When will you be home, mummy?

My Mummy is working nights this month. My Papi is superdad -- taking care of me while she's at work. Papi and I miss mummy though. I get to see her when she "sleeps" during the day. As for my papi, he sees her for 30 minutes in the afternoon before she has to go back to work. My mummy takes care of really, really sick babies at work. She tells me that she's glad that I am healthy and chubby!

Here's a few pictures from my 7 month birthday dinner.

check out the picture from my 4 month birthday! Same happy faces!

Me and my mummy

This is Mummy's favorite picture so far. It's her wallpaper on her phone.
She's been showing me off to people at her work.

Later this month, I will experience my first plane ride! We are visiting my Tita Lady and her family. My cousin, Nathaniel, is almost as big as I am! He is 15 lbs! I am 17 lbs. Check out this picture! Looks like my Tita Lady!

We are visiting the place where my mummy and papi had their babymoon! (their vacation prior to having me while mummy is pregnant). I am excited!
Check out my entries and I will post pictures of my first plane ride and vacation.

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