she is 3 months old

I don't have weight or length stats (there is no 3 mo old well child check). But i can give updates on other things.

-- Bottle: she is so-so taking the bottle. It takes Lolo or lola A LONG time before she finishes a few oz. But when she is hungry, she does not mess around. Daniel and Isabel did the same thing. They boycotted the bottle. 

--Sleep: She wakes up at least once at night to feed but she goes straight back to sleep. yay!

--Smiles: She is a happy baby. She lets me cook for the fam and feed her sibs. She is a patient baby.

--Look-a-likes: She looks like her older sis at this age. Some folks say she looks like me. What do you think?

--Milestones: She rolled over a couple of times already last week. 

--Baby Model: We were at the pumpkin patch yesterday and the owner's daughter asked if she could take a photo of Lucy for their FB page. Once she uploads it, I will link it here. 

Round up of my fave Lucy Photos.

Lucy's purple outfit c/o Tita Lady

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  1. I think she looks like you. :) And yay for sleeping at night!

    1. Thanks!!! I have been hoping that one of my children will look like me.... those Delima genes are so strong!


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