push present -- should I keep this Chanel mini?

 My push present came today!
I have had not-so-good histories with push presents. (not blaming Derrick or anything). I ordered a ring before when I was about to deliver for Sebastian. It was backordered then just cancelled altogether.

I got a  push present when I was in labor with Lucy. That one I kept... but truly, I rarely use it. It's such a pretty wallet for everyday use*.... so yes, you guessed it. I am selling it. It needs a loving home which will use it instead of just sitting on my dresser.

Then this one came but I need your thoughts! Should I keep this Chanel mini?
watch me (as I struggle to) unbox this push present! It's such a pretty pre-loved piece.  IS IT A KEEPER? IS IT FUNCTIONAL?

I wanted to open the package right away but also film. No patience at all, so apologize for the bad lighting.

My chanel mini has a middle divider which I think makes a difference on how much I can put inside. if you watch other youtubers' reviews -- they are able to put more inside their rectangular mini bec there is no middle division on their lambskin or caviar leather minis.

let me know your thoughts. I love that the bag is orange. I don't have an orange bag in my collection but it's not as functional as I have hope :(

***Here's my VLOG sale, if interested with the Chanel bifold wallet. it's still available.

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blue and about to pop

Guess what y'all! I am featured over at Ada's Thursday Moda Link-up. wow. Thank you, Ada!
check out her linkup and outfits she chose from my blog.

Desi Perkins x Quay Australia, via eBay
flats, via zulily
Chanel wallet on chain, preloved


Today is my last full day in clinic. I am about 37weeks +2 days on these photos. Today, I am just a day shy of 38 weeks. 

This bump is so low. look at that innie belly button that is asking to be an outie. 

Also -- is this a sign that I am carrying a boy? why all blue all of a sudden?
The girls were wearing matching blue dresses and I wanted to color-match them. 

Majority predicts I am carrying a boy. I think I am carrying a boy.  hubs is among the minority voting that I am carrying another baby girl. 


I love how this outfit turned out. Different shades of blue. Baby blue for the dress. Patent shiny blue for my wallet on chain and blue mirrored sunglasses



photos by my 7 yo. 

Again, head on over to Ada's blog and check out the link-up. if you have an outfit post, link it up!

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that belly is huge

Cardi, jcrew, old (I have had it since 2010!)
thrifted, Old Navy maxi dress
Celine, mini luggage tote, trio leather (bye bye to the red one)
Anne Klein heels, saks off 5th




Thanks to my in-laws for watching the children a couple of weeks ago and also taking lil D to his baseball practice. Hubs and I tried this New Latin restaurant (mix of cuisine of the Americas, Carribean and Spain). He got the seafood entree. I got the short ribs with roasted veggies and sweet potato mash.

Before heading home, I wanted to use my old DSLR (still, still waiting aka saving aka don't buy any more bags so you can get the upgrade) canon 6d.

There's a new Fresh Thyme near the Canal in B-Rip.  That's where we took these photos.
Then when turning around, we found a jiffy lube with a pretty wall art!

So a camera question for y'all... I found some online sellers and eBay too (with 99.9% positive ratings) and they sell the canon 6d for a couple of hundred dollars less. Should I trust those third party sellers? Any experience buying cameras from them?

 I am still in the dreaming phase of this holy grail of cameras...
I am having a baby soon... which meant staying at home without a possibility of a bonus. Except for a bonus  of a treat of kissing a newborn! that treat is better than any holy grail camera!

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37 weeks and emotional {my Sunday best}


MissGuided dress, runs large, mine just sold out
here are other white dress options
shift dress, I have this one

Chanel shoulder bag, ghw
Christian Louboutin d'Orsay heels



I definitely had a hormonal moment before church. I knew I wanted to wear this white dress. (White and Red for Divine Mercy Sunday)**. Temps were in the 50s. Sun was out. I wanted to wear "thinner" leggings but they are still hanging to dry ~still wet. The other tights I have left are fleece-lined.  So I went with the thinner tights. The white dress, though thicker material, is still white and somewhat see through. I freaked out.... I needed my slip! and I could not find it. Opened my drawers (some still half empty) because most (as in 90%) of my clothes still in boxes. I searched in the extra large box of socks/undies/pjs and I could not find that white slip! aaaaaahhhh!

I was so stressed bec we have to leave for church and I haven't even combed my wet hair. 
ok, friends, TMI now... skip if not interested. 

When I get stressed, I get a tummy ache and I have to go to the bathroom. That's when I know anxiety has kicked in. 

Luckily, I came up with the plan to wear my grey shorts instead to hide the undie lines. I took off the white cami I used as underlayer because it was accentuating the abrupt cut of the cami and lack of slip. 

It looked ok to me. I just hope people who looked at my dress thought it was ok too. 


quick trip to Branson

Girls' outfits
Dress from my mom
Lucy's striped dress - gift from Mama Meann, from the Philippines
Stride Rite, handmedowns but awesome condition, this one in white
leggings for preschool/little girls

If you see gray words, it's a link.
Instead of flooding these with our vacation photos,
I linked the ones I already posted on instagram.
photos posted here are outfit photos from our quick 4-day trip to Branson MO.  I resurrected the DSLR after mos and mos of its hibernation.  (I am in need of an upgrade, and I am thinking of this one. It's a big upgrade -- in price most of all since my current one is *free, hand-me-down).
Saturday - we drove down to Branson and made it to our first show. The children enjoyed the 2 hour show and whole chicken rotisserie meal.  I highly recommend this show for family event.
Sunday - After Mass and taking these photos, we went to Silver Dollar City. It rained though so we only made it 1/3 into the park. Daniel wants to go back to explore the entire place. Hubs deserve a medal for the most kiddie rides in 2 hours.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed my very first red velvet funnel cake. It did not disappoint.


green + gold + pregnancy q&a

dress, via hautelook
Gucci emerald green padlock purse
Franco Sarto, wedges, my fave, these are old and high-heel height but so comfortable!
these are similar


 this bump is ridiculously pointy. 
I think I am carrying a boy. 

homestretch here... as per skin which is super stretched. I have been having pain on the left side of my umbilicus (belly button). My rectus abdominus is getting stretched! I sneeze, bend or cough and it hurts in the same spot.  owwww.

How about updates using pregnancy question tags all over the internet:
1. How many months are you?   8  mos baby. almost there. to be precise 36 weeks + 4 days.
2. Family’s Reaction?        insert this emoji.
3. Do you know the sex?   No, it's a surprise.
4. What did you want?     this baby
5. Do you want more?     we take it one baby at a time... maybe... maybe not.
6. Biggest craving?     Panera Fuji apple chicken salad, no tomatoes
7. Best part of being pregnant?   feeling the baby move
8. Worst part of being pregnant?  first trimester this time around was horrible.
9. Names picked out?     Yes
10. Who will be with you during labor?    Hubs
padlock bags

from affordable >> stylish but won't break the bank >> investment bag


11. Birth plan?    just like with my other 4, if all goes well, I am stable and baby is stable, I will do most of my labor at home. Then head to hospital to deliver.
12. Will you film it?    I wish my sister is here to take birth photos. Probably not film it since I need my hubs as labor support. Unmedicated birth is h-a-r-d.
13. Natural or Medicated?   natural... but tempted to do an experiment and ask for that epidural.
14. Scared about labor?    yes. memories come back like a flash flood. ptsd anyone?
15. What do you look forward to after pregnancy?   smelling that newborn scent and cuddling with him/her.
16. Breastfeed?    yes.
17. Plan to work or be a stay at home mom?   I am going back to work. loans to pay. mortgage to pay...


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Chanel Jumbo Classic Single Flap
Salvatore Ferragamo, flats, bought last season when on sale.
Happy Easter, dear friends!
For the first time, we were not running late for Easter Mass. We got to the church 15 minutes before Mass started. it's nice to see the house of God so full of people. No one passed out.(It seems like every Christmas or Easter -- when the churches are full -- somebody passes out from heat or another reason... and EMS gets called.  
I had plans to wear a white dress and a pair of fun heels. But the weather forecast was 40-60% chance of thunderstorms. I went with this green dress instead and brightened it up with my Ferragamo flats.
It only sprinkled here in Indy. The heavy rains went north of us. Missed us altogether.


instagram round-up

For my readers, I have been more diligent posting outfit photos on instagram because it's quick and *instant. I hope to do more of these type of posts... this will be the first edition of my instagram outfit round-up. I will link specific items (thanks for using my links and supporting this blog!) and will also share similar items.

I also see a pattern here:
black and red
blue again.
red and something dark


flyaway cardigan, old from VS, similar here
MissGuided dress (tunic now bec of my belly bump)

Tory Burch shoulder bag
Old Navy, maternity skirt
Old Navy flats
dress, maternity, asos, other floral options here
YSL muse
Old Navy flats (again!)
Swatch  watch, similar

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed Easter Triduum!

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Calle Crisologo, Vigan City {photo diary}

My photo diary from the Philippines trip continues... It's taking weeks and weeks to post all photos but we will get there.  next stop: Vigan City in Ilocos Sur.
The >100 year old houses remained intact because this city was spared by the Japanese soldiers during WWII.
Calle Crisologo is a must stop if you visit Vigan.
click or scroll for more! (it's the gray link)


finally feels like spring

Chanel flats
shop the look

Gucci marmont, wallet here
earrings from my mom
necklace, via Axis Mundi
bracelets, Neiman Marcus
Lucy, almost 22 months
Finally feels like spring -- temp-wise
Finally feels like spring -- says my allergies (itchy eyes, itchy throat, ear and palate).

Thanks to hubs for letting me paint one more time with Mer before baby arrives. He served at Vigil Mass while I painted. I went with Isabel (one kid!) this morning. It could have been an A++ experience, but she was whiny because I asked her to stop bumping my belly. I strained my ab muscles from bending and painting (not for fun.. but the house project I will share later). My belly is sore. I asked her to stay on my side instead. She did not like that. She whined and whined.

The Gospel was also the Passion of our Lord... so it was very long for a 5 year old who was already not happy that I asked her to stop loving on her in-utero sib.
click for more or scroll.... see the gray link???


35 weeks + updates on the other babies and house

dress, nonmaternity, Old Navy, similar
Jcrew cardigan, pretty colts blue
Pumps, Anne Klein
Ferragamo bucket bag, pretty pink with purple tint for spring, similar but fraction of a cost!


I am 35 weeks today. I can see a total turn around on my energy level. I am slower. I get tired easily. I need LOTS of breaks. I slept for 2.5 hours yesterday. All I did was go to my OB for a prenatal checkup and take the girls out for brunch.

The girls are easier compared to the boy-toddler and baby girl combo. Isabel, my 5 year old, is a good helper. she is also potty trained which is a tremendous plus!

The preschool/toddler age is hard. who agrees?
read more for updates...
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