birthday dinner

no make up, don't care
they're making faces behind me
My older babies
dress, thrifted
flippity flops, old
Gucci shoulder bag, color is almost sold out
I asked to go to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner. Food is not something extraordinary over there -- but the cheesecake is amazing. Whenever we pass by the fashion mall, the children talk about how I asked to go to the cheesecake factory for my birthday. Kids' memories are amazing.


dance mom


Rayban aviators
necklace, jcrew factory {awesome deal for <$10!}
similar ones, here, and here


Top, Loft, mine is sold out -- but this one is cute
Flats, Jimmy's
Gucci soho shoulder bag

 I love to dance. I started at a young age. I was only 3 or 4 years old and I was already part of the elementary school dance program.  I also married a guy who loves to dance. It's a must (!)

It is not a big shock that I am a dance mom.


what would you do?

another thrifted dress
Prada, preloved
wedges, old color, other colors here


just a couple of thoughts here. imagine you're the doctor. place yourself in my shoes.


one year old

Happy birthday, Lucy!


For Lucy's birthstory,

 You were this tiny a year ago!
you're still tiny but so lovely and so cheerful!
We love you.

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the customer is NOT always right and other quick takes

top, thrifted, anthropologie
skirt, Old Navy, similar pencil skirt
flats, Bandolino via zulily
bracelet, jcrew factory


1. Am I the only one who does not sleep when something is not going so well at work? And for my work, it's not just an incomplete spreadsheet (sorry hubs, you and your spreadsheets) but usually when "something" is not well at my work ~~ it means the patient is not doing well. 

Don't they say, leave your work problems at work?
Hang your white coat at the doorway, type of thing?
well, sorry but it's hard. 


what highschoolers are doing nowadays


A mom told me *this (see convo below) and I about slipped off my chair. I know things like this happen all over our highschools nationwide/worldwide. But I refuse to believe the statistics. 

She said: "I was driving my son around with his friends to/from a party. He must be oblivious but I told him afterwards that his friends were high. He was surprised."


life lately + videos


Top, Burberry, thrifting score
Cami, exact one, Loft
Topshop skinnies
Celine mini

on Lucy
Dress, Target, similar
Mocs c/o Freshly Picked

on Isabel
Dress, Target, same one as Lucy's
Life, unscripted, is documented on snapchat. If the blog is not enough for you and you'd like to see the REAL us (well... it could be "Real-er" but nobody wants to see all that), follow us on snapchat. The children love the filters. They love sending videos to their Lola and cousin.


are you a complainer? or you try to find the silver lining?

outfit deets
dress, old, Steve Madden
Louis Vuitton
beautiful peonies from my garden


I try to surround myself with like-minded folks. However, in my field, I am surrounded by a lot of different folks. that's fine. I like diversity. I have nothing against people with different faiths and beliefs. 

I have worked with folks who are cheerful and happy about their job.
I have worked with folks who came in every single day with a sour face and what came out of their mouths are complaints.  These are not awful nurses or doctors etc. They are good at what they do. 

I sit and ponder what's different about them and me... and why I chose to be happy. Why I choose to be positive.


please don't make me feel bad that my children go to daycare

Dress, thrifted
Saint Laurent clutch, splurge here or save here


I totally had the mommy guilt sending my infant and toddler to the daycare when I thought "I should" be a housewife/stay at home mom. I felt so bad that i was taking care of other children instead of mine...


progress is slow and other victories {wiws}


On me:
skirt, BR
I am selling mine, if interested, email or comment below.
Shoulder Bag, Gucci

on Lucy:
dress via hautelook


on Bastian:
Pique polo shirt, Gap
Shorts, Carter's
Saltwater Sandals

on Isabel:
dress c/o
sandals c/o lolo and lola
band aids x 3


This skirt finally fits me. YAAASSSS!!!

I got this skirt with my BR $15 off birthday coupon last year. I was 8.5 mos pregnant with Lucy. I was tired of buying loose clothes. I saw this lovely  white highwaist pencil skirt. With the40% off sale and my birthday coupon, I could not pass it up. Even though it was not even going past my big hips. 

By the time my uterus shrunk to its prenatal size (notice, I said uterus... not my actual stomach or mommy pooch), it was already September and the skirt still won't zip! October, November, December came. I placed the skirt in my summer pile. Who wants to wear white when it's dark and gloomy and snowing?


FriDATEs with Lucy + 7qt

Skirt, decade old
Espadrilles via zulily
Gucci , Soho shoulder bag, birthday present (and on sale!)
kisses hubs! 

Happy Friday!

1. This will be an outfit post  + seven quick takes ~~~ because I have a lot of OOTD photos waiting to be published. I don't want it to be October and I am posting a summer outfit.

 Tonight will be a TRUE FriDATE with Lucy.  Too bad we cannot go to movie dates anymore. Ms. Lucy does not sleep during movies anymore.

Daniel's award ceremony on Saturday morning is moved to Tuesday night (hurrah! we can sleep in instead of going to the baseball field at 8:45a!)


little ballerina's first dance recital


Isabel had her first ballet recital this weekend. She danced "twinkle twinkle little star" wearing her pretty blue tutu and wings and wand. Her releve and hands were perfect. Her teachers say "She's a natural."

She has her parents' genes... And her mama's love for dancing and ballet and all things pretty!


blue suede shoes + clumsy kid

affiliate links are used. fyi.
Top, old, express, similar
Skirt, also old, express
Vintage Chanel

Who has a clumsy kid, raise their hands, please?
Raise them WAY UP HIGH!


do i have what it takes to be a doctor and a mum?

obnoxious affiliate links all over this post.

written a few days ago....
It's a tough day today.

I wanted to be present for my littles. But I'm overwhelmed with my to-dos. Do this. Do that. Do more. Here and there. 

 I also get this anxiety building up when they all say: mama here. Mama now. Mama please. (Sometimes there's not even a please in there).  Then add a screaming baby crawling her way towards my feet. Lucy found her voice/lungs these past few days.


summer white {wiws}

affiliate links are used

Dress, thrifted
Vintage Chanel flap bag
Sandals, Naturalizer, last year's buy, similar. more here.
Bracelet, gift from my Auntie Tess
earrings, zulily
A quick post as we have a busy Sunday afternoon/evening. My little ballerina has her first dance recital. follow us on snapchat (username: disisd) to see what we are up to.


work wear {May edition; 7QT}

I want to join the fun over at Kelly's so I am typing a quick 7QT post with ----------- what else? OUTFITS! Don't be surprised.

Here's what I wore to work in the month of May.

1. Pink top + ruffle trumpet skirt.


2. Skater skirt + old top
I don't wear this skirt in clinic -- why because once I sit, I regret wearing it.
I wore this skirt while rounding over a weekend. I don't have to sit in front of the patients/parents when doing hospital rounds.



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