First week alone

This week was Derrick's first week back to work. I am definitely feeling the lack of sleep. I try not to wake up Derrick at night so he could rest. But last night was tough. I slept while feeding the little one. We were in the nursery sitting on the glider. Little Daniel was safe in my arms.

Good news: Yesterday was Daniel's 1 month well child check. He is a whopping 8 pounder baby! yay! His length is 20 inches. He grew 1/2 inch in the past month! So while Derrick and I are not sleeping, our little one is sleeping and growing... not a bad trade! As my pediatrician mentioned yesterday, it will get better. I believe her. I think so too.

It is great being alone with my little one. But we do miss Derrick. Especially when my stomach is grumbling and I need a helping hand or when I desperately want to take a shower but little Daniel wants to be held. These are just selfish reasons but truly, Daniel and I miss Derrick. 3 hours at night are not enough for spending time with Derrick. We will make it up this weekend!

Baby D had his pictures taken this past weekend by our talented friend Hery. Here are some pix. To view more, please visit Hery's website.

Smothered with kisses

Proud parents

Happy Three-gether

Daniel on mummy's lap


10 random things

1. Today is Tita Lady's birthday! She is 24 years old -- and that's really old compared to my age! She is pregnant. I am excited to have a cousin. I hope my cousin is a girl. (it's a surprise).

2. My baptism was last Sunday August 9th. My godmother is Heather Danda. I was hungry during the baptism so I cried and cried. But after eating, I had a great time sleeping while my family and friends ate lunch :)

3. I am 4 weeks old tomorrow.

4. My Papi remembers tummy time everyday. I actually flipped from my tummy to my back by accident. It was fun.

5. Last Thurs, I was 7 lbs 10 oz.

6. My next well child check up is next Thurs. I wonder what my weight will be.

7. Papi is going back to work tomorrow. Mummy and I will miss him a lot.

8. My Lola Iryn made me a cloth book: Daniel's book.

9. I am still trying out the new cool things I received before I was born. This was the first time I did not cry when I was placed on the swing.

10. Got milk???


Daniel is 2 weeks old

To enlarge, click the picts
Only three days old

Precious Feet

I am fed.

On the way to Daniel's first doctor's visit

Satisfied... burp.

another "I just got fed" picture

My outfit on my first Mass

Hanging out with mummy while she is doing her stretches

Celebrating one-week birthday
Yummy cupcakes from the Flying Cupcake

First bath

Warm, cozy hooded bath towel from Hannah

Baby Announcements

Tummy Time
Daniel is adorable.

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