more summer photos



Dress, old, h&m
sandals, zulily, love these!
Louis Vuitton
necklace, also zulily

Let's take a break from the 30 degree weather here in the rainy Midwest. I have lots of summer photos that I did not post.
Lucy deserves to make an appearance here. She is now 17 mos old. So these photos are out-dated.


second week of advent {wiws}

Louis Vuitton, montaigne in Empreinte leather
Zara booties, suede, similar in gray
Crochet sweater top, old 

How's advent for everybody?
Every year, I want to do more during advent. Daily advent prayer as a family. Lighting our advent wreath every night during supper. Do Elf on the shelf (but not really... my sister is good at it but not me). Bake Christmas cookies with the littles and give them to relatives... more... more... more...

The reality: I was not prepared for the advent wreath. The candles are all broken. Not really the safest way to burn candles.

I showed the children their pjs already from St. Nick. His feastday is December 6th. ... you'll soon know why. Coming at your mailbox soon.

What we have going on:
our advent calendar from Uncle B. thanks! instead of the chocolates I did in year past, we just move baby Jesus. The children haven't missed a day yet. He is actually on the correct date.

We have our tree up. That's good right?
now  for Mass grades.


Friday quick takes

  1. I am participating with Kelly and friends for seven quick takes Friday.  I am done with my EEGs and notes. I am caught up. So what else to do… It’s not like I can wrap this and these and these.  When I get home, I will. But I am not at home, so let me publish this.

  1. Thank you for the sweet comments here, on FB and text messages after writing this post. At first, I was unsure if I should share… but if it will help a soul out there, then it’s ok. Dear friends you are not alone. Posting that reminded me that I am not alone.
  1. Tis the season.  3 out of 6 Delima’s got some viral thing going on. First it was a cough going around. Lucy, Daniel and Isabel were infected. Now, Derrick and I got this one night/one day fever. The only other symptom we had were maybe slight chills and fatigue. Derrick and Lucy have the GI symptoms but I am lucky not to have those.
  1. I am proud of my eldest. (I rarely talk about him here anymore… I try to keep his stuff more private as he gets older). But as a mom, I am proud to share that he won the “Leader in Me” for being proactive and finishing his homework and tasks. He has gone a long way since kindergarten and first grade.  
  1. The children are addicted with the Trolls soundtrack. We have been playing it through amazon prime music  at least once a day, on repeat.

  1. Has anybody seen Moana yet? What do you think? I want to bring the children this weekend to see it.
  1. Random outfit photo from end of summer, when I was still able to wear a skirt without tights.
 Jcrew skirt
Prada preloved bag

Old Navy top
Burberry flats


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some ideas for the rest of the people on your list

affiliate links are used. if it's GRAY (or lighter color), it's a link. :)

The theme pretty much for my presents this year is COZY. think lounge-y... think casual... think lots of socks and pajamas. If you are on my list, expect to get these in the mail.

 Christmas Jammies for baby  - reindeer + fair isle... so cute
Pajamas for him  - even those hunky-hunks need to stay warm during winter.

Christmas Cardigan - there's a certain somebody on my list who loves to wear festive Christmas sweaters.  

Faux fur vest for baby -  I am crazy for vests... especially faux fur ones.
 Mittens for girls - a certain student will enjoy waiting for the bus even though it's cold outside.

Socks , socks,  and more socks.
 Plaid shirt for her - I am not over plaid yet. I hope the person who gets this  shares the same opinion... otherwise, it will be returned. oops.

Jammies for toddlers - I don't disappoint in the pjs department.

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why the blogging silence?

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Top, Jcrew, found it in petite and pink
Skirt, Hautelook
YSL tribute sandals, bought on summer designer sale, full price here
Gucci disco bag, love, love this neutral bag


necklace, Jcrew,, similar
watch, MK

It was an unintentional blogging hiatus. I wanted to blog but no desire to turn on laptop or take outfit photos or upload or resize them for the blog.

This was a late summer outfit. I did not get a chance to post it before the craziness of  September-October-November.
Seems like, hubs and I went to our 10 year anniv trip, then I was off to Vancouver for conference. It was a busier autumn than what I would have wanted.
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