night at the symphony

Disis is not all about football and fashion... we do want a little bit of culture in our lives. For sure, we love date nights. We celebrated our anniversary 3 weeks late. we went to a brazilian steakhouse (per hubs' request) and then the Cincinnati Symphony (per my request).

1. Andre Watts played MacDowell. I wish he played more than one concerto! But coming out of retirement to teach and then play here and there, I guess it's too much to ask from this amazing pianist. I wish I could play half as good as him.

2. The ticket prices are higher in Cincy compared to the Indianapolis Symphony orchestra. Initially we wanted to sit up at the balcony. When I found out the price for a balcony seat and the box seats -- i figured, what's $15 more per ticket if I was already shelling out a lot of moola anyway?

3. The box seats on the south side were all full. So I picked box 4 seat 1&2 on the north side. Then it became pretty clear why the north side box seats were not filled. We were not able to see Andre Watts' hands! he was facing us. Derrick said I would not have had a good view of his hands anyway if we were at the south side.... So all in all, seeing his expression while playing -- priceless!

Truly, I could watch him play all day...

4. Here's a younger Watts playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 2nd movement. Skip to 2:18 -- it's my favorite part.

5. This black asymmetrical dress was a purchase from Saks during my board review in Chicago. There was this HUGE sale. I got three LBD for $100! what a deal.  I wore the peplum dress for Hsquared's wedding. I still have another lacy dress which I might wear for the holidays. A lady can never have too many black dresses.

6. The clutch is a new addition to my purse collection. Thanks hubs for my anniversary present. He never goes wrong if he buys me purses or jewelry. It is my first Tory Burch purse. I like that it is a clutch but also has the straps for crossbody.

7. This is my ultimate wish for a clutch. At this moment in my life, I cannot justify owning a $5500 purse that i will only use every 3rd month for date night (if I am lucky). I would also always freak out  that the children will scratch the precious leather.

Would this be enough for 7quick takes?
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husband's wise words

regarding Isabel's new Frozen item
Me: how much is this?         (similar, but with the bracelet)
D: only $5.
Me: what??! I could have made that for $1!
D: I paid $4 for the Frozen brand.

discussing Daniel's tardiness
Reason does not matter to the school/principal. whether younger sibs threw a fit that stopped us from getting out of the house at a timely manner versus slow-poke children prolonging brushing teeth and putting sneakers on.

Me: I have never been to the principal's office. I don't want to be called in for being tardy. This is it! no more tardies.
Derrick: I have been called to the principal's office... but not for bad things.
Me: rolling my eyes when i say going to the principal's office, I mean for something bad! Of course, I have been to the principal's office!

I had to finish one more prolonged brain wave recording....
D: (looking over my shoulder) so that's what you're reading at work. (Not so impressed voice)

An hr later:
D: is that for practice?
Me: (surprised) what? This is a real patient. I haven't been looking at brain waves for fun for an hour!

while watching football
Me: who made that play?
D: Gore
Me: is that Frank Gore or Al Gore? (serious face)
D: yeah, Al Gore plays football. (now, he's the one rolling his eyes)
You should put that comment in your blog!

he speaks a different language
Me: please take my photo. I have followers.
D: (confused look)
Me: is it hard to believe that I have followers?
D: yeah, because you're like a preacher. you know... one with followers.
Me: That's not what followers mean in the blog world.

He hates these posts, by the way... Because whenever he says something funny, I say "can I put that in the blog?"

And because I am predictable.... here's my outfit deets:

Top ~ French Connection, thrifted
Jeans ~ A&F old
Necklace ~ from my BFF, Ros

Photography ~ as usual, by Dsquared.

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dress + cardi + leopard booties {wiws}

Yay! I have my photographer back. No more blurry iphone 4s (!) selfies.
Derrick picked me up from my conference and we stopped by Cincy for some culture (symphony) and dancing (mynt). 

Going to Mass without my little herd was a tranquil experience... I won't lie, I missed them though. 

Dress thrifted, similar from Macy's or splurge from Neiman Marcus
Louis Vuitton Montorgueil
Mia Soho Booties (similar: Michael Kors, INC)
Elle Cardigan from Kohl's, Similar
Steve Madden sunglasses

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Bastian, i am your father

Bastian's look-a-like visited us this past September. I captured a few pictures at the park with the nice autumn leaves on the background.

When Daniel was born, my first words were (truth!):  He looks like Byron....
nurses in the room gave each other looks... like I have been unfaithful to my husband and slept with my BIL... but rest assured, that was NOT true. The Delima genes are just really strong. My sons look like my brother-in-law and my father-in-law; my daughter looks like my MIL.

Out came Sebastian.... and yes, he looks nothing like me.... no surprise.

It was nice to see Sebastian and his uncle together.

Look-a-like... except for the hair because Bastian grew his out.

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mini vacation + nerd alert {7qt}

1. going to conference without the children though it might be because of work feels like a vacation.

last pict I took of Bastian. He was looking at me, wondering why mommy is sitting at the middle row with him and Isabel. He totally knew his night and next few nights will be different!

2. nerdy conference

what a wide range of child neuro doctors here at the conference (the diversity and cultures of course, but also the way we dress, interact *awkwardly) one thing we all have in common: we love child neurology.

at the exhibit: I found the medikidz - superheroes who explain different childhood disorders such as epilepsy. I received a free sample from the mail. Daniel LOVES the comic book! wait till he sees this photo of his nerdy mom posing with the medikidz... i did this for him. embarrassing enough.

3. brain Bus

the airport/hotel shuttle is aptly named the brain Bus!
nerd alert again...
i actually think it's funny.

4. things haven't changed

there is something about free stuff. it did not matter that i was a college student vs a doctor. Free stuff are always fun.

i found these cute stress animals. They are made with similar components like stress balls and they feel like stress balls... since they are not balls, are they stress animals, then? I got one for each child... and for Derrick if he wants one.

i miss my 4 buddies:
left to right
daniel -- isabel -- sebastian -- derrick

5. mommy guilt

working moms who travel have this mommy guilt of leaving little chicks home.

One of my colleague stated this (i paraphrased it): by going to stuff like this (ie conferences), we show our children that mommies' jobs are important jobs too, just like daddies'.

I never thought about it that way.

it was certainly interesting explaining it to my kindegartner why I'd be gone for 4 sleeps 3 hours away for mummy's work.

6. my photographer is a state away. so i resorted to a selfie and took a photo of my opening reception dress.

dress - old from banana republic. it's a sheath dress so it's forgiving
my new Tory Burch britten clutch - anniversary present
fun fact - both heels and shawl were bought/worn for my wedding rehearsal.
heels from Nine West, similar
shawl (similar) from a dept store (macy's, kohl's??) i don't remember

i wish i could take a nice photo of what I am wearing today. it's this flowy, kimono dress from peach love California via nordstrom rack (similar ) This one is black with cut-outs on the shoulder, flowy bell shaped sleeves with crochet trims. Very feminine but not over the top. It's black so it does not blind other child neurologists.

next time.

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If my children are crazy about the golden arches, the same happy hormones flow through my veins whenever I see this happy bee. I grew up asking my parents to go to jollibee whenever we were downtown. The fried chicken and the filipino style spaghetti are my favorites!

our hotel was 0.5 mile away from the fastfood chain. crazy!
we were there Friday night, Sat morning and Monday morning, drive thru, dine-in. I was crazy for the spaghetti and halo-halo. Derrick ordered his favorite tocino for breakfast.

totally not recommended for a healthy diet, but I don't eat jollibee everyday. so we splurged!

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how are you? {+outfit post}

One of my pet peeves:

When people ask "How are you?" and essentially it's just a substitute for "hello" and they do not really care for your answer.

Other pet peeves (unfortunately, I do this too)
when asked "how are you?" and the answer received is "good".
we totally forgot grammar school, huh...

So I do my best to actually answer grammatically correct.
"I am fine."
"I am doing well."
"Very well."

Enough of above.
I am sharing this lovely dress from nordstrom rack (peach love cream california)

Peach Love Cream California Dress, via nordstrom rack
Smoky Mountain western boots, similar

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Sarah, Sherry, Doranda, Lindsey and Elena's blogs.

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houston trip day 3 {photo diary}

we filled our bellies and met with friends throughout the day.

9a-11a ~ Brunch with the wedding party...
12:30-3:00p ~ lunch with my highschool friend and my favorite highschool teacher!
7p-9p ~ dinner with my dear friend from peds residency.

I want to give kudos to my boys who just went with the flow and hung out with me and my friends without a nap that day. 

Kensie shirt dress ~ thrifted
J.crew belt similar
zulily wedges ~ so comfy

my dslr battery died. so when it was time to document my Mass outfit (which is already shown above anyway), I had to use my dying iphone4s.

Isn't that church gorgeous? It's so beautiful with the sunset behind it.

For day 1, head over here
For day 2, here

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blue dress + cropped blazer {wiws}

Hello hello!

The older two and I braved going to Mass this morning sans extra pair of hands, aka Derrick. We partied hard yesterday and missed Vigil Mass. We ventured towards unknown territory (for the children) who were mesmerized with the big church and different sounding bells and pipe organ for, uhm, 3.5 minutes. 

After that, Daniel started cleaning the pews and kneelers by sliding on his back (aarrggh!) and Isabel rocked her Anna doll and blanketed her with her cardigan.

I wanted to capture the children's outfits to spice up this post. Once we arrived at home, they just wanted their chicken nuggets. The camera was forgotten... but not by mother hen.

Anthropologie cropped blazer, thrifted. This one is on sale
Francesca dress, old. similar flowy cobalt blue
Apt 9 tights
Naturalizer booties
Louis Vuitton Montorgueil

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media: stop using my name + other takes {7qt}

1. what's in a name?
I value my name. It's my name given to me by my parents. They thought long and hard to name their firstborn. When I first heard about my name being used by media in the name of terrorism, it felt "weird". now it's just ANNOYING! When I introduce myself, I actually stop for a sec to see if I should stop at isis or continue with my last name.

I was named after this all supreme Goddess, Isis. And it's unfair that I have been using this name for >30 years and in just a matter of months, because of media coverage, the beautiful name is trashed.

so media, please stop using my name. Mr. Barack Obama uses Isil on his speech... so please, please media. STOP USING my name in the name of terrorism.

please sign this petition started by a fellowlady also named Isis.... Let's start using a different name just like the president.

2. people ask why i chose child neurology.
"how can you see sick babies every single day?"

it's hard... Specially when I am lacking sleep, not feeling well and I have a headache... Distancing myself and staying objective can be hard.

It's also one of the reasons I put more effort into what I wear at work. I call it diverting attention to something I can handle... I cannot imagine wearing all black everyday, without color, without bling and having to deal with grim, sad prognosis and diseases I can only treat via supportive care.

So you might roll your eyes with my OOTD posts... But I call it my coping mechanism.

3. I am so behind on these things.  I finally met Jack Bauer
Back in 2001, I was this nerd who was into organic chem and biology. I had no time for TV. A decade later, I checked out the first season of 24 from the library..... I am liking it.

4. Frank Deford's sweetness and light segment is entertaining and informative....
Listen or read this story about the NFL seeking superbowl volunteers.First, I do not have anything against the NFL. in fact, you'll find here on the blog that I am a Colts Fan. however, just like a lot of other businesses, some things are NOT fair. I have always been baffled about the amount of money spent on sports and entertainment here in the US... and then nada for our children's education.

Here's my favorite line: Of all the great, needy charities in the world, desperate for volunteers, who, in their right mind, would pick the Super Bowl?


Btw, the pict of the guy on NPR's website is taken at the XLV Superbowl here in Indianapolis. You can see the monument circle and big sign at the background.

5. This is not Mickey Mouse.

my quickest take ever.
just the pict above.

6. high-tech reproductive health
Just because it can be done, does not mean we have to do it. Agree? (and it's ok if you disagree). instead of freezing your eggs, doing IVF etc,why not consider adoption?

7.cuddling with my youngest

enough controversies and headaches.
I am leaving you with my littlest. Praise God for health and love.

Ric Rac top, thrifted
Banana republic skirt, thrifted
Mia Booties

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