almost a decade

We are never really ones to  give each other the traditional or modern gifts per anniversary year. In fact, for the past few years, he has been giving me leather items. If you check the modern anniversary gift for 9 years -- it's leather.

Remember this blue cute KSNY crossbody? It's from anniversary 2012 - our 6th year. I did not want candy, iron or wood.
Then this adorable black clutch? That's his gift for me from 2014.
This year? It's leather again. For once ~ we matched what the gifts should be for 9 years.

Confession: Shame on me though. I chose all those three things above. I got them all... and told him, you got me my anniv present. Thank you! Don't worry about getting me one. 

Does anybody else do that?

A few weeks ago when this beauty came, I told him he does not need to surprise me for our anniversary. He just blurted: don't expect to be surprised -- meaning I have gone over my handbag quota for the year... actually make it the next 5 years.

Hun, thanks so much for the past 9 years of love, patience and understanding. I am so lucky to have you. Don't surprise me this year... just give me extra hugs and kisses... and please take me out to dinner ;)
I love you lots.
Happy anniversary ~~ manana.


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  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm guilty of buying all of my birthday and Christmas presents myself. ;)


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