What I wore Sunday Vol 6 {Christmas week}

I am finally on break!
The wait was worth it. Working Christmas week and all.

We technically went to Mass on Saturday night.

Here's the outfit I wore Saturday:
Pretty simple since we went to a holiday party afterwards.
Thanks Lola for babysitting the kiddos

Trying out a seductive dark photo filter {eye roll}

Shirt - perfect tee VS shop
Sweater - VS moda international {love the layered look}
A&F skinnies

Here's what I wore today Sunday

I am Coltstrong
Vs perfect tee
Personalized #1 jersey
Colts scarf from hubs tee
A&F tights
Colts leg warmers
Boots from shoe carnival

The cutest fan!

With Mr. D 😘💕

For Fr. Roberts' Sunday homily
For more Sunday reflections from words of the WORD
For Sunday outfit ideas: head to finelinenandpurple
Who are more glamorous and less nfl-Like.


7 Quick Takes Vol 11

Another week has gone by... and it's time to join Jen for another edition of 7QT.

Our parish priest, Fr. Guy had a nice summary of 7 types of presents we give or receive this Christmas and how we can think of Christ as we give/receive these gifts.

Thought I would share here.

Bread - Christ the bread of life....
We received tons of food as presents for Christmas. Thank you aunts and uncles of the Bay Area for the See's chocolates and peanut brittle and  Goldilocks hopia, mamon and ensaymada.... Yummm. I don't really wanna gain any more weight this break.

Bath and Body -  1 Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. 2 And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Ephesians 5:2
I did receive a perfume this Christmas to replace my almost empty bottle of CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle.
And thank you NateDogg for my bottles of lotion and cream. I think the dinosaurs are going to come back and I still have lotion in my closet. I still have the ones you got me from last Christmas and on my birthday.... {I am not complaining. I love receiving lotion}

Clothing - Our Christ Lord came in to this world, as a second Person in the Trinity as a human, as a baby. He also needed clothing like we do.
Hubs received ties and work shirts from essentially every member of the family! {ask and you will receive}
Lola got Daniel some long sleeved shirts which were thrown promptly to the side, as they weren't toys....  {Silly Daniel}
Isabel received cute outfits from us, her Ninang Sheila {GodMom} and from my Mother-in-law.

Jewelry - gold, frankincense and myrrh offered to the baby King by the Three Magi.
Thanks mom for the fashion earrings you got me.... I know the perfect celebration to wear them --- New Year's Eve party!

Electronics - how could electronics possibly make us think of Christ? 2000 Years ago, there were no iPads, iPhones etc. Fr. Guy said: electronics are used for communications. Prayer is a way of communication.
Daniel received a kiddy-version digital camera from my mom.
I received an iPAD for Christmas.
We are spoiled..........................

Also thanks sister for the kids' DVD. We will have the songs memorized soon.

Car - They are use for transport. Jesus is our way to the Father.
Nobody in the family received a new car this Christmas.
Except for my son! He received bumblebee!!! Thank you Lola.
My in-laws also got him a Cars 2 playset.
Grandparents are UH-MAY-ZING!

***and side note. Dr. D here had to work during the Indiana Blizzard 2012. Thank you guardian angels for keeping the roads safe.

Toys - Jesus is the best Christmas Gift ever. And for kids, toys make the bulk of Christmas presents. Hopefully our kids' toys will remind us to be child-like in our faith.
We finally have a Wii! and it's the original Wii. Thank you to my brother in law who gave us his.
My daughter received a picnic basket. She was hungry and started eating the toy crackers and fruit. Poor baby was so annoyed, she threw them on the floor. She received Hello Kitty Bath toys, Hello Kitty plush toy. But she still prefers the boy toys! they are just so much cooler than HK.

Little D received Ironman mask, Iron Man action figures, Spiderman Bath toys, Iron Man and Wolverine figurines.

Just seeing all the toys my kids received; got me so excited for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you family and friends! My kids are loved!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Matt Overton Tweeted this: The best thing about Christmas is _______________.
I retweeted: Spending time with family.

Would you agree?

It's not the toys.... not the electronics.... not the gifts.... It's FAMILIA.

Families are God's gift to us.

Happy Friday y'all!


Verses {2}

23 Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you are serving the Lord Christ.

When I work long hours or get burned out, the Scripture above reminds me that my inheritance is not of this world. When I help out the sick, when I change diapers, when I cook dinner (despite being hungry and cranky myself),  I am serving Christ.

Love Letter:
Dear Isis, you might be tired. But whatever it is you're doing today at this moment, give it your best shot. The little things you do, you do them for me.


Share a Saint: Blessed Teresa Calcutta
Who could be a better example for this modern-day world with incredible works of mercy despite experiencing spiritual darkness and thirst?

"God still loves the world and He sends you and me to be His love and His compassion to the poor.”

“By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus. ” - Mother Teresa


Prayer Request: for all travelers this Christmas break. May God keep them safe.


What I Wore on Christmas Day

Oh, come, all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant!
Oh, come ye, oh, come ye to Bethlehem;
Come and behold him
Born the king of angels

My lil guy pretending to be asleep

Sing, choirs of angels,
Sing in exultation,
Sing, all ye citizens of heaven above!
Glory to God
In the highest

Thanks to the ladies from church for offering to take our family picture. We could never get our children to look at the cam all at once.

Bro-in-law home for Christmas

Yea, Lord, we greet thee,
Born this happy morning;
Jesus, to thee be glory given!
Word of the Father,
Now in flesh appearing!

Christmas loveliness.... {no filter}
White House and black market top
Cardi from kohls
Sparkly Tights from apt 9 kohls
Sparkly skirt from {yes} kohls
My lovely Zara booties from Paris
Necklace from a boutique in French Lick, IN
Cross body bag - Burberry
Background SJOA

Now a close up of the necklace. I looooove it. I'm just now re-starting to wear necklaces. These big mommas are not br3a$+feeding friendly.

Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Christ the Lord

Happy Christmas to all!!!

For more loveliness head to Grace's.


What I Wore Sunday Vol 5 {Christmas is near}

Linking up with the gang at finelinenandpurple for another edition of Wiws.....
It's the last Sunday of advent. Only 2 more days and it's Christmas!
I'm thankful for another fun weekend with my kids and hubby. Though I had to work both days.
Sat's outfit:

Bright pink Cardi from target {girls dept shhhh}
Light purple top from B. Rep
Eggplant tights from my grandma {from the Philippines}
Socks target $1 hot spot
Here's what we wore this Sunday:

Top: gap sweater sooooo warm
Skirt: old navy skirt
Tights: candies
What I looked like this morning. Glass elevator at the hospital

Minnetonka boots
Neuro bag: Sherpani milli
And my lovely baby Belle:

Love her tights, sweater dress from ON and cute hair accessory {birthday present}
For Fr. Roberts' message
For my outfits on first Sunday of advent, second Sunday, gaudete Sunday.


7 quick takes vol 10

Joining the blogging world and Jen for another edition of 7QT Friday.


It's FOUR days before Christmas! Are you done with your shopping?
Here's some sites for awesome Christmas gift guide for preschoolers and toddlers, for preschool boys, for little girls, just for anybody in the family. how about last minute hostess-friendly gifts?
These are just my random picks of blog entries while surfing my blogroll. Of course, there are tons of GIFT GUIDES out there.


Who is working Christmas Day?
I've been fortunate to be on maternity leave last Christmas. So this year, I gave up Christmas break. I will be at the hospital Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (But will get New Year's Holiday week off!)
Christmas at Riley hospital is a lot of fun. There's carolers, colts players visiting, holiday feasts, bright lights and decors, Christmas trees etc. As long as I am not "on-call" Christmas Day, I won't mind coming in. I will still be home part of the day on Christmas to open presents with my family.


Filipino traditions: Simbang gabi - this is the Filipino tradition of going to Mass at dawn for 9 consecutive days or novena before Christmas.
Why such an early mass at dawn, you ask? It's mainly for the farmers so they can go to mass before starting their day in the farms. Simbang Gabi is also called Misa de Gallo (literally Mass of the Rooster).The rooster is your alarm clock to get to mass at 4a!


Filipino traditions: Aguinaldo
Kids loooooove this tradition. What would be better than toys for Christmas? Weeelllllll: cold hard "fresh-from-the-bank" nice and crisp cash! As kids we would visit our ninong and Ninang (godfather and godmother) and get our Christmas blessings coupled with our aguinaldo's.
Aguinaldo means bonus or Christmas bonus! Thanks to being colonized by Spain for 333years, we have Spanish last names and also Spanish words......


Filipino traditions: Noche buena

Such an awesome tradition because food is involved. This is the grand meal on Christmas Eve right at midnight. Usually the family goes to Christmas Eve mass and then end the evening with a delicious meal at home. Itrs a feast of traditional Filipino food but also with fruit, hamon (christmas ham), cheese. oh yuummmm...


Switching gears now: I started a new series here on my blog. Hopefully it will be a regular weekly thing --- at least this is my goal. I'll start out with verses to share... a love letter.... Share a saint..... And prayer request
Check them out 'k?


Funny quote
Shared by my friend MR who is pregnant with baby boy #2. She dropped off baby boy #1 at the daycare.

Omg baby brain! I hung my coat and scarf up in Mj's cubby this am. Ms. C was like, oh, are you staying?

I totally understand what she's talking about. Pregnant brain, postpartum brain -- all so scattered brain and s---l----o----w.....



[9] How can a young man keep his way pure?

By guarding it according to thy word.


[11] I have laid up thy word in my heart

that I might not sin against thee. -Psalm 119: 9,11
What is a better way to remember God's teaching but keep His word in our minds and hearts? With this Verses series, I want to share and also put into writing my favorite Scripture verses.... These are my  go-to Bible verses to motivate me to keep running the race.
Share a Saint - St. Paul is definitely one of my favorite Saints. I read a Beth Moore book about his life and was just amazed by his faith. We are fortunate as Catholics that the second readings in Mass are almost always St. Paul's epistles (or memorandum..... as my mother would put it.... My mom's pet-peeve: St. Paul's run-on sentences.) I agree. I have to re-read his sentences to understand what he's trying to say.
Prayer Request - My very good friend Dr. KS who is having weakness on her hand for working hard as a surgeon (operating a lot???). May she heal quickly and trust God's plan for her.


Christmas list {and tons of links}

6 days before Christmas??? Whoa.... I'm NOT done with my shopping. This is so not like ME.

My list (shorter than years past):
Kids - check {thank u Zulily and amazon}
Mother - check
Sister - check
Nephew- check
Bro in law - check {tnx D!}
Derrick's sibs and parents - check {thank u hubby for taking care of their gifts}
Natedogg - check thanks D!
TheFoodFashionita - errand this weekend
Hubster --- uhhhmmmm. Nope not yet. I still have this weekend to go to the store.

Why can't I just buy D's Christmas request online? I guess i can, but it will be a lil tricky. Hubs is requesting for ties for his Christmas present...... How very practical. I actually wanna get him bowties but he declined.
His other request: a ladder. I guess I'm going to Lowes this weekend too.
I did my Christmas shopping online last year. My excuse: keeping my newborn baby away from winter germs at the mall.  This year I blame my busy inpatient rotation at the hospital and my recent Georgia trip hence I'm not done with shopping yet.
I don't really have an excuse anymore. I. Need. To. Get. Stuff. Done.

I may be behind on my list compared to past years but I'm proud that I'm building family traditions more so this year.
- advent wreath craft with Daniel
- playing with our nativity set {I'm planning on hiding baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. And we will do a quick baby Jesus hunt!}

Little People Nativity Set...... for the Delima kids.

- advent novena

- celebrating December Saints' feastday - St. Nicholas, St. Lucy

How about you? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Any last minute ideas to share?


Spider-tastic party

My nephew Nathaniel turned three years old this weekend.

My sissy labored with love planning and executing such an awesome spider-tastic party. Definitely Pinterest worthy.

Here are some pix.

Cupcakes are yummy in my tummy.

Thirsty for radioactive water and green goblin punch.

My mother and Isabel

Gotta pose with the masked man

Love the cupcakes mummy -- Daniel

My hot date (hubs left in Indy)


What I Wore Sunday Vol 4 {Southern Style}

This is the southern style family edition of wiws....
There's really no Southern style about our outfits today except that these Picts were taken during our short fun 3-day weekend in Georgia celebrating my nephew's 3rd bday.
My outfit details: (if you could tell, lI dressed liturgically.... pink cords, pink top!)

Top: JCrew
Cardi: JCrew
Skinny Cords: Old Navy
Boots: Minnetonka double fringe side zip boot (so crazy about them!)

Rest of the fam:

Baby Belle - carter tunic, skinny jeans baby gap
Mother - ??

Daniel- gap shirt


And me again!

Happy 3rd Sunday of advent y'all. As usual hot off the bulletin - here's Fr. Roberts' message.....

And for glammed-up ladies and gents, visit finelinenandpurple


Letter for my nephew

Happy 3rd birthday cute boy! You make your momma and dada proud. You are such a sweet boy! I pray that you'll enjoy your party today. Your momma planned your party for months. She wants it to be perfect because you're perfect.Enjoy your spider cake today.

I also pray that you'll grow up to be a man who loves his Savior and serves him wholeheartedly.

You're very blessed to have such great parents. Love and respect them always.

I love you. Have a blast! You're three!

Tita Isis, Daniel, Isabel and Tito Derrick


7 quick takes vol 9

We are headed to Georgia!
It's my nephew's 3rd birthday and it's gonna be a spider-tastic party!

What are you going to do for an entire weekend hubs?
If the kids and I deserve a weekend of fun out-of-state, my hubby deserves a weekend of "rest" without the THREE (u mean just 2?? or add me?) ahem.... kids.. he usually takes care of. we will miss you Derrick but enjoy this weekend of freedom.

Holiday night at the museum
IUPUI Alumni association hosts an annual holiday night at the children's museum. We have gone twice now. we went when Daniel was 1.5 yo. Last year we missed it because Isabel was only a few weeks old, Derrick did not want to bring Daniel etc etc...

Do u see Daniel?

Did you watch our Catholic TV star Jen Fulwiller last night? What did you think?

If you missed it: now's your chance!

I am slowly going back to a regular work out routine. Having two kids was definitely a wake up call that I cannot possibly do it all... {yeah I truly believed that I can do it all..... Crazy lady!} I felt soooooo guilty when I could not work out. I shoved the guilt away and truly enjoyed time resting with my kids. Now that I am slowly getting my life back and weaning Isabel (not to mention all the sweets and good food this holiday season), I need to watch what I eat and what I do to burn those extra sweet calories.
I am not in the Zumba mood yet (which was my go-to work out regimen). I found these quick 10 minute workouts {{even Nike Training club has them too}} I can slowly build my stamina and strength with these workouts.
How about you what's your favorite workout regimen? Insanity? P90x? Yoga? Running?

{{6}} I found this daily devotional #shereadstruth check the hash tag keyword on Instagram and you'll see inspiring daily journal entries of women all over the world...... The reading plan I'm doing right now is for advent.

{{7}} Picture time!
Another shot of the museum: this time it's the lobby

Pretty huh?

And our hot rides for the winter (?!) yikes. Brrrrrrrrrrr!
This is at the hot wheels exhibit at the museum.
For more 7QT visit conversiondiary.com

Have a happy Friday y'all!


Wordless Wednesday {Hotttt Red}

What's up with my posts that include feet, socks, shoes, extremities? Sorry folks.....

Jcrew hot red cords
Santa socks
My first ever pair of dansko as a third year medical student. {7 yrs ago! Woah!}

Linking up with seven clown circus and parenting by dummies check out more WW.


Christmas is in the air

Delima Christmas {more appropriately: Advent} traditions:

Here's how we prepare for Christ's birth at home....

I finally gave in and bought the kids their own nativity play set! thanks to Lacy and Stephanie for such cool advent family traditions and ideas}.
We have our own fancy nativity set but the figures are not kid friendly. This Fischer price little people toy is perfect for Daniel and Isabel's little hands!

Hubster also had his work Christmas party sat night. And here's a pict of the family all dressed up.

And another one of mummy chasing Isabel.

We are suckers for parties -- especially Christmas parties!

Just a block from our house, there's a light show. We bring the kids at least once (twice to three times!) per Christmas season. Free and fun!
Looks like they added a flying pig and 2 cardinals this year.
They have a snow globe, mr and mrs santa on their porch swing, penguins swimming, candy canes lining the driveway, big polar bear near their door (to scare off intruders, I suppose), flamingos, christmas tree, and tons more! And best of all, lights in synch with the Christmas songs streaming on the FM tuner! awesome. Video above is not as cool as the one we have close to home....... Believe it.....

We have also been successful lighting our advent wreath every night for dinner. We use this chance to teach Daniel about the light of Christ and "countdown" for Christmas.

And just cos I love pics, here's the {extended} fam on thanksgiving. Thanks sister!

Have a happy Week y'all.

Make this week special by keeping Christ as the center this Advent season..... Pray more, hope more, love more.


What I Wore Sunday Vol 3 {black weekend edition}

Happy 2nd Sunday of advent everyone!
Dr. D in the am
{guess who the lucky doctor that had to "round" for both sat and Sunday. Hence it's my black weekend..... Meaning no "regular weekend off" at all like most normal working people}

What I wore underneath my white coat {very casual..... And hidden}
Top: A&F colts blue
Tights: vs pink {so comfy..... Better than wearing scrubs!}
Shoes: barely seen with the lighting my Minnetonka double fringe side zip boot

Here's a shot of my colts socks that were hidden:

Colts fan in the afternoon
It's another home game in Indy and I missed it. I'm still on home call with my Isabel.
But we sure cheered for our men in bLue!
Here's my Isabel in her colts glory!

Top: colts turtleneck
Jumper: colts cheerleader outfit {similar here}
Tights: Circo from target

The Delima boys are downtown cheering for our team..... Staying chuckstrong. Check it out here to read Colts Coach Chuck Pagano fighting leukemia.

This colts fan and doctor by day will end her black weekend as a king's daughter and go to Mass.....
Check today's homily by Fr. Roberts.

And for more outfits {{not nfl related}} head to finelinenandpurple.


7 quick takes Vol 8

___1___ Baby girl had her first haircut this past weekend. It's a tradition for our family in the Philippines to wait until a babe celebrates his/her first birthday before the first haircut is done. There's also one of those superstitions{from my grandma} that whoever cuts the baby's hair first will share his/her wisdom and knowledge to that baby. Derrick cut Daniel's hair. I cut Isabel's hair first. Then we headed to Cookie Cutters!

___2___ Prayers needed: starting this afternoon at 4p, I will be taking my first home call..... and it's the weekend home call! eeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!!
ok. now I am done freaking out... let's do this.

___3___ Pacers game: Hubs is taking Daniel to a Pacers game tonight.
What are we going to do Isabel???
oh yeah, we are on home-call. Let's answer some "pages".

Mummy and Isabel: what did you guys do tonight?
Derrick and Daniel: Cheered for the Pacers. Shouted Boom Baby!!! How about you guys?
Mummy and Isabel: oh, nothing. we just answered pages and SAVE LIVES!

___4___ Immaculate Conception: and peeps, it's not the conception of Jesus we are talking about here. It's the conception of Mother Mary without original sin, through the grace of the Heavenly Father, preparing her to be the mother of Jesus.
It's a holy day of obligation, so head to church on December 8th.

___5___ speaking of moms: mother Mary is the perfect mom.... And I'm absent mum pulling long hours at work and not picking up the kids... BOO!!! Sign out is around 4-5p.. But Dr. D has been leaving the hospital past 6p since Monday. BOO!!!!! Again....
Guilt is making its way into my brain, eating my insides..

___6___ Book I am reading: check out the scandal

Read it. Grab a copy for the Catholic woman in your life -- mom, sister, wife, friend!

___7___ picture im sharing: as my friend Dr. B wrote on her Facebook: future child neurologists the next generation!

Here's another shot.... My boy is a heartthrob!

Have a blessed Friday y'all!

Visit TV star Jen for more 7QT.
watch for her reality show on Dec 13 Thurs and watch it online.

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