never a dull moment

Never a dull moment in the D-household.

What a surprise. Daniel wore mismatched socks this morning. He is our OCD child. Anything ripped, torn, mismatched or a little bit out of place gives him palpitations. We were not able to participate with Catholic school week celeb on Monday (spiritwear) or Tuesday (favorite college apparel). Besides his school uniform, he does not have any spiritwear yet. He does not have any Jaguars or IU or Purdue shirts either (shock!). But today was the day!

Ms. Isabel loved Disney on ice this past weekend. She had a blast prepping for the big day. She painted her nails with her Lola. She dressed up as Elsa completed with crown and ribbon wand.

Sebastian, on the other hand, is talking more! yay! talking as in babbling.... For our super-quiet, serious child, it's nice to see him dance around, shake his tiny body and say na-na-na-na-na. When he hears "one", he says "two" CUTE! actually sounds more like the French "deux."

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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confessions {7qt}

One reason I blog is to have an outlet for confessions. this week, it's all about the dark and ugly (not really!)

1. Addicted to tv
I mentioned on this week's  five faves that I'm in the Castle mood. Well. Here's the rest of the line-up of the videos I borrowed from the library. 

2. Sloth 
I'm embarrassed to admit it but it's a well known fact... I'm the laziest of the laziest. 

3. I forget that Daniel is only 5. 
My eldest and I get into fights the mornings I drop him off at school. If I'm the laziest, he's the slowest.... Every second in the morning is precious. I hate being tardy. My husband reminds me that I still have to "hand-hold" him sometimes and not expect him to follow through with ALL of my commands or requests all the time. 

How about you? What age do you expect independence?

4. I must have peaked in college. 
Some of my med school friends mentioned that they cruised along undergrad but had to step it up for med school  and really study. Those are the geniuses. I, on the other hand, peaked in college. I was boring. I rarely went out. I had to study for this class and complete that project. Boring. 

So in med school, I had to find balance or else I was going to go crazy. I may have earned my MD and my finished my residency but I still need some "oomph" because medicine is a lifelong education thing. Procrastination, go away! 

5. I shut down. 
When one of my babies (you'll probably guess who) cries and whines and fall apart, I shut down. It's the unfortunate defense shutdown bec I remember that infant period with this child. "I fed you, I changed you, I am holding you but you're still crying." What Do You Want? (Pulling my hair!) 

6. Workout partner
It's something for my spouse to sign up as my workout partner. But it's truly remarkable when he does Zumba videos and popsugar booty barre workouts! He's relieved when we workout with this instead. 

7. My last take is not a confession. 
We celebrated St. Sebastian's feastday Tuesday. How beautiful is this rosary he received from his godparents?!

Thanks for making it through the very end. For more quick takes and less confessions ~ head on over to Kelly's

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winter five faves

who's counting down days before spring break?
{insert emoji with lady raising her hand} that's me.

the last few days have given us a reprieve of the minus-degree temps. amazing having a 50 degree difference.  when I asked hubs to take the ff pictures, it was below freezing but not the -25F windchill we had a couple of weeks ago. when it was that cold ~ i wished we were somewhere in the tropics.

here are my five faves this week:

1. oversized cardis
this one is from hautelook. I love pairing it with tights ~ you know to cover, uhm, my bottom. I am not really a fan of tights worn as pants or jeans. I concientously pair my tights or leggings with tunics, dress or very long cardis. what's your opinion of tights or leggings worn as pants?

2. plush-lined/ fleece-lined tights
these are lifesavers! i stocked up from nordstrom rack, whiteplum, walmart and zulily. the tights i wore here are from walmart. 

this is a Filipino soup dish with sour broth. The sour broth is from the tomatoes or tamarind seasoning. I love the soup in the morning. confession: I have been making this every week and more often than not, eat leftovers for breakfast. since the beginning of the year, I have made pork sinigang, beef sinigang and shrimp sinigang.

4. Castle
my recent library rental is season 6 of Castle. I remember watching the first season while I was a new mom. now with 3 kids, it's hard to watch primetime shows bec it's bathtime and bedtime. I love that I only spend 40-45 minutes watching an episode. 

5. lipgloss
I posted this as one of my faves before. this gloss keeps my lips nice and moist during the minus-degree temps. 

Stay warm, dears!
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ColtSunday {wiws}

I have to be creative on Football Sundays. I do not want to wear my Colts jersey to Mass every single Sunday. I thought about wearing my bright blue tights from zulily but the end-result was a little bit much. I stayed with the black tights with the black sweater dress and blue plaid.

Target plaid button-down ~ similar // BR factory sweater dress, old // nordstrom rack tights // Mia booties

Mass Behaviors:
Pretty impressed with the children's behaviors this week. They kept themselves busy with the coloring books. Thank goodness. One mini meltdown occurred and Sebastian had to be taken at the back but I would call this Sunday a pretty good Mass!

Andrew Luck (SJ) - A
Reggie Wayne (Daniel) - A+
Isabel - A+

// Andrew Luck jersey ~ gift  //

The boys wore their jerseys. Isabel and I were more creative. She wore a pink long sleeve shirt, then Chambray dress and tights. She wanted her picture taken with her crown. (for real)

Old navy puffer // chambray Gap dress ~ similar // long sleeve shirt // Old Navy leggings

We have a few more hours before the game. I'd like to take a nap now :)
Happy Sunday, friends. Go to Mass today. 

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7qt life lately

1. Blogging has been sporadic lately. But you'll always find me gramming. I successfully took/posted 365 photos from 2014. Use hashtag 365photodisis to browse. I realized I missed labeling some days but rest assured I did take 365 photos. Proof: they are on my iPad or computer.

2. Next project: I thought about doing it again this year. Another 365 photo project. But I failed already. So..... Derrick gave me this idea to do a 52 photo project. Then at least I can pick photos that best represent that week for me and my family.

3. Another project: who prints their digital photos? I should definitely do it. I should just do it. My 365photo project will be a perfect first album, huh?

4. Now the children: Bastian is 16 months old and still not talking. Just like walking, it took him till 14-15 months, but look at him now. He's all over the place. He mostly grunts and screams. More grunts than screams, thank goodness. He points to his wants too so that's helpful. He calls his milk 'na-na'. It's not banana anymore. He signs milk, more and all done. So at least we have some communication there.

I asked about a hearing exam. But the pediatrician said monitor for now as he understands, follows commands and points. Let's remember that this is my third child nicknamed serious Sebastian because he barely made a peep or squeak. I'm thankful he can make sounds!

5. Daniel continues to flourish in kindergarten. I'm so impressed with his writing, sight reading skills and time-telling. I don't remember learning all these things at 5 years of age. Maybe I did??

6. We celebrated Isabel's baptism day yesterday. Her face lit up as I explained how she became God's princess. {princess made an impact -- choice of words}.

catechizing little minds about baptism and becoming God's children

7. Lastly, guess who celebrated 10 years of togetherness?
D-Isis did!
It was a quiet, romantic dinner on New Year's Day. Glad we skipped out on the busyness of New Year's Eve. Technically, we started dating when the clock struck midnight on New Years day and then spent NY night on our first date out.

Call me OCD. I'm a stickler for dates.

Coat from hautelook // Zara boots // Macy's sweater dress

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our christmas {photo diary + 5faves}

it's not too late to post Christmas photos, right? right.

it was a feast. Thanks mom and MIL. I made dessert. I posted it on ig, did you see it?

It felt like a toy store at home and at my PIL's house. I have tons and tons of crazy iphone photos of the children opening their presents Christmas morn at home. Imagine chaos = wrapping paper, tissue, toys and gifts everywhere. That's what our living room looked like.

Christmas would not be complete until I get my husband-photographer to go outside in the cold to take my christmas outfit (actually it was a mild day w/o any snow).

For this ensemble:
1. The hooded cape is so fun to wear! I got it from choies, an online retailer. I linked similar ones.
2. I cannot find the sweater dress anymore. I linked a similar dress above. It's from Macy's and pretty good price during Thanksgiving sale. 
3. You can find fleece lined tights everywhere! they are my new favorite.
4. The flats are from Old Navy and currently sold out. I linked a similar pair.
5. Statement necklaces are always fun. I thrifted this beauty.

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surprise. i played

What's play? It's truly foreign to me. You'd be suprised because I have three kids and I should a be a pro at playing with them. But ask my sister or my cousins.... I was a bookworm when I was young (and even now). I seldom went outside to play. Do not get me wrong. I did play but not as much as what I think a "normal" child would want to. True, I did not have much desire to play. I joined my cousins for the occasional charades or monopoly board game. but all in all, someone might say I missed out on a lot of fun but I just did not have the desire.

I mostly watch on the sidelines as my children play. I join on their peek-a-boo games or tea time.... but I do not do it as much. I wish I do! (hence it's true that I am the boring parent).

So when my eldest aked me to help him build this, I begrudingly agreed (yes, horrible mom alert).

To my surprise, playing with legos and building something was actually pleasing and fun! oh yes, I had fun. Daniel and I worked as a team. I think most importantly, I spent time with him, not just "watch him play".

To see his great joy when we finished the fighter plane after 3 nights was really something. He is so proud of himself. I was proud of him too.

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