And then there were three

Daniel Isaac born 7.20.09 at 1452.
Birth weight: 6 lbs 5 oz
Length: 19.5 inches
Head circumference: 31 cm
Early Labor started 11p Sunday night but I was able to sleep for about 1.5 hrs. When I got up to use the bathroom, the cramping was still present. And I could not sleep anymore. I woke up Derrick after a few more consistent cramping every 5-7 mins. We called the OB on call at 4:30a but we knew I was still in early labor so no chance of going to the hosp yet. The OB-on call adviced us to notify them when the contractions are consistently every 5mins or less. I tried to sleep some more as adviced by the OB-on call and failed (as expected). I knew I had to save my strength. At 6a, I went to take a shower -- I just had to do something and I was getting ready for the BIG day! At 8:30a, we called the OB clinic. We were asked to go to the clinic for a cervical check and fetal reactive tracing. (I could probably have been sent to the hosp then if I wanted an epidural. But since I wanted to go natural and I was still smiling even with the contractions, they opted to bring me to the clinic).
At the clinic, baby Daniel had a consistent heart rate on the 140s but since I was hungry (and did not really feel like eating either) he was not moving as much as my OB wanted. I was offered apple juice and cheerios which I ate slowly. And as expected, the baby's heart rate reacted with the contractions.
At 10:30a, my cervix was 4 cm dilated and I had more and more bloody mucus (bloody show).
We were sent home to relax and take walks etc. but my OB said if I had to concentrate more and more with the contractions then we have to go to the hosp. If we haven't gone to the hosp or called her by 1p, she wanted a quick update anyway.
So Derrick and Mom ate lunch at home and at that point, I knew the contractions were getting stronger. I was pacing all over the first floor of the house, used my exercise ball, and concentrated with my breathing with every contraction. I asked to be brought to the hosp right after they ate. I tried to eat as well but only a little bit since I felt nauseous.
We were on our way to the hosp at 1245p. Arrived at the hosp around 1p. After they checked the contration and fetal heart tracing again and finished their History and Physical (which showed that I was 7 cm dilated!!! oh yes I was on active labor and knew the hardest part is coming -- the transition phase!), my amniotic sac broke. When it happened, I was about to get up bec the nurse asked me if I'd like to take a walk, use the shower or the hot tub, or sit on the birthing ball, etc.
The transition phase came and it was definitely LABOR!
What a weird sensation, with increasing strength of the contractions, I could feel my uterus pushing (by itself!) and I truly felt the urge the push. The nurse called my OB bec of how fast my labor was progressing. My OB came and was running to the hosp. And I was 10 cm dilated when she checked! yup, I was ready to push!
It's funny that I know in my head how to push after seeing women in labor, however, I was still very much out of sync! I was not pulling my legs, instead I would grip the top of the bed. I was extending my neck instead of crunching. I would push while exhaling when I should keep my breath in. But one thing I remember, I was able to hold my breath and push for the full 10 seconds!
After a few more contrations - I think I finally got it - I was able to push the little one!!! I was so excited to see his face! He was placed on my chest/abdomen skin to skin! I was able to breastfeed before they took him for measurements. He is a good latcher, very awake and active. (probably bec I did not get any pain meds -- not even Tylenol).
I looked at him. I forgot how painful the contractions were (now I know 10/10 pain). I did not even feel the pinch of the needle for the local anesthetic -- it was nothing compared to the labor.
My mom asked me if I'd still do it again natural since the experience is still fresh on my mind and I answered "yes, I will do it again natural". The pain was worth it for little Daniel. The pain I also offered up to the Lord for all those little children that do not have parents that love them.
I looked at my little Daniel on my chest. I was speechless. He is perfect!
What a great feeling! I am a mother!

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Delima Family
Papi Derrick, Mummy, Daniel

weight: 25th percentile

proud father

I love my son!

Precious gift from God

My labor support team is resting (my mom felt like she went through labor as well)

I was offered to eat -- thought it was a joke! But I saw the menu and chocolate cake was available. I did not finish my entree but I finished that cake! I just had a work out!

Daniel: I am fed.

Never co-sleep with your infant!
He did not want to be placed in his bassinet! and I was really tired.


Mummy and her little peanut

The hosp gave us a bottle of sparkling grape juice with Daniel's name and stats. Also written: produced by Derrick and Sarah Isis Delima in Indianapolis, IN. cute!

On our way home. Derrick looks tired-- but happy.

Tiny baby, huge carseat

We're going home!!!

And then, there were three.


2 weeks left and counting

Hello everybody-
I am still inside my mummy. She is 38 weeks + 2 days today. I am due to be born on July 28th. But I like surprises and I can come anytime now. The last time mum went to her doctor, she was not even close to delivering me. She is going back to see the doctor today.

I keep reminding my mum (by kicking her and moving her belly) that she needs to s--l---ooo----www down. She is trying to be Wonderwoman or something. I am proud of her though. She still works out, lifts 2 lbs of weights, squats, bridges, tries to walk around the block s---u----p-----e---r slow. But her hips are her main aches. They are expanding in preparation for my delivery. She cannot tolerate long periods of time in one position -- whether it is sitting, standing, lying down. Her hips love the exercise ball though. She watered her colorful flowers yesterday and she was aching after the chore. Thanks to Papi: he saw her struggling with the hose and he came out and helped her finish the watering.

Mum is still working until I decide to come out. Her last day of work is on July 26th. She works half the time at home and half the time at the Neuro clinic doing her research. She ran errands today besides reading a few articles. One stop was the Trojan Tots Preschool and Child Care Ministry at Bishop Chatard Highschool next to our Church (Christ the King). I have a spot there already when mum goes back to work.

Things I love: exercising my legs! I love to kick, punch and make funny shapes on my mummy's belly. I can make her belly look like a football if I want to. Most of the time, her belly looks like a basketball though.

My most active time: I am awake around 5p-8p dinner time! I also know when she is retiring for the day. That's when I make her belly bounce!

Hoping to see the world soon!
lots of love,


Belly Week 37

The Simple Woman Daybook
FOR TODAY (July 9th, 2009)

Bible verse for the day... And Mary said, "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word." Luke 1:38

Outside My Window... my annual flowers that I planted just 2 weeks ago are thriving!

I am thinking. . . of how long I have before Daniel decides to come out. I have irregular cramping/belly discomfort and tightening. Braxton Hicks?

I am thankful for. . . my labor support partner. I am not alone.

From the kitchen. . . spicy braised beef. Crock pot recipes are awesome! My husband's belly is satisfied!

I am wearing. . . my blue VS nightgown.

I am going. . . to (try to) sleep soon.

I am reading. . . Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God by Scott Hahn.

I am hoping. . . to have a restful sleep tonight w/ less awakenings. I get up every 2-3 hours now to use the bathroom and also to move around. There's no comfy spot anymore. It also takes me 20-30 minutes before I go back to sleep. I stayed up for an hour last night, read and ate actually because I could not go back to sleep.

I am hearing. . . the soft hum of the AC. It's quiet in the house. My hubby is studying.

Around the house. . . the pack and play is all assembled (thanks to Heather's help!); the stroller is ready; the car seat and base are in Derrick's car; my hospital bag is packed.

One of my favorite things. . . laying out. I bust out my preggy belly before the stretch marks appear.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .

  • I am still working. I have peds continuity clinic tomorrow and I am working at the Neuro office for my research.
  • Decorate the nursery (I have the baby's initials: DD like his papi, a lion --> Lion of Judah!)
  • Hang a few pictures and Daniel's quilt.
  • Go to the pool. Swim this Sat?

This is Belly Week #... 37. Daniel is full term!
Weight gain to date: 35 lbs. Baby's weight: 5 lbs 11 oz, 25th percentile
Femur length: 7 cm

Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .
The cutest baby on the block (before Daniel is born). His initials are DD.

Thanks to Peggy for the links of this daybook.


Married for 1000 days

July 3, 2009 - Derrick and I have been married for 1000 days. (It's like commemorating the 100th episode of a TV show or something). I did not even know that July 3rd was our 1000th day as Mr. and Mrs. Delima but we ended up spending the entire day together. It's his day off and my day off. We had brunch (pancakes and nutella crepes!) then we picked up the dresser for Daniel's room and then we went to the movies. I love days like that with my hubby.

I am so blessed to have him. I love him more and more each day.

Here are some pictures throughout the 1000 days.


Our home after signing the deed

Another honeymoon in Tampa/Orlando

Hawaii trip -- our 3rd honeymoon

WDW 2008, for Derrick's birthday

2nd year anniversary dinner

First year anniversary in Michigan

Honeymoon in Paris, Versailles Palace

First steps as Mr. and Mrs. Delima
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