sunblock review

Long time, no blog.
The crew went to North Topsail, NC for a week. We used ounces and ounces of spray sunscreen and lotion sunscreen. Just as expected with 5 children everyday for a week going to the beach twice a day for 2-3 hours at a time.

I am amazed with the different brands of sunscreen we used.

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We are also full Filipino with lots of melanin. So we tan but we can also burn if not enough sunscreen applied.  We have used some brands with my niece and nephew who have fairer/lighter 1/2 German 1/2 Filipino skin. They get red before they tan.

here we go


1       //        //       //    4       //     5      //      6    //     7     //       8

Coppertone SPF 50
Application: continuous spray
Scent: okay, no strong odor
Effectiveness: This works the best for our children and my nephew.  We had to reapply around 60-80 minutes of sun exposure to be safe.
Overall grade: A+

Banana Boat SPF 50
Application: Thick lotion so it's not as easy to spread around body
Scent: usual sunblock smell, not overtly strong scent
Effectiveness: It protected  my children. They were still tan but we prevented redness on their cheeks and shoulders.
Overall grade: B

Australian Gold
Application:  Thick lotion but not as thick as the banana boat
Scent:usual, not overtly strong 
Effectiveness:  I used it on my already tan children. My nephew burned his fair skin.
Overall grade:

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30

Application: easy to apply, lightweight lotion 
Scent: coconut, sweet smell 
Effectiveness: Effective but must be reapplied every 60-80 minutes. If you plan on staying at the beach 5-6 hours per day, you will need a higher SPF. I do not think Hawaiian Tropic has anything higher than 30 though. Effective ~2 hours per day with infrequent visits. I have to give it a C if planning to stay in the sun 5-6 hours/day 6 days in a row. SPF 30 was not enough for me.  
Overall grade: A/C (see above)

Aveeno baby SPF 55
Application: easy to apply
Scent: unscented 
Effectiveness: perfect! We use aveeno baby products for our babies < 1 year old. Lucy could have burned without this. I also used it on my face every now and then.
Overall grade:  A+


more nsale picks

The nordstrom anniversary sale is finally open to the public, not just card-holders.
Here are my picks!

Franco Sarto booties - my fave wedges and booties are FS. I am wishlistin' this one.  It comes in dark burgundy (what I want!), grey, light tan, black leather.

Louise et Cie Jael shoulder bag - this reminds me of a Chloe-dupe. It's real suede and leather. 

Love, Fire off the shoulder dress - how adorable is this dress in chambray?

BP. plaid square scarf - I was obsessed with these blanket scarfs last winter season. I think they are still BIG this coming season. This sale price can't be beat for sure!

Rebecca minkoff crossbody - it's a Chanel boy bag for a fraction of the cost. As much as I'd like to add a Chanel boy bag in my collection, I cannot seem to swallow spending $3-5K (ouch!) for one bag. This one does not cost that much!

 Louise et Cie Jayde Mary Janes - The blocked heel gives more stability. Then the Mary Jane look just totally got me. It's my fave shoe type (besides the espadrilles).

Maggy London scuba midi dress - adorable!

For my other picks, check this one out. 

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girl talk

top, thrifted
skirt, ancient skirt, Loft

on Isabel: thanks @r4Lmarket for the top and shorts

awesome decision last year
 I was leaning towards getting a red bag
but glad I went with a the perfect neutral

 sandals, so comfy, similar
necklace, c/o my HS bff, from zulily

It's been awhile since I have done a post of Isabel-isms.

My mom: Isabel is the smartest. She remembers everything. 
... a few minutes later... we heard her say to her sibs: I am a genius.



Daniel's first birthday
Eagle Creek Park
Theme: Buzz LightYear 

Daniel's 2nd birthday party
BR park
Theme: Diego


cry room or not?

top, anthropologie, last year's sale
flats via zulily
LV in mon monogram

We are not the family who stays in the cry room during Mass. However, we do take the rambunctious, misbehaving toddlers/babies at the back of the Church.

We used the cry room before... but the move ended up backfiring on us. It's as if the children are given free pass to play or read aloud or even walk around with their bag of cheerios. (FYI, we stopped giving children snacks, even the toddlers... they abused it so that privilege for the babies is gone).

We sometimes go to another late morning Mass at a different parish. If we are running late, which is most of the time when we go there, we end up staying inside the cry room instead of trudging along to one of the side pews.

I am not against cry rooms. They are a good resource for crying babies (obviously), for nursing moms who don't want to feed in the main room or for even babbling children who love to hear their voice so they talk and babble nonstop.

I just think I am worse at managing/watching my children when we are in the cry room. Hubs also think that we are "rewarding" them when we take them there... so we just avoid it at baseline.


dress as old as my oldest -- minus a year {wiws}

old dress, Gap, year 2010
Chloe sandals, similar
lipstick, Tempt Berry

I am that person who PLANS her outfits. If there is a special day, I have a new outfit to remember it by. Graduation, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays...  It does not have to be my birthday either.
This is the SAME dress I wore at Daniel's first birthday. 
Things have somewhat changed. I still plan my outfits but I don't have a "new" outfit for every single child's birthday. Priorities change... plus I had to get the house ready for 5 boys to play Nintendo smash brothers.

Yesterday morning, I asked hubs what I should wear.
I know I wanted to wear something nice already for Vigil Mass. I saw hubs wear his green polo... then I saw this old dress!

ha. it still fits me... but you can tell I would have been better off with one size bigger with my current body habitus. 


my first look and seven likes on the N (pre)sale

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What's all this hoopla about the Nordstrom sale?

I was curious so I checked it out.  First browse around, here are my first 7 likes... if you find something please share.

1.This Longchamp  tote is expandable. It comes in different colors. There's black and beige-- if you like neutrals vs. this baby blue.

2. Flats are still a rage, specially lace up ones. 
The one above has studs on the heel. 

3.  Topshop makes the best high rise skinnies! I have truly embrace the mom-jean. love the rips on this pair. (I own this exact one!)

4. Wedge + sandals + suede = LOVE IT.  This comes in black and cognac leather too, besides the suede.

5. I love this pink bow dress.  Maybe something the Duchess of Cambridge will wear -- maybe with a smaller bow?

6. This  pair of Burberry aviators  are so pretty! they cost less than Rayban aviators because they are on sale.

7. Looks like I gravitate towards shoes --  because here's another one with nice cutout design.

I have also heard that the following are the first ones to sell out pretty quickly:
Tory Burch riding boots
Michael Kors watches

Ugg Boots
Tory Burch Handbags

It's early access sale right now (meaning for cardholders only)... then July 22 is the start of the regular sale.

Happy shopping!

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Lucy's watermelon party {photo diary}

Lucy's dress, Target
Isabel's watermelon dress, thank you @r4lmarket



Theme: Watermelon party
Colors: Red, green, black

Cake: Thank you, Marsh bakery. 1/2 white, 1/2 chocolate.

Food: Lucy's summer salad
Blue Cheese | Mandarin Oranges | Strawberries | Walnuts | Mixed Greens | homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette 

Filipino merienda: pancit and chicken adobo and rice


the talkative target employee

Dress, zulily
Salvatore Ferragamo flats
Crossbody, Valentino

on Isabel, dress, gap
sandals, c/o Lolo and Lola

on Bastian, shirt, gap
Saltwater Sandals via eBay

on Daniel, shirt Janie and Jack
Shorts, Old Navy
flipflops, c/o Auntie Feli


Have you chosen a checkout line and then regretted it?

I had a crying baby in the cart who wanted to be held. I saw one customer in front me. I thought, no big deal. He had a lot in the check out lane but it's going to be ok.

oh boy, was I wrong. 

I started unloading my items.
Mr. Target employee was scanning one item every 3-4 seconds.
He was nice. He was a people-person. But I did not need a people person that day, specially with a crying baby at Target.

By the time, I realized how slow (aka how talkative) he was, I already unloaded 2/3 of my items. He was still helping out the guy in front of me who probably only had 20 items total.



Top, old, Anthropologie
Skirt, Gap, thrifted
FlipFlops, old, BR
Givenchy Antigona

Necklace, gift from my mom

a few whining points... feel free to skip if you are having a good day.

Mr. Very-Late is scheduled to see me at 9a for new patient appointment. He and his family traveled 2.5 hours to see me (sad enough, there are not a lot of peds neurologist  so lots of my patients travel quite a bit to see me).
I have never met this family.
There was no phone call at all before 9a to let the office know that they are running behind.
9:30a: still no patient.
10a: still no patient.


what i wore to the hardware store


Top, BR
Skirt, Old Navy
Corso Como Del Pumps
Gucci swing tote, small
Lace headwrap, similar

I went to church first before going to Lowe's... but it's true: it's what I wore to the hardware store post. 
Did I feel overdressed? -- yes
Did it seem like people were looking at me? -- yes

Nevertheless, I felt like a bad-A$$ strutting down Lowe's with my 3 in stilettos.


Daniel wishlist

Click links or thumbnails. It will lead you to the item. Thank you!


Silver and red, walmart
Green and black bike Target
Black and orange, walmart

Baseball bat --  He needs size 27 inches but lengthwise, we still have to measure. We are thinking of getting this for him for Christmas since it's a big purchase.

Soccer goal - target

Pajama sets  - size 8
Shoes  - size 1 - 2 (this boy loves Nike's)
Uniform - light blue and red only size medium
socks medium - size 9 - 2.5

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wide leg trousers wishlist

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summer update {7QT}

dress, Old Navy
lace up flats, hautelook
Louis -- my babymoon present, 2015

1. If we are ig friends ~ you know that I went back to my dancer roots and signed up for summer ballet lessons. I am trying it out for 6 weeks to see if mommy guilt won't take over and I can leave the children for 1 hour every week. 


depression in physicians


I never knew how bad it was until I was on the "other side", until I was feeling better. 

During my first ward and clinical month as a third year student doctor, I was unprepared for my emotional reaction of taking care of patients. Being a type A person with a lot of OCD traits, I wanted perfection... peace... all t's crossed, all i's dotted. I did not want conflict. Sick people who don't listen to their doctors stressed me out. People leaving AMA (against medical advice) stressed me out. 

Residents appeared so over-worked. 

It was also a few months before my wedding day. 

So add third year clinicals + wedding day prep = ........ insert whatever you want to call this disease .....


if i was going to a wedding or date night, instead of chasing children


Does this outfit look familiar? like really, really familiar?
You are absolutely right! I just wore this outfit for church and posted it here. Let's play spot the difference. do you know that game? you compare PHOTO A and PHOTO B and spot the difference between the photos.

There are two things different from last week and this current post. I am being frivolous here. They are not hard to spot.


everything but blue, red or white

outfit deets:
peplum top, BR sale
tulip skirt, old
wedges, Valentino, save, mid-range, splurge
crossbody, Tory Burch
on Lucy
Romper, Gymboree


I have green, coral, black and gold.... everything but the colors for America. Why?
I love seeing the patriotic grams. But for church, I decided to deviate. It was after-all July 2nd so I had another two days to get my colors straight.
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