all about Daniel + outfit post

Daniel: (from left to right) this is my cousin, Nathaniel, mummy, me, Sebastian, Isabel, Daddy. 

D: what's a fire tornado?
DSr: I don't know.
D: You get sucked in the fire tornado. Then you die.

Me: We are dropping off food for the Oxford* family. They just had a new baby.
D: They don't have food for the baby?
Me: uhm.. no.... Baby drinks milk. The food is for the rest of the family.

iPhotos taken by my new photographer: (beware hubs.. you will be replaced..... pretty, pretty soon) 
{pretty sure, hubs is ok with that}

Oversized sweatshirt ~ urban outfitters from last season
Jeans ~ A&F
Booties ~ naturalizer, similar
Louis ~ gift, style discontinued, but may be found here...

*name change

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wrap dress {wiws}

The wrap dress is a favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge. (see here, here, and here). I think I only own one (or maybe a couple....) When I saw this at the hautelook website, I gave it a shot. Because if it did not work, I can always return it to any  nordstrom rack location.

I tried it on and it fit beautifully. This wrap dress hugs every single curve and rolls of my body... so if I have a big meal at some point, the dress would not be flattering at all.... (Don't worry, I will save you those photos)

I'll have good use out of this dress.... perfect for church and for work.
And for breastfeeding!

// Dress - Leota ~ via hautelook, there's a maternity version // heels ~ also seen here, corso como, similar//

By the way, the perfect black bootie is waiting for you on Hautelook! Here's one under $39,  leather bootie under $49 (steal!), or this one for under $90!

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lips + studded wedges

cropped tee~ thrifted, H&M
Jeans ~ A&F, via thredUp

This is a scheduled post... As this is published, I should be resting and getting ready for my big day of exams tomorrow.

Please send prayers my way :)

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fall = football

My husband's favorite season is Autumn. He likes the cool temps and football. Our wedding anniversary in the autumn got nothing to do with his answer.

If you're family or reader for awhile now, it's no secret that I am a Colts fan. Though Derrick is essentially a Hoosier now (he's lived here in Indy, longer than he's lived in the Bay Area), there is no changing his mind. He is first and foremost an SF 49ers fan.... then a Colts fan.

I let him dress the children one Sunday. I saw them wearing this.

ok fair enough... it's Sunday night football and Derrick wanted to beat the Bears. 

I am a supportive wife. The Colts were not playing that day....  I had no qualms wearing my red and gold for him.

on Derrick: wear your team's colors, if you love SF like him
or you bleed blue like me

Daniel ~ Janie and Jack
Isabel ~ Hello Kitty (here's a cute one for Halloween)
Bastian ~ Janie and Jack

on me: SF 49ers shirt (gift)
get it here

How about you? What's your favorite season? Why?

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leopard print + pencil skirt {wiws}

After fall-like temps here in Indy, this weekend gave us sunlight and warmth... 

Top ~ from hautelook
Pencil Skirt ~ old from piperlime
Heels ~ corso como, similar
Bling ~ from my mamey

It's been awhile since I gave Mass grades.
Let me indulge you.

D: A
He let his father do his ushering duties without freaking out and joining him.
He shared his goldfish with his brother. 

I: B
She lied to me.... told me she needed to go to the bathroom.... only to look for his daddy who already took older brother to the restroom. I took her to a different location... oh the suprise look on her face when she realized her daddy is not in that restroom. I already had an inkling that she was manipulating me. But I did not want to clean up a urine puddle in church. 

Thanks to the gold fish and puffs that kept him busy.

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piano teacher, prayer request and holding hands {7QT}

1. Board exam is coming up!!! 
I have a week before I take a $2800 exam.

$2800 =  2 Louis Vuitton neverfull PMs =   12 Medela pump-in-style breastpumps =  5 Kate spade crossbody bags = 182 Something Other Than God hardcover books (written by our host!!!) = 273 DVD copies of Divergent = 13,156 diapers.

I appreciate all the prayers you send my way.

2.  I am no homeschooling mom.
Praising all those moms who have the discipline and patience to homeschool little minds. I realized quickly that my vocation besides being a mom is also working outside of home. When I was young, my dreams were:
~ be a nun
~ or  be a pediatrician
~ or be a Kindergarten teacher

scratch dream #3. I do not have enough patience... sad confession.

3. piano teacher
I started teaching Daniel how to read music and play the piano. We made it to page 4.... He knows how to find C's all over the keyboard. He knows how to play middle C and holding the key for 4 counts if it's a whole note.

One night this week, he totally lost interest because "it got harder" according to Derrick. So Daniel said: I am bored.

This book is geared towards young learners. The pace is perfect for my 5 year old. I was okay just playing middle C for a week (!) but he was the one who wanted to see page 5-6. Obviously, his mind was not ready. We quit after 5 minutes of instruction. 

Isabel, on the other hand, is still too young.... I have to approach music some other way with her.

4. The blog has a facebook page....
stop by and give me a thumbs-up.
thanks a mil!

5. Did you see my eshakti review posted mid-week?
eShakti is so generous giving me such a lovely dress. 

6. holding hands
sharing my fave #365photo this week....

7. Outfit take
The lace knit top reminds me of a Filipiana cover-up. So pretty and dainty and feminine.

Cropped lace knit top ~ clearance on Abercrombie
Blue Dress ~ also seen here, from U/O, similar but more daring.

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give it a twirl {review}

I feel like a bride in this dress... Maybe a bride the night before her wedding day. At the rehearsal dinner or something like that.

The dress is so flowy and just beautiful. 
My husband approves, too!

Thanks to eshakti for this elegant dress. I found a special time to wear it. Something that my grandma taught me at a young age is dress your Sunday best for church.

I am the type to have  a new (or new-to-me) dress/outfit for a special occasion. Sunday Mass is special... Sunday Mass where I played the piano for the first time is even more special. {It's been 14 years since I played in public, so I took off my mind from my nerves and instead dressed the part!}

The full skirt hits mid calf. It's good for spring, summer or fall, don't you think? The cap sleeves are also flattering. The plunging v-neck both in front and back are very feminine details. I was not too worried that I was "showing too much skin". The dress fit perfectly. 

Best of all: this dress was custom made! I sent my measurements and ordered online and in ~7-10 days, my dress tailored for me came in the mail! 

 Check out the eShakti website. I am excited to see what you get for your next event, date night or just plain treat to feel nice and pretty! They have dresses, topsjacketsskirts ~ ready-to-wear items available, sizes range from 0-36. And remember, you can customize your order!

Give eShakti a twirl... I mean a visit (*wink)

Go on now.

outfit deets: 
Dress ~ eShakti
Heels ~ naturalizer

Disclosure: though this is a review of a product so generously given to me, the nice stuff I wrote 
above are truly my own. I only post and collaborate with brands that I, myself, love and support. 

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Exaltation of the Cross {wiws}

It's a beautiful day at church. My favorite Scripture passage was the second reading. The entire Gospel story is summarized in those 5 passages. I always get goosebumps reading/hearing those verses.  I will read the same verses at my friend's wedding in less than a month.

I went to Mass yesterday with the family... and then again tonight as I played two songs during Communion. At this stage of my mommyhood, I cannot bring the children to church if I am accompanying the cantors. I would not do that to my husband ~ leave him corralling all three children while they freak out to go to mommy who is playing the piano... I can see it already. 

When I chose this day randomly (yes randomly) to finally play in public, I did not know
1. it's a special feastday
2. my favorite Scripture is the second reading

I chalk it up as the doing of the Holy Spirit. It's all HS.

Dress ~ also seen here, prego with Bastian
Studded wedges ~ aerosoles, from zulily
Cardi ~ old from the Loft
Bling ~ from Kaitlin's IG closet

If you have time during this week, before the next bulletin is posted, please read my pastor's Sunday message. For my nonCatholic readers, the reason behind the Sign of the Cross is explained.

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mozart-wanna-be, well child check, work-wear {7qt}

My 7QT posts have been mostly my life lately, journal, photo diary posts. Thanks so much for hosting it, Jen!

1. Well child check
Sebastian is 17 lbs and 14 oz and 42 inches long.
He is still not heavy enough to face forward on his carseat. 

Baby Green pickle is ahead of you in the weight dept, son.

2. lost and found
Should be lost and still lost! To all Mommy veterans, especially ones with children in school, do you have any recommendations on how to NOT loose hoodies, jackets etc?
I label the jackets or hoodies of course, but that does not help my son or me because he does not even remember where he left his hoodie. So far we have lost 3 hoodies (2 last year) and one within the first month of the schoolyear.

3. my anxiety is kicking in
remember my post about playing at Mass? the date is this Sunday of the Exaltation of the Cross. I was practicing with the music director who is the pianist/accompanist at our parish. Everytime, I heard him in the church, or he's within earshot, I MESS UP! seriously.... that's not acceptable. I have been playing at home, without an audience for years. My last piano recital was 14 years ago!

When I played at Mass in highschool, I was up the choir loft. So "even if I mess up", the parishioners did not really know it was ME.

It's a little intimidating at our church. I will play on the grand piano. And the grand piano is right there in front of the church, right hand corner! I am playing two Communion songs. this and this.

The music director warned me that the parishioners after taking communion usually pass next to the piano, and STARE at him. great.... just great.... I knew that anyway, because my children do it.

So please, please remember me this weekend. Pray that I would not freak out and let my anxiety take over.

4. Preschool
My daughter started preschool. She is uber excited even though it's only 2 hrs + 15 mins once a week. She woke up early the day she goes to school. Changed and ate breakfast and still had 1 hour before school starts. Quite a contrast to my kindergartner who is Mr. Take-my-time-and-prolong-this-as-much-as-possible.

5.  iphone 6?
Really, why not just buy an ipad mini? I want a nice phone... not a tablet for calling people.

6. work-wear

Dress ~ The Limited, thrifted
Kitten heels ~ calvin klein nicki pumps via nordstrom rack.
similar ; here and here

Sacred Heart of Jesus pendant from etsy
use code THANKS15 for 15%, tell Shawn I referred ya!
Gold bangles ~ from my grandma
gold earrings ~ hautelook

7. My cute newbie driver

And my husband's favorite shots.
While I was saying hi to my baby.

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