7 quick takes Vol 7

At 8a Nov. 30th Friday, I have finished my last in-hospital call EVAH! Thank you JESUS!   I have been sleeping in the hospital for the past 4.5 years every 4-8days. I am so, so glad I will be home with my kids and hubs when I take call from now on.... Yippee! for home call.
(another milestone in a resident physician's life!)

On a sad note: please pray for a colleague's family. She passed away after battling metastatic melanoma. She had 3 young kids (ages: 7, 5, barely 2 year old). It breaks my heart that these kids lost their momma at such a young age. Please pray for them.

To celebrate advent, we are going to light our advent wreath during dinner time. Our wreath has just been a decoration for the past 4-5 years. It's time to use those candles from the Girl scout fundraiser! Would you like more ideas on how to celebrate advent with your kids? Here's an easy advent wreath craft that you can do. Daniel and I are going to make one this weekend.

Retirement. Happy last day at work my FIL, Frank Delima. (My kids are surprising their Lolo at his retirement party later at 1p....shhhh... it's a suprise)

As for me: this is where I will be retiring:

It does not hurt to dream. ....... for awhile.
Christmas cards. Thank you little sister for taking our family pictures last week. We coordinated our outfits (as usual!) My sister took days --> weeks to plan their outfits. Moi? minutes! I have been so busy at work and planning Isabel's party etc that I haven't had a chance to sit down and look at everyone's wardrobe! Good thing: my hubs and Daniel are pretty much Gap/B-rep/Old Navy folks. Bottom line - they have tons of solid colored shirts. Easy enough!

One of last year's family photo (that did not make our Christmas card)
Isabel was just a newborn.
And look at my post-partum FAT cheeks!

Christmas decorations are up. Thanks to Hubs and Daniel. Same theme as last year -- silver, silver and more silver.

Our tiny, weeny, little Christmas tree is retiring for a year. Derrick is afraid that Isabel is gonna tear this down in seconds! This was my tree in my first apartment (first Christmas living alone). It made a reappearance when Disis got married and Daniel was born.

Check it out:

Let's end this edition of 7QT with a Q&A:
Favorite Christmas Song: Hark the Herald... close behind: Silent Night, Gloria, O Holy Night, O Come All Ye Faithful
Favorite Christmas Movie: Love Actually
Favorite Christmas Treat: Bibingka
Delima Family Christmas Tradition: Opening a present on Christmas Eve (Midnight) and then opening the rest of the presents Christmas Day!
Favorite Filipino Christmas Tradition: Simbang Gami - Novena (going to Mass at Dawn for 9 consecutive days before Christmas)

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Midweek Mania

List from Sunday Social and Emily's blog.

{4 Jobs You've Had in Your Life}

1. Pediatrics resident and Child Neurology resident - I am nearing the official  mark of my PGY5 year. Dec 4th y'all is my promotion day. I can already smell the sweet aroma of the last year of residency.
2. Research Assistant - During my undergrad year, I was a lab assistant at Dr. C's Cancer lab. please don't be mad PETA, I worked with hamsters. The money I saved went to purchase my upright piano.
3. Server at a Mom and Pop's store - For about 2 years I worked in the little town of Danville IN (west side of Indy) where I was probably one of a few Asians in that town. I was called "Issi" (the old folks slash regulars could not pronounce Isis); received dollar coins for tips. The money I saved there was used to get Ethan (my first VAIO laptop!)
4. Mrs. D - my favorite job by far. wife to D, mum of Daniel and Isabel.

{4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over}

1. Harry Potter (any of the 7 movies)
2. Love Actually/The Holiday
3. Avatar/Titanic
4. Alladin
{4 Places You Have Lived}

1. Pampanga, Philippines (first 17 years of my life)
2. Muncie, IN (first 2 years of med school)
3. Broad Ripple, Indy (to be more precise: So-Bro ~~south of Broad Ripple) last 2 years of med school
4. Indianapolis, IN (undergrad, residency).

{4 of Your Favorite Foods}

Ice Cream
Toblerone, Dark Chocolate, Nutella
Bacon (haha)

{4 Things You Always Carry With You}

Credit Cards
my new Red Hot lipstick
(children -- I wish I could say that)

{4 Places You Have Been on Vacation}

1. Paris and London -Disis honeymoon 2006


2. Boracay, Philippines - another D-isis honeymoon 2007

He's trying to win my heart -- by climbing a coconut tree to get me fresh coconut juice!

3. Kauai - Medschool graduation gift from hubs 2008. I want to go back...... please.

Na Pali Coast

4. Italia (Roma, Assisi, Venezia, Florence, Castel Gandolfo, Nettuno, Pompeii) - Church Youth Pilgrimage 2004 (post college grad gift to myself)

I want to go backto Italy. Next time with hubs whose lifelong dream is to visit Rome! and see the Pope of course.


Snake-y Tuesday

I could not think of anything witty that rhymes with Tuesday so I could share a pict of my "fun" dansko. I got these venomous python clogs last spring 2010. L-O-V-E them. If I want to spice up a workday, these are definitely my go-to shoes. They are comfy, stylish and GREEN!

I wore them on-call when I recently got them and had code-blues during my overnight shifts.  So I stopped wearing them on-call.... But they are still perfect (not so bad luck) during the day.

Time to head out and help some Junior Med Students (aka student doctors) practice their Neurological exam skills.
What are you up to today?


What I Wore Sunday Vol. 1

3 awesome reasons to sing praises this Sunday.

It's the Feast of Christ the King

Isabel Francesca Delima celebrates her day of birth

Colts home game today {{and they won!}}

And here's my outfit of the day:

During the game:
top: Colts long sleeve tee
jeans: Ann Taylor

Birthday girl:
sweater dress: Old navy
tights: Target

Kuya Daniel:
Colts hoodie
gap jeans (not shown)
red tee

For Mass and dinner afterwards:
turtleneck: The Gap
peplum skirt: piperlime (i love shopping online!)
boots: payless
tights: Vera Wang
must have accessory: baby

Fr. Roberts' Sunday Message (hot off the bulletin!)

For more W.I.W.S, check out the gals at finelinen and purple.

Dance for Isabel. She is ONE!

I have a special day planned for my lovely Belle. Since we had the bday party yesterday, I will make something so, so, so special for Isabel on her birthday! Just us, just Disis, Daniel and Isabel.

My mornings are so hectic. I am always, always running out of the house in a frenzy trying to get to the hospital. So my breakfast is usually quick and honestly, can be boring. I switch them around: bagels, peanut butter toast with fruit, oatmeal, cereal. I don't ever make pancakes when it's a workday.

Since it's a special day and it's Sunday, I can actually make pancakes for the family!
Here's the recipe I found on PBS. It's perfect for the fall and holiday season. It's perfect for my cute 1 year old! She is such a good eater. It gives me great joy that she eats what I make. I am adding chocolate chips as an even awesome-r treat.

Menu for Isabel's Brunch:
  • Whole grain gingerbread pancakes
  • Ham and Egg breakfast casserole (thanks. Dr. B. You're such an inspiration. Momma, neurogeneticist in the making, busy, busy but a great chef!)
  • Hot chocolate, Coffee, OJ

12 months ago: this chunky cuteness was born. I am so blessed to have been given the responsbility of raising her! Didn't God say "take care of them, remember they are mine." {{scroll to the bottom}}

[5] and you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.
[6] And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart;
[7] and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.
Deuteronomy 6:5-7

For more Isabel milestones:


Ballerina party

My little ballerina had her first birthday party this afternoon. So much pink, so much candy, so much food, so much fun!

Here's just a preview of pictures. My sister {{the photographer}} took oh-so-better pix and I will post them here once she's done with them.

The adults were afraid of the sugar high from this treat table. It was a hit for the kids though! we have pink sweet popcorn, kisses, cookies, pink rock candy, pink marhmallows, pink licorice, pink M&Ms, pink lemonade and pink puto (Filipino rice cakes). Thank you mom, sheila and Dy for helping with the treat table.

My sister {{the photographer and baker}} made this specially just for Isabel. Strawberry-filled inside. YUMM.

And here's the birthday girl with her smash cake -- vanilla flavored specially baked just for her by her Tita Lady.

Head here to read about Isabel's name.


7 quick takes Vol. 6

It's the time of the week for 7QT and it does not even feel like a Friday. Feels like a very long {fun weekend} that already started yesterday. Thanks to:

  1. {Thanksgiving} oh what fun. My dad came from Baton Rouge. My sister and her fam came from GA.
  2. Found a {new website} for fun and quick and delicious recipes: eat, live, run. I have already made my list of recipes I'd like to try: slow cooker chicken tikka masala, whole wheat banana peach muffins, shrimp and rice casserole to name a few. Best of all, she's a great blogger, love her pictures, and she's a Christian. Meet Jenna.

    Jambalaya: before pict

    Jambalaya: after pict. I overcooked the rice :( too much liquid. But the fam still ate it!
    I brought home an empty pan!
3. Thanks to my lighter rotation {and happy mood} I was able to plan something (and actually get it done) for Thanksgiving. I made Jambalaya and  Roasted Carrots.

4. Had a date with my toddler this morning and watched {Wreck-it-Ralph}. Thanks Disney writers, you made me cry.....again. My little guy also cried on our way to the theater. He kept asking "where's daddy?" "why is daddy at home?" Broke....my..... heart...... That was even more proof that I need to spend quality time with him, one-on-one time. When I tuck him to bed, he says: "I want daddy to read me a book." ouch. dagger to mummy's heart.
Back to the movie: I recommend it. Just made me uncomfortable with the words that are obviously meant to be cu$$ words but changed since it's a kid movie.

one like a Son of man coming,
on the clouds of heaven

5. Feast of Christ the King this Sunday. We will have readings from the prophet Daniel (who my little one is named after). preview the readings here.
Another liturgical church year is ending... and Advent is near! Do you have any ideas on how you'll spend Advent as a family?

6.{Home call} schedule: Finalized this past week. My first home call on a weekend is during a Colts home game. I will be cheering for my team at home. My last in-hospital call is on Nov. 29th. To celebrate: my friend Sheila and hubs Derrick and kids are joining me for brunch and mimosas post-call (kids are NOT having mimosas, of course). The bell rings at 8a Nov. 30th and I am outta there ----> headed to merriment! 

7. Another big celebration coming up! Isabel Francesca is turning one year old -- my lovely princess born on Black Friday!

Happy post-Thanksgiving, Black Friday y'all!
Head to Jen Fulwiler's page for more 7QT


What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

I {heart} link-ups. Been following Katie's blog and tweets and discovered this new link-up What I wore Sunday. Oh what fun! This is such the perfect link-up because {1}Sunday is the Lord's Day {2} I love clothes and dressing up.

But for this entry, it's actually modified for Thanksgiving. Thanks to Grace!

cardi - VS Moda International
top - Ann Taylor Loft
belt - Macy's jrs
crossbody purse - my new Kate Spade (anniv gift)
tights -VS pink
boots - Zara (bought in France during Disis' honeymoon)

shirt - B.rep
jeans - Tommy H
Daniel (with mom's dog Spencer)
shirt - Janie and Jack
jeans - Old Navy

Tita Lady (my sister) and Isabel
cardi- Old Navy
shirt -??? she does not remember
jeans - Express
Isabel's cute ballerina outfit - from zulily

I don't own a fancy expensive camera. photos taken from my iPhone cam.

Go to Camp patton for more "what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner" pix.

Not your typical Thanksgiving dinner

Hi Friends,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Derrick, the kids and I are going to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner (which is technically a very, very long lunch). We basically eat and eat and eat all day. We are serving the following:

Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimp in Tamarind Broth) - warning: not recommended as an introduction entree/soup for an All-American guy/gal trying out Filipino food. The broth is sour. It's an acquired taste. Even my hubs, who is All-American/All-Filipino rolled into one(does that make sense?) who LOVES Filipino food does not like this soup.....at all...

Beef Tenderloin



Cranberry and Stuffing

Biko (Sweet Rice Cake) - my MIL always makes this dessert for our family gatherings (not that I am complaining!)

Baked Asparagus

Baked squash, zucchini etc.

Roasted Carrots with Honey Ginger Glaze - I figured if I make a vege side dish with honey sweetness, my picky toddler might eat it.

Jambalaya with shrimp and Andouille sausage - I randomly mentioned to mom that I am going to share this for the Thanksgiving spread. Since then, I cannot retract this suggestion even though I proposed other, more traditional Thanksgiving dishes. I served this recipe at a Cajun/New Orleans theme post-Holiday work party and the peeps liked it there. I made this once for my mom too. Must have been pretty good and she wants me to make it again.

Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie - I am excited for this pie. My sister is making it. yum.

Pecan Pie - again my little sis (who is definitely a better baker than me!) is making this. It's a new recipe that does not use corn syrup. She is adding sweet chocolate chips {as if the triple  chocolate pumpkin pie is not enough chocolate to satisfy our sugar receptors in our tongue and brain). She said she used this pie crust recipe that is Uber Buttery and flaky (per her exact words!)

Yup, not your typical Thanksgiving menu. But it totally shows the quirkiness of our extended family!

Eat responsibly!


Lovin' Life

I am very famous for my recaps as I fail to blog regularly. I seem to do in bursts. Who can blame me? As long as I do it eventually, right? If you follow me on twitter, I have more frequent posts there. Something I am more consistent doing. Something quick. Something that can be done without turning on a computer. What if I get an iPad this Christmas season? Will I blog more? any thoughts?

Let the ff pictures tell the story of the rest of the summer and autumn 2012. I am definitely lovin' life.

It rained the day before we went to the pumpkin patch. Poor pumpkins... most were soggy and wet.

Daniel loves tractors

Spidey and Spidey

My mom and I also ran the Color Run in downtown Indy.
Before picture

After picture

We also had our last summer trip at Lake Michigan. Enjoyed the sun and sand one last time before the cold air sets in.

Disis also celebrated 6th year wedding anniversary. Derrick and I watched the Colts-Packers game *and the COLTS WON! Then we headed to Fogo De Chao -- a fave steak place of Derrick. And then spenta nice quiet night without the kids downtown.

post anniv pict after brunch... isn't Indy beautiful?

And by the way..... we are Colts Season ticket holders! Boo yah!

And who can tell me how to flip my pictures? as you can tell, some are posted sideways. Cannot trouble shoot right now, gotta do mummy duties! babes crying and ready for bed!
Nighty night.....
Enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
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