fancy driver

// fancy flats //


dress, Old Navy, thrifted
watch, exact one
Burberry bowler bag
Bandolino flats

 Besides being a mom, I am also a chauffeur.
I drop off and pick up.
We can spend quite some time in the car and unfortunately lunches and snacks happen in there too.
Every time I reach to the back, I feel like a jeepney driver.


life happens

dress, thrifted
Ferragamo bucket bag, this one in black
wedges, via zulily

// look at these bucket bags //

Life just happens.
It's the first full week of school.
I was on service Monday to Friday last week.
Weekend was spent catching up on life.
Fall soccer started.
Boy scouts meetings started.

// fun animal print wedges //

When do moms of big families (or moms, period!) get a breather?
Never, huh?

and oh by the way, I have been slacking off with my workouts... so the belly bulge you're seeing is making me sad.

The shakes I drank last week while on-service did not help either.

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children and the olympics


Top, BR
skirt via hautelook
wedges, aerosoles
Alexander McQueen handbag


D: we are loosing. We should have the hulk with us. Then we are going to win.

 Me: They  are wearing speedos.
D: Yes. Just like uncle B. 

 D: Did you watch the entire thing? (talking about Phelps' win and then the tape-delay gymnastics.)
 Me: Yes    (I stayed up till MN)
D: No fair
Me: That's why I'm sluggish today.
Hubs: highlights are better.


feeling inadequate

Top, BR
skirt via NordstromRack
wedges via zulily (love these!)
YSL wallet on chain, similar

If there is something I do not like about medicine -- it's the feeling of inadequacy.
With such a vast spectrum of knowledge and information, we, physicians have to acquire and continuously learn, there's just no way in the world, we can retain all that information. I wish I am a walking encyclopedia or medical journal but I am not.
The feeling of inadequacy got less and less as I acquired more experience... as I saw more cases and patients... as I have applied the book knowledge to the real world.


missing the beach + dancing

final installment of our fun beach vacation at North Topsail.
first ~ HBD little sister!

Amazon prime has given us music for my morning workout and beach- break-dance-time.

Our fave vacation songs were:
Work from home
Worth It
Cheap Thrills
 and many more

These kids are crazy. We used the super thick sunscreen on our last full day at the beach.
It's like a beauty mask.
But they were aiming for the football face paint look.



Here's lolo and his 7 grandkids... 7 under 7.

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