maxi + vintage find {wiws}

Quick post on this call day.

Thankful that I did not get a call or page during Mass. I call that lucky.

I am also going to bed early... starting tonight. Sleeping at MN is slowly creeping up on me. Lack of sleep + germs all around the house = not a good combo. I've got a headache... and now I know what Sebastian felt a week ago.

Maxi dress ~ old navy // red shoulder bag ~ genuine leather and snakeskin (!), proud of my vintage find // espadrilles ~ coconuts via zulily // gold bangles from my grandma // fashion bracelet from my momma

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inspired by a dress

I was asked by ModCloth fashion analyst to share an outfit inspired by this cute nautical dress from ModCloth.

For all those who follow my blog or just stumbled upon my musings and OOTD posts, you'd know by now that I like statement pieces, good investments, nice leather and gold!

This navy nautical dress (that comes in regular and plus-sizes) may be dressed down or up. I decided to go for a day in clinic type of outfit. Hence the satchel and close-toe shoes. But honestly, i can see myself wearing this dress with a pair of gold flats, or pair of saltwater sandals!

The combinations are endless!

from L --> R
Top row:

~ how cute are these elephants? and these beautiful creatures are lucky... did you know that??

bottom row:
~ I am all about wild and different fashion jewelry. My patients will love this bracelet! (especially if they are hungry!)

Be sure to head to modcloth for more unique and cute dresses that you can wear at work or out for fun!

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work it doctor

I only have one outfit documented and it's nothing super special. But my recent finds of bracelets need the center of attention. They are not just arm candy but they can be used to check babies and toddler's extraocular movements and if they localize sounds

They are bright.

They make noises.

They are perfect!

Dress ~ old and love it, the Gap //bracelets ~ Michael's (no kidding!) // peep toe wedges ~ CK via nordstrom rack // necklace ~ from my grandma

A few tips to new interns roaming the children's hospital this week:

1. Use that anxiety of "not knowing" to learn more. When a patient comes in with a problem or diagnosis you haven't seen or read about, then READ about it. When on call, read and read and read. When not on call, read after you've taken your nap.

2. Do not be afraid to ask questions or admit your mistakes. Forget your pride... It's not about you. it's about what is best for your patient. However, there is also a fine line between paging/beeping attendings or consults and just being plain annoying. Sorry... Before you ask a question, at least attempt to look for a solution or answers. Present your plan when you ask questions so at least the attendings know you are thinking through the problem. And ask your upper levels first. If they do not know the answers, then go the next step and page consults or attendings.

3. Use your resources. Nursing resources. They are veterans. They have seen the sick kids. If an RN is concerned enough to page/beep you, do not brush it off. Ask politely and treat RNs with respect. They are as stressed out as you are this last week of June/first week of July when new MDs are let loose at the hospital.

4. Don't forget life outside the hospital. Residency can take all your time. remember to work out, go on vacation, remember old friends and hobbies.

5. Lastly, do not be afraid to wear jewelry. They will come in handy.

Actually seriously, have fun. Hours are long. You'll meet sick kids and worried parents. But do not forget why you chose this profession in the first place.

For me, it was helping children.

Just like Blessed Mother Teresa, when I serve the sick, I serve my Savior.

And that was enough for me to keep driving to work before everybody else have woken up.... and during holidays when everybody's off. Hey, the hospital never sleeps.

For residency and pregnancy, click here
For breastfeeding during pregnancy, click here
For my guest post regarding coming back to work after baby #1, click here

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**"Dearest Lord, may I see you today and every day in the person of your sick, and, whilst nursing them, minister unto you. Though you hide yourself behind the unattractive disguise of the irritable, the exacting, the unreasonable, may I still recognize you, and say: “Jesus, my patient, how sweet it is to serve you.”

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Shades of pink, presents and oldies {wiws, answer me this}

Sunday Style has the theme of presents and my usual go-to color, pink.

Shades of pink:

Earrings~ from my sweetest girlfriend

Bracelet ~ one from my sister, two from my mom

Flats ~ from aunties and uncle via zulily


Top ~ Loft

Skirt ~ banana republic factory



Even answer me this has a present theme.

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit?

I received a one-piece for my birthday. In my favorite color.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

My sister and she scared me.... I've never been so scared in my life. My heart raced. I was hot all over.

Everything is ok.... Praise God!

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it in the hands or on the tongue?

I, too, prefer receiving Jesus' body on the tongue. I usually carry a baby or a toddler so one could say I have a reason.

4. Do you have a tattoo?


5. How many dinner plates are in your house?

8 everyday plates8 fancy ones

6. Do you have an accent?

Mixed tv English, Filipino and British English. Weird.

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Happy Corpus Christi Sunday!

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  • 6.20.2014

    work and play {wiw}

    My weekly installation of outfits for work... and a special 7qt edition of going to the BSB concert.

    Chevron Blouse ~ Francesca // denim cut offs ~ herchicboutique, thrifted // my fave Saltwater Sandals // earrings ~ from my honeymoon in Paris {and I just lost a white clear bead.... So sad. But I still wore it} // bracelet ~ from my mom // fancy pink statement ring ~ also from my honeymoon

    Don't you just love that chevron pink blouse? And it's cut off at the back!

    Exhibit A: spirit fingers

    Exhibit B: don't care that it's raining. I still want to document my ootd. Priorities people. Priorities.

    Top ~ Anthro, thrifted // Skirt ~ thredUP // kitten heels ~ NineWest

    Dress ~ Tommy girl // kitten heels ~ CK via nordstrom rack // earrings ~ from my cousin.

    1. 13 years later... my sister and I went to the same place (different name) and watched our favorite boy-band/group.

    2. sorry not sorry that I just said that.

    3. we were very excited that we are >21 years old. This means, hello pina colada. hi margarita. hey vino!

    and we paid for an overpriced, very sweet, mix of lime margarita and strawberry daiquiri. I could not even taste the alcohol (boo!)

    4. Thanks to my sis and groupon for this wonderful birthday gift.

    thanks hubby for watching all 3 kids. Xoxo you're the best!

    5. things truly have changed from 13 years ago. instead of purses, we brought our pump bags! but these machines stayed in the car...

    We also brought my truck with 3 car seats at the back.

    6. my children will disown me when they read this entry, 13 years from now. (or sooner!)

    7. What else to do on Friday the 13th and full moon?

    And just cause I want to share the space with more beautiful girls: here's my Isabel.

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    summer funessentials {five faves}

    1. splash park

    We are lucky here in Indy to have free splash parks just outside the county/city limits.

    2. popsicles

    Nothing beats popsicles on a warm day.

    except for pistachio and grasshopper ice cream or black raspberry chocolate chip from Graeter's.

    bottom line: i like it cold.

    3. saltwater sandals

    So obsessed with the giant version of my daughter's pink patent sandals.

    4. sleepovers

    Having my sister and her children here this first half of the summer is so much fun. Definitely a favorite of mine.

    No Pict here
    {I saved you having to witness such bed heads and feeding a brood of four}

    5. floral pants and shorts

    you've seen my floral skinnies
    and another pair....

    and my floral blouse

    of course, of course, im obsessed with floral shorts!

    Top ~ A&F // shorts ~ F21 // saltwater sandals

    What are your faves this summer?

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    Shout out to my dad! Happy birthday!

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    Happy Father's Day {wiws}

    Quite a busy week we had in our neck of the woods.

    Movie with all 5 of us (and the baby!)
    nephew's sleepover (x2!)

    I had a post lined up before the BSB concert... and I did not publish it. my old iphone 4s was competing with the rest of the phones at the concert and lost. So it will be for a later date. I need to torture everybody about the concert.

    For now, let's celebrate fathers and grandfathers.

    Happy day to you, love. Best Dad I could ever ask for my three little bears.

    And forgive me daddy-o and FIL... we were at lunch but I was so focused herding cattle, I mean 3 of my own + one that I did not take my camera out. You know you are both loved. Though picture not plastered all over the internet.

    Top ~ Anthropologie, thrifted // Skirt ~ express, old // earrings and necklace ~ from my grandma // sandals ~ Targetstyle // bracelet ~ from my aunt, old and one of my favorites

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    nutella in my muffin!

    Ever since my sister showed me this recipe, I was hooked!

    I have made these a few times. They are dangerous! They will mess up your eat-healthy and whole diet. So be forewarned.

    I followed this recipe. I substituted the vege oil to butter (yikes) because we ran out of vege oil... we only have coconut oil. I was not sure how my muffins will turn out if I use coconut oil. With this most recent baking episode, I used 3 large over ripe bananas instead of 4... because that's all we have left. And these muffins are still yummy!

    Try it sometime and let me know what you think!

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    work it ~ what i wore

    work it outfits:

    Yellow top ~ French connection, Kaitlin's igstore // skirt ~ jcrew, thrifted // flats - MIA, but I have seen target flats like this too.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus necklace ~ etsy

    Top ~ Loft, old // floral skinnies ~ thrifted // pink peep toes ~ Charlotte Russe, old. // shell necklace ~ from the Philippines // bracelet ~ from my sister

    I asked Derrick: Do you like my thrifted floral skinnies?
    Derrick: it looks like a curtain.
    Me: you don't know anything about fashion.

    Lastly, this is what i wore to the residency graduation dinner. Quite a contrast in the midsection area from last year.

    Dress ~ love21, thrifted // necklace ~ french Lick, IN // bracelet ~ gift from my mom // heels ~ aerosoles, oxblood red with studs LOVE them! // purse ~ Burberry

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    pentecost sunday + open house {wiws}

    Such a beautiful day spent at a graduate's open house. Our children enjoyed the sun and grass. The food was delicious. The temperature was perfect.

    Dress ~ AE, thrifted // saltwater sandals // earrings ~ onelittlebelt.

    on our way back to Indy, Derrick spotted this custard place. He knew I wanted a milkshake. I mixed chooclate and raspberry. it was worth the scary amount of calories!

    Mass was a challenge today. My patience was tested specially when I took my eldest to the back as he was pouting, kicking the pews, whining. He stomped all the way to the back of the church. He said he wanted to stay there till Mass ended. "This is a long Mass," he said. It's the same hour we spend in the church every week, I told him.

    Question to other moms: how do you answer/deal with your children when they ask not to go to church or pray?

    Happy birthday, Church! Happy Pentecost Sunday.

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