Taste-y Tuesdays {shrimp and rice casserole}

Usually I'm NOT a casserole fan.
But this one won my heart. Because
1) it has shrimp
2) it is easy
3) it is tastey and delicious

I made it about 3 weeks ago and since then been dreaming of making it again for the fam!

We got this deal from Costco. 2 lbs of raw shrimp for $12.99. Awesome!

I used the entire bag. I'm known to add ingredients in excess! Didn't want to set aside 1/2 lb for another day.

I left the tails on the raw shrimp. I just enjoy my shrimp more and "I have to work for it" (I. E. peel and eat shrimp)

I also added 2.5 cups of raw rice instead of 2. The last time I made this, the rice was gooey enough that the wet ingredients can still handle a lil bit more rice.

You may use red or green bell pepper. I have a green bell pepper in the fridge so that's what I used.

Here's the quickie version {thanks to Jenna!}

{1} melt 4 tbsp of butter in a 12 x 9 casserole dish in the oven set at 350degrees

{2} mix 1 1/2 lbs {or 2!} raw shrimp (tails on), 2.5 cups raw white rice, 1 can (10.75 oz) Cream of Celery soup,1 can (10.75 oz) Cream of Chicken soup {fat free if you like}, 1 can (10 oz) Ro-tel (diced tomatoes & green chilies), 1 tsp salt, 1 yellow onion, diced, 1 red bell pepper (diced), 1/2 tsp pepper in a big bowl.

{3} Dump everything in the casserole dish with melted butter. Mix well.

{4} Cover dish with foil and cook for 30 mins.

{5} After 30 mins,re- stir and cover again. Cook for additional 45 mins.

Here's the final product!
A regular recipe in the Delima household! And my toddler loves it. {guess who? Not the picky one of course}

For the original recipe, visit this awesome site!!!


Weekend recap {what I wore Sunday vol 10}

Happy Sunday!

A well deserved family weekend after working 12 days straight!
My Friday started with date night with hubs. My belly was happy.

Here's a selfie-washroom pict.

Cardi-Elle from kohls
Cowlneck Sweater dress- banana rep.
Belt- mom's
Purse- Louis splurge from 2010 Christmas present

Then date with Lil D sat morning. We saw Disney on Ice.

The afternoon was spent with my Isabel. We went out shopping for shoes. I almost bought a $47 {not on sale} but oh so cute Skechers that lite up.
I'm gonna wait for a coupon and/or a great sale.

And our Sunday was well rested. Spent with family and our weekly date with Jesus.

Here's what we wore:

Sweater: the Gap
Skirt: piperlime
Boots: shoe carnival (not shown)
Accessories: pearls from my grandma

Isabellie with her Costco loot:
Hoodie: from Ninang Sheila (target)
Skegging: skirt and legging from Ninang Sheila (target)
Her Olay moisturizer and herbal essences conditioner (high maintenance for such a 14 mo babe)

For more outfit ideas: visit our lovely hosts

Third Sunday in ordinary time

That's the book for me


7 quick takes Vol 15

1...... I depend so much on my calendar on my iPhone. When I upgraded the software all my calendar entries were erased? Why??!!
We were a week late celebrating Isabel's baptism anniversary! I thought it was the 21st of January! When in fact it's the 15th -- last Tuesday. {I should have double checked using my blog!}
Well, better late than never. Derrick got us flying cupcake treats {cos I worked today}
The red velvet cake is the family's favorite!

Isabel with the look: "Just give it to me, mummy!"

2..... check out this beautiful post by Caitlin about the beauty of NFP. Maybe someday I will also have the courage to post about NFP and my marriage. way to go Caitlin!

3....... My daily shower is a retreat. It's so relaxing and peaceful. I even make plans and such during my 15 minute alone-time. So where am i going with this? My shower head has accumulated so much calcium. Water here in Indy is 'semi - hard'. I finally gave in and bought a new shower head... And I'm in love!
It's definitely worth the $32! This has 7-settings. And my fave s the rainfall!

Picture source

4....... Workout: besides going to Zumba once a week, I play just dance on our wii. My dance partner: Lil D.

The workout is not as intense and calorie-burning as my Zumba class but its nice to spend time with the kids and exercise with them .

5...... Video I am sharing. They're celebrating! it's gonna be a Harbaugh Bowl!

YouTube Video

6...... Now on to more serious topics:
I am joining cathsorority for the #GoDark4Life campaign.
it's been 40 years since Roe vs. Wade and abortion was legalized in the US.
55 MILLION Babies and counting have died.
hence the early 7 QT edition this week.

Tomorrow, no twitter, no FB, no foursquare for me.....
Join us!

7...... One last pict to leave you:
These are the reasons why I am pro-LIFE. Why I pray everyday for the end of abortion.

Certainly sons are a gift from the LORD,
the fruit of the womb, a reward.

Psalm 127:3

Join Jen for more 7qt.



Me: what's the temp right now?

Siri: brrrrrr.... It's 5 degrees

Oh how I wish I'm back in the Philippines (or vacationing in Aruba)

Love this cropped sweater/turtleneck. Sooooo comfy.

My motto: when you're down, unhappy (cos it's -20 with windchill!) spice it up with fun outfits!

And here's the cutest cuteeeee ever:

Happy Tuesday from the North Pole.


My kids are talented

The dancer

The singer

{he built this city....}


Red & Gold {wiws vol 9}

Hello, hello fine ladies and gents! It's a red and gold weekend....the football fans would understand. The SF 49ers (hubs' team) are playing this weekend.

I will be a supportive wife.... But first things first!
It's Sunday! The fam and I went to saturday vigil Mass.

Sharing what Isabel and I wore. {sorry for blurry faces, thanks mr. Photographer! You know who you are!}
With the beauty queen pose... Hand on hip.
And my mini me.....

The accessories........

The shoes......

I wore my vest again for this week's Mass. It's so comfy and warm.

Outfit Details:
Top: A&F
Leggings: A&F
Vest: RL
Boots: Minnetonka double fringe
Choker and necklace - shells from Boracay, Philippines

Baby girl:
London fog jacket thanks Costco
Tights ON
Dress (not shown also old Navy)

Kids Mass behaviors:
Daniel - Dminus
Isabel - Cplus

I'm not very generous today. Daniel danced like crazy in the cry room. Isabel walked, crawled all over the place trying to clean the floor with her dress.... Maybe....

And just cause I said red and gold here's what I wore at work today in honor of the SF 49ers!

For Fr. Guy's message

For today's Mass readings

For my first wiws entry.... How about the second one? ...... And last week's?!

For more outfit ideas --- thanks finelinenandpurple for hosting....


7 quick takes vol 14

1..... It's the first week, first Friday of ordinary time. Christmas hoopla is officially over. Not in the Delima household though. The nativity set is still displayed. Christmas tree still lit up.
I hope the tree won't have to see Ash Wednesday!

2..... Why is my toddler so tired after school? We are lucky that the kids only go part time to daycare now. My FIL retired and takes care of the kids twice a week. The rest of the time, they go to school.
My toddler sleeps in the car Lan the ride home.... Sometimes even napping for another half an hour or more!
Well think about it: the kids are free to play whatever toys they have in the room in school. The place is toddler-proof. Nobody to say: "don't touch that! No not that!" Kids run around, mess with whatever their little hands could tear, play with whatever book or playset they want.
No wonder at the end of the day, they're just wiped out. Their little minds (and hands... and feet) are kept busy!

3..... Here's my shameless plugfor taste-y Tuesdays. And another one here. Maybe it will be a link-up in the future?

4..... Another week has passed in the hospital world..... Prayers please that ill make it this weekend. It's another 'black weekend'
Working 12 days straight is just NO fun!
Imagine 21 consecutive days for some resident doctors. I never had to do that. 15 consecutive work days without days off already drove me crazy 'back in the days'
Even the hard-core, compassionate doctor need time away from the hospital to replenish strength, motivation and drive.

5.....my bible verse right now: 'I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength'. Philippians 4:13
Yup it's Friday
And I'm tired
And I need to keep going.

6..... Prayer request: my BIL's dad might need quadruple bypass.

7..... Picture thought I'm sharing.
Baby girl this week
She loves her Cheerios.....

Head to Jen's site for more interesting quick takes.


Taste-y Tuesdays {Salads galore!}

After the sugary, yummy foods I ate last Christmas break I was ready for fresh light meals like salads!
My two faves right now (that I rotate so I don't get toooooo bored of them) are:

Prosciutto Salad
3 cups of greens (sweet baby lettuce is yummmy!)
shredded parmesan cheese
sprinkle of craisins
1/2 cup of mandarin oranges or diced peaches (I use Del Monte no sugar added pack, drained)
3 oz of prosciutto

My dressing
3 parts balsamic vinegar
1 part EVOO
a "shake" of italian seasoning
{warning: I like my dressing sour-y, so if above combo is TOO sour for you, then change accd to taste)

Here's my prosciutto salad. Minus the fruit. I went overboard with the prosciutto. I use less......

My other "new" fave salad
{adapted from: Jenna Weber}
3 cups of spring mix salad
1-2 spoonfuls of hummus
veggie burger (I used morning star sausage patties, I need to go to Trader Joe's and find me a real veggie burger!) microwaved and crumbled
lotsa feta cheese (I don't like goat cheese)

oh my, this salad will keep you full! I love it.


Happy Feast of the Baptism of The Lord {wiws vol 8}

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of The Lord officially completing the Christmas season.

This feast is quite a celebration in my hometown. We have a black Nazarene in our parish. Hundreds of people come to our tiny little town for pilgrimage and devotion to our Nazarene.

But our celebration and pilgrims are 'nothing' compared to crowd in Quiapo, Manila on this feast day. Yearly, millions and millions of people join the Black Nazarene statue in its Translacion or passage to the Minor Basilica.

Picture source
I can't even see Jesus. Just his cross.... And tons of pilgrims.

I have never been to the procession. It's quite scary because of the crowd.

And to end the suspense, here's what we wore to Mass this feastday. {we didn't join any procession}

Outfit details:
Sweater Dress - VS moda international
Belt - ? Forgot where I got it years & years ago
Puffer vest - Ralph Lauren
Tights - kohls
Boots - Payless
Our lady of Miraculous Medal ring - from my mom
Gold bangle - from my grandma given to me on my wedding day
Necklace - from hubs [our first valentines day tpgether]
Crucifix - from my grandma

For this Sunday's message [fr. Guy's]

For more lovely outfits, finelinenandpurple has more.


7 quick takes Vol 13

Happy birthday my god daughter Adrielle. You're three years old!

I hope you're feeling much better today. No more stomach bug I hope.
This is where I work. What a cool atrium!

I'm addicted to once upon a time series.... Borrowed season 1 from the library and can't get enough of it.
I should be reading this instead.....
Monday's outfit inspired by a fellow wiws blogger in the medical field. Saw her bright skirt which reminded me to bust out my mustard chinos from jcrew.
Barely seen in this pict {from wash room again } I.... Need..... A photographer.... Seriously....

Monday outfit details: black gap turtleneck, jcrew chinos
And another outfit to share:
Can u spot hubs?

Wednesday outfit details: vs moda international sweater, belt [my mom's], cord skirt from forever xxi, tights Kohls
Boy --- cutieeeee!
And Thursday's outfit:

Banana rep merino wool sweater, piperlime poplin skirt

See the poplin detail. Love it.
{Old} Boots - Aldo's
Such a special day too because I have a date!
At 6p or so, it's the start of my golden weekend [2 days off]. To kick it off, hubs and I are going to our fave Italian restaurant.

Happy friday y'all!
Who are u rooting for this weekend? I hope Peyton plays well.... And hubs' team sf 49ers kick some bu++!

Check out Jen's page for more


Verses {4}

"Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid!”
Mark 6:50b NAB

Love letter
I will not tire reminding you that you are not alone. I'm with you through rough waters. Come, have faith. Be strong. Do the impossible in the eyes of man --- and walk on the water with ME.
All my love,

Share a saint
San Lorenzo de Ruiz - martyr, layman
patron saint of the Philippines, Filipinos
Feast day - September 28th

"Ego Catholicus sum et animo prompto paratoque pro Deo mortem obibo. Si mille vitas haberem, cunctas ei offerrem."
In English:
"I am a Catholic and wholeheartedly do accept death for the Lord; If I had a thousand lives, all these I shall offer to Him." - San Lorenzo

Binondo church in the Philippines, main shrine of st. Lorenzo picture source

Prayer request
For all those fallen away Catholics, Christians -- may they come back home....
And my goddaughter Adrielle who is sick with gastroenteritis. May she feel better soon.


Taste-y Tuesdays {best of.....}

To start this series: let's start with the best of the best! At least according to my (and hubs') palate!
Best Alfredo sauce: my criteria includes tasty and also healthy. I finally found this on cooking light and I love it.

Not my picture -- but mine turned out just like it. (Source)
Best slow cooker pot roast: my own (a variation from my med school friend} it's also the first meal I made for my then bf Derrick. Won him over obviously.
Pot roast 3-5 lbs (I usually stick to 3)
3 cloves Garlic peeled and crushed and chopped
Salt and pepper
3-4 Potatoes quartered
2 cups baby carrots
1 green bell pepper sliced
1 tbsp of cinnamon
1/4 cup of water
Sometimes I add: one sliced apple or peaches
So easy even a caveman could do it
Place veges except bell pepper {and fruit if using } at the bottom of slow cooker
Pierce roast several times with knife and insert garlic in the meat
Rub roast with salt and pepper and cinnamon
Place roast on top of veges.
Add water
Cook on low 7-8 hours (basically when I leave for work and get home)
Last 20-30 mins of cooking, add green bell pepper and turn slow cooker to high.
Tada! That's it!
Other helpful tip: I love slow cookers because I honestly don't even measure my veges. I just dump everything in the pot!

Best lettuce wrap: thanks to my trusty quick and easy Chinese cookbook, I've made this recipe for my mom, friends, several times for my fam and it's always a hit! Will share this recipe in future posts!

Best spare ribs recipe: real simple slow cooker version won our family's hearts and bellies. I use whatever vinegar I have at home. Balsamic or apple cider -- either one worked perfectly.
Made it for our Super Bowl party.... And also for Isabel's bday.

Again not my photo..... (Source)

Best tikka masala: thanks to Jenna weber, finally found a recipe from scratch that is so close to the one served at the Indian resto near our house.
My modification: I used less heavy cream
And also I didn't do all the pre-cooking. I just prepped the chicken and sauce in separate bowls then dumped everything in my slow cooker and let the cooker do its thang!

I'll share other fam favorites next week.

Happy Tuesday!


Tall.... And skinny....

Ms. Isabel went to her one year well child check last Friday. It was a month late -- not because I'm a slacker mom but because it got moved even farther away when we went GA for a quick weekend trip.
She is a whopping 18 lbs 6 oz! At 13 months and still under 20 lbs, she still has to ride cars rear-facing.

Stats of ms. Belle:
Weight 18 lbs 6 oz 5th %ile
Height 31 inches 50th %ile
OFC 45 cm

She's tall {- ish} and skinny....

For parent hand outs of 12 mo old babes

For list of developmental milestones of a 12 mo old [ way to go Belle! You passed this]

Milestones to look forward to these toddler years

Sample menu for a one year old. Isabel is right on target. She loves yogurt, cereal and fruit plus breast milk or whole milk for bfast. Cereal or a slice of toast or crackers for snack. Mashed cooked veges, rice for lunch. Whatever I make for dinner she eats too!

We are blessed to have such a healthy baby girl! She's growing up way too fast for me! She's a toddler now.


What I wore Sunday vol 7 {true blue}

I bleed blue!
It's a big day today. Colts are playing at 1p. Since its my black weekend again, we went to Mass yesterday. I love going to 5:30p Mass.
Here's the evolution of my Mass schedule through the years:
6:30p grade school and high school in the Philippines
8a in college (no kidding!)
10a my senior year in college
11:15a first two years of med school
Noon last two years of med school
5:30p and noon when we only had Daniel
5:30p either Saturday or Sunday now {ms. Isabel is cranky for a nap or hungry whenever we go to 10:30a or noon mass}
Here's the D- to the - E to the Lima gals

Here's my trusty washroom close-up pict.

Outfit details:
Sailor Top - VS moda international from college.
Cami - ny & co
Watch - swatch
Lanyard - Vera Bradley from the mega annual sale
Boot cut pants - jcrew
Clogs - dansko red patent {similar - mine is from intern year 4 1/2 yrs ago}
Necklace - diamond and sapphire horseshoe pendant {bday present from hubs in 2008} to match my engagement and wedding rings {similar - mine's white gold}
Scarf - colts
Lipstick - L'oreal True Red
Baby Belle
Sweater dress - little miss attitude {gift}
Tights with bows - old navy
Soft soles - Robeez {similar - hers is in lite pink gift from my sissy}
Long Cardi - Gymboree {gift}
Cuteness - 1/2 Isis 1/2 Derrick

Since I'm a true blue fan here's an extra pict of me at work on blue Friday

Happy Solemnity of the Epiphany of The Lord.
A verse for me to memorize this week.....

Though darkness covers the earth,
and thick clouds, the peoples,
Upon you the LORD will dawn,
and over you his glory will be seen.
Isaiah 60:2

For Fr. Roberts' message

For more Wiws bloggers: head to Finelinenandpurple

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