rockstar mommy jeans + link-toberFest {7QT}

1. Sharing these high rise mommy skinny jeans. The fit reminds me of my A&F skinnies that I love but still do not fit me. Except the A&F ones are low-rise and super scary to wear when chasing and picking up carseats and toddlers. I like this pair because there is no fear that I will show my backside to the world. I love it that they sit just above my belly button.

They are not called mommy skinny jeans ok.. I just added the mommy part. 

2. Hubs made a comment about this top... "Did that cami come with that top?" 
I shook my head.
Hubs: so people really wear that without anything underneath?
I said: well, it can be used as a cover-up I suppose.
Then that night, I checked the website again, and found this... (you have to click on the white one to see that the model wore it with a bikini top)
I should be a stylist.

Jeans || only $30

3. I have worn these heels at work. They are COMFY!
I have gotten compliments at the elevator from staff, from families, just random people... They look scary to wear when you have to be on your feet or walk a lot. Don't be afraid. the heel height is just right. I walked around the hospital and clinic, and yes I was tired around 3p but all-in-all for studded heels, these are awesome. I won't wear them everyday because that is just torture...

4. My sis and her family are in-town! yeah!

5. Another online shopping win.... I was skeptical at first upon opening the package. Then my daughter saw it and said I should keep it... so I did. 

 You can still get it for under $45!  I got it for even less during the extra sale on NM.

6. To join the fun for Link-Toberfest.
Here's the link for my first 7QT post ever! I too have found wonderful bloggers because of this link-up. Happy birthday 7QT!

7. Video I am sharing

so this is what I look like playing with my children. 

Linking up with Kelly on this happy friday!

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  1. Thank you for linking up for the first time ever! I also love the necklace; your daughter has good taste. ;)

  2. You look great, I really like the top and fit of the jeans.


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