one thing at a time

One week down at work ... so how's the casa???
It took me this long to learn a few things about myself and how I adapt.

I took one thing at a time.
There you go.
One thing at a time.

I am the type of person to just go all out and plan things all at once. Of course, I want to finish them ALL at once, too! Then I end up overwhelming myself. 

I am a planner. I like to write lists and lay things out and see the bigger picture/outline. I finally realized that to ease the anxiety, I should tackle major stressors one at a time. 

I chose a date to start eating healthy. 
Then another date to start working out.
Then another date to working out in the morning. 

My former self would have chosen a date to do all three ALL at once. My former self would have been super anxious and worried.

When I went back to work, all those things above are in place and are part of my schedule. I was already going to bed early** and getting up before the kids wake up. So the transition was a little bit easier when I went back to work. 

In the past, I admit that I did all those things on my first day back at work -- get up early, eat like a rabbit and have sugar withdrawal, workout insanely, then try to get everybody out the door.  I was setting myself up for stress, anxiety and failure.

**early... I still try to sleep as early as I can but still end up falling asleep late :/

Plus, what was wrong with me thinking my kids will miss me or fall apart that i am now back at work?
again it's my underlying anxiety. it's ME... NOT them.
they are fine with their grandparents.
They are fine in school.
I don't think they even know much of a difference now that I am back at work.

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