoy some sun, sand and gulf water. It was the first game of the World series so we went to Ybor City to watch the game.

Attack of the birds

Run for your life, baba

Beautiful handiwork of our Lord.

Pier 60 in Clearwater


Day 3 - Thurs 10/23
Orlando for a day. We went to Universal Studios -- both Islands of Adventure and Main theme park.

Happy Fall!!!

Look at that big smile -- he's right at home!

I look tougher than Cyclops

AAAHH! Derrick's gonna get eaten!

@ Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant

Day 4 - Fri 10/24
It was bleak, cloudy, gray day. We drove along the gulf coast -- from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater (again) but the rain followed us.

John's Pass

Night at Ybor (again) -->

Because we wanted to eat at Acropolis Cafe -- belly dancing every Fri-Sun. With tons of napkins on the floor!

Day 5 - Sat 10/25
It was time to go to Anna Maria Island -- an hour get-away, quiet, resort south of Tampa/St Pete. The skyway bridge was impressive. This was also Aimee and Alex's wedding, Jamie's birthday and gross anatomy team 1 reunion (minus J).

My hubby loves the water

He likes St. Pete!

I miss my sushi partner! It was nice to see you Aim at your wedding! love you.

Day 6 - Sun 10/26
A relaxing Sunday just in Anna Maria Island. We went to Church at SS. Peter and Paul Church in Bradenton. And God blessed us with a beautiful, beautiful sunset!

It's almost gone

And it's gone

Day 7 - Monday 10/27
Off to Tampa to see the Prathers! But before that, we went to the northshore of Anna Maria Island and I killed even more skin cells in my body.... Derrick just stayed under the shade. We also watched the Colts vs Titan game that night. I cannot believe Colts are 3-4. Nooooo! I wore my personalized colts jersey (tnx hubby!) and was very proud even though we still lost.

We saw a manatee here at the pier!!!

"My head hurts " -Derrick, staying under the shade

Because of this --> check out next pict

...I am this dark

Day 8 - Tues 10/28
Just hung out at Jamie and Andrew's complex. Did a lot of reading under the sun and enjoyed the poolside for an hour.

view from the Prathers' 2nd floor deck

The friendly duck

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