let's do this {seven quick takes}

1. For my first week back at work ~ people have been asking: How are you doing?
As best as it can be for a mom of 5. We are trying to get into a routine. But this routine will change once the children are back in school. Mornings are usually the most stressful. Kids are staying at home right now while I am at work but that will change once hubs drops them off before going to work... and when I have to drop the older 3 to school.

I like my job. I like seeing patients. I am thankful I have a supportive staff and amazing colleagues. It makes missing the babies worth it.

I also like it that I am home part of the time. I get to be a doctor some days of the week. Then some days, I am home changing diapers, sweeping the floor, feeding hungry children, clothing and chasing children who don't want to be clothed.

2. Lucas is not loving the bottle. He made it to 9 hours of crying until he gave in and took 5 oz. The successful person who gave him the bottle was ---------> ate Isabel. She felt so empowered and happy that she was a big helper!

3. Boy scouts camp ~ my eldest enjoyed his week at BSA camp. He hit a bullseye during archery and the BB gun station. They created a toolbox, made candles, cooked pigs in a blanket. They kayaked. They also swam everyday.


i have an eight year old

Click the photos to direct you to the birthday parties (if I blogged them!)


two month old Lucas

2 month stats ~
weight 12 lbs 12 oz  -- 75th percentile
length 22.5 inches -- 25th -50th percentile


sadly, not from the nordstrom sale {Sunday best}

//shop the look//

Skirt, NordstromRack
Jimmy Choo Flats
Burberry bowler bag
MK watch
Bracelet zulily


seven quick takes from our weekend getaway with iphone photos to prove it

1. There were no big week-long beach vacations this year. We have a new baby. Traveling all-day is stressful just thinking about it. Our first beach trip of the year happened last week when we went to Lake Michigan/South West Michigan. Thanks to the bypass and construction of US-31, the drive took us less than 3 hours!

our first stop was in the small town of Three Oaks at a small cafe. I gave the kids a B on their behavior. Not too bad but they were still up and about. What else to expect on a 4 and 2 year old right? But our nice server praised our children, per hubs. I did not hear their conversation since I already took the older children outside. They were ready to move around again.

2. Warren Dunes state park

This state park is north of Union Pier. We arrived there before the crowds came. Three hours there and the beach was packed. The waves were huge. The "red flag" was flying high letting the beach-goers know swimming is not recommended. There was a small tide pool  but the water is pretty muddy and dark. Daniel complained of the "dirty water." He's used to the sea water. He does not remember his time at the lake when he was 2-3years old. So this was like his first time swimming in the freshwater Lake Michigan.

My bathing suit looks ridiculous with the cutout and the shorts combo :( or let's just blame the postpartum poochy belly. #thisisreallife  no photoshop. nothing flattering.

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