Finishing residency, momnipotence {7qt}

1. Biggest news
I officially finished residency at 6:45p yesterday. I signed out my last patient as a resident. I turned in my pager.

It's a been a long road.
I made it.
God is good.

2. What am I to do with my first real paycheck? I want to treat myself.
As in an expensive treat.  So far, it's not gonna fly with the chief financial officer of the household. We have med school loans to pay! Yuck!

But I'm dreaming of this:

Or maybe this:

What do you think?

3. New obsession
Thanks to shalice, I'm so crazy about distressed jeans. She pairs them so well with blazers, statement necklaces and her Louis Vuitton. Since I am now part-time (yippee!) I have days off that I can be more casual.  What ended up happening in the past was I dress 'down' on the weekends like at Mass ~~ when in fact, I should be dressing 'up' for God.

So now I've got a couple of days to wear my distressed jeans. As I go grocery shopping, pick up my preschooler, clean spit-ups etc.

4. Cake
Thanks to my coworkers. I received two cakes baked by two neurologists. So so sweet! I was touched. I had a great last clinic as a resident. And good thing my patients like me. They want to stay with me and see me in my own clinic.

The nurses also congratulated me and looked at me fondly. Their resident is growing up!

Pretty much the entire hospital knew it was my last day yesterday. As the different teams called me for consults or asked me for updates, they asked when I was officially done with training.

^^my favorite stairwell at the hospital ^^

^^because I see the outside world and some sunlight.

^^yep, I was there ^^

5. I also celebrated dinner with my family at my favorite sushi place. I brought friends there for my bday, after finishing step 1 of the usmle boards. That was 7 years ago! Crazy! It's truly been a long journey.

And it's not over.
I signed up for continuing medical education as a physician. It's my duty to my patients and to myself to keep learning and use evidence based medicine.

6. Momnipotence
If you haven't signed up for these daily emails and discussions, do it now! It will change how you look at your vocation as a wife and mother.

7. Picture I am sharing.

Embracing mommyhood today. Let's be real.
I didn't dress up.
No make up.
Didn't fix hair.
Changed diapers.

I lurv it!

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  1. Anonymous2/01/2014

    Congrats on finishing residency! Sushi sounds like a great way to celebrate! :)

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. Congrats! And definitely treat yourself. :)

  4. Anonymous2/01/2014

    Congratulations!!!!! Hopefully we can still see you some.
    I saw you and the hubby go on a weekend trip to some warm location. That might be more stress prepping for the kids but it sounds so appealing!

  5. What a huge accomplishment!! I am so happy for you to be done with one stage and moving on to bigger and better congrats! Absolutely buy the LV bag you have more than earned it and both styles are classy and timeless. Congrats again I can't stop smiling for you :)

  6. Oh my gosh congrats!! That is so exciting!! What a great milestone done and done.

  7. Congratulations on finishing residency.... that is amazing! Best of luck on the next step in your journey:-)

  8. Anonymous2/03/2014

    Congratulations on being finished residency! That is so very exciting!

    1. Thank you! So glad I finally finished!

  9. Congrats!! And praise God for carrying you through! May he continue to bless you in the next stage of your journey.

  10. YAY!! Congratulations!!! Purchase whatever you want!!! You deserve a special treat after all that hard work!

  11. I'm sure you are so glad that is done! Now you can breathe again and look forward to a new stage of life. Congratulations! Visiting from Medical Mondays :)

  12. Visting from MM. A heartfelt congratulations to you. Its a fabulous achievement!!

    1. Thanks, Eniola!
      Good luck with you and your future endeavors. keep us posted!

  13. I have to check in and see if you got your bag yet?? Valentines day is coming up and I know a certain non-resident now who deserves it ha! Congrats again :)

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