Princess Isabel + disney springs

this post has less photos than previous installation. But photo-heavy still.  

Best days are the unplanned ones, agree?
Belle and Prince Charming had an afternoon appearance at the Grand Floridian. Princesses and princes are invited! Here's Princess Belle waiting to meet and dance the waltz with Belle and Prince Charming. 



resort hopping

Continuation of our breakfast day with the Disney characters.
First a selfie (when you're the photographer, you have to improvise and get a selfie so there's proof that you were there)


Pretty centerpieces at the Grand Floridian Lobby where we had breakfast. 


breakfast with Alice, Pooh, Mary Poppins + more

Here's another photo overload post featuring my children and their date with the Disney characters.

For Magic Kingdom -- head here
For our beach day -- head here

 A photo with all of us looking at the camera at the same time.
That's awesome!


beach day {day 4 spring break}

we had a late start for our beach day.
that's because we did not get back at the resort until MN, the night before.


Whose idea was it to get these 60+ oz of sugar?


why i chose peds

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It took me forever to post this outfit I don't even remember when I wore it!

I love blogging. It's cheaper than therapy.
But when things get super, super busy. Like I don't leave work until 6:30 or 7p, I don't really have time to sit down and turn on the computer and resize some photos after dinner and spending time with the children.

This past week has been tough time-wise... I did not have my regular days off. I also worked over the weekend. 


how we survived Magic Kingdom {day 3 spring break}

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Photo overload and play-by-play, hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment post... for grandparents and for the children to read once they are older (so they may appreciate the hard work their Dada and Lola did carrying them)..

It took one and half hours to get in. We made it close to 9a at the gate of Magic Kingdom. There was a line of cars there. Then another line from the parking lot shuttles to the entrance.

Once we had our tickets, I forgot that we have to ride the train or ferry to go to Magic Kingdom.
So another line there.


barefoot babies {wiws}


 shirt, old, Loft
 Skirt, via hautelook // Flats, Bandolino old, via zulily
 Louis Vuitton, preloved

on Lucy:
onesie, LOVED by Grandma, Old Navy (only $5.90!)
tights, Carters
barefoot just because


when i took us to the wrong church {day 2 photo diary}

Day 2 of our Spring break was our first full day in Orlando. 
We went to the resort pool. The water was so cold.  Daniel enjoyed the hot tub more than anything. Lucy and Lola just hung out by the poolside getting their tan (not).

Now here's an obligatory palm tree + sky shot...
when in Florida, eh?
Thanks again to my inlaws for letting us use their timeshare points. The children loved the spaceous 2bedroom condo.


drugstore make-up wins and updates

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top, old, Anthropologie
ripped jeans, Topshop
wedge sandals via zulily


how we loaded a mid-size SUV with 3 adults and 4 carseats {travel photo diary}

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Day 1 of our spring break was A LOT  of driving. 14 hours became 18 hours with all the stops. I drove about 2 hours of those 14 hours. Rest were by captain Hubs.

I was afraid to go over the speed limit so I did not make good time when I was co-piloting.


baby Lucy update ~ 9 mos

It's not too late to post this. Lucy is 9 mos + 18 days. even if she's 9 mos and 29 days, I should still be ok right? RIGHT.

Also what  better day to post this -- but the day my grandma (Lucy's greatgrandma!) turned 80 years young. Yes, it's her birthday today. Happy 80th, mama!

This post is for you!

weight: 15.7 lbs (3rd-5th%tile)
length: 26 inches (5-10%tile)


in which we braved another long drive {7QT}

Hello hello! Pretty quiet on the blog this week. But not on snapchat or Instagram.
The crew loved the 80s temps down in Florida. We are NOT excited to go back where it's 40 degrees cooler.

{1} drive down

This was one of the stops because crying babies --- eeeh... It's too stressful.
There's nothing a little cuddling and a little DQ blizzard won't fix.


what happens after morning rounds?

The day in the life series continues....
for the first half of my day as pediatric resident intern -- head here.

We left off around noonish.

Rounds are supposed to be over at this point. sometimes, we do have to have afternoon rounds.... oh painful... but when the list explodes to 20 or so patients, we do not have a choice.

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