Pictures from August - November

Catching up with my picture posting....

Some pictures from the past few months.

Indiana State Fair August 2010

Afraid of feeding the sheep

Chicago weekend with the family and Maan

Enjoyed Maan's quick 1-week visit

Halloween 2010

The budding neurologist

Colts fans

Downtown Library

I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Downtown Central Library with my mummy and daddy a couple of weeks ago. I am 16 months old now... My mummy has not posted new pictures here in awhile. (She had an Intensive Care Unit rotation and just started her Neurology training in October. That's her excuse).

This picture made the cut for the Delima Christmas Card 2010.

I love to explore everything!

I love my mummy.

---Daniel Isaac

Thank you, Brickwall

The brickwall in front of our house was placed for one reason. That one reason is to stop all incoming cars from wrecking havoc to our home. Yesterday, the brickwall has proven its good use again.

Years ago, there was another big pine tree where this brickwall is now located. A car lost control during the turn and hit the pine tree. The fallen pine tree then collapsed and hit the front living room window. Then the brickwall was built.

Our hedge is ruined right in the middle.

Lord, Thank you our home is ok. Thank you for this brickwall.


Visiting NYC

4 days in Manhattan: sightseeing and meeting up with old friends

Radio music city hall

Prometheus at the famouse Rockefeller Plaza

Top of the Rock: Empire State Building

Central park

New York Stock Exchange at Wall Street

Chrysler building

Grand Central Station

Subway during rush hour (crazy tourists)

Times Square


Like Pooh

The Plaza Hotel at the background. With my best friend Rosario and her family.


Charleston, SC

I wanted to share some pictures from my trip to Charleston back in April. It's my papi's fault that these weren't up sooner.
This was our first stop in Charleston. My papi and mummy wanted to start at this church and cemetary. I was a little scared of the tombstone next to us. It had my name on it!

I saw a lot of horsees with carriages in Charleston. Too bad we didn't ride one!

I loved the architecture in Charleston. Here are some pictures of it.

Cobblestone street!
I also enjoyed watching a videotaping of some documentary! I don't know what's it for but they had to take several takes.

Here's a silly picture that mummy wanted my papi and I to take. She told me that she loves her boys!

What a beautiful city hall!

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