rose gold + blue jeans + plan for today

Blush + denim ~ Quite possibly the cutest pairing. Something so feminine and something so basic.
I love how this outfit turned out.

Because I tend to overshare, let me lay out what we have planned for today.

-- I need to put away and freeze the big bag of superfood (aka Kale) bought from Costco

-- It's time for Lucy's 4 month old photo sesh. I know you miss her here.

-- Lucy also has a WCC. I wonder how heavy and long she is now.

-- I am SUPER excited for Ms. Ballerina. She tried a 30-minute pre-primary class last week and LOVED it. So we went and bought leotard, tights and ballet shoes. She is all set for her first official class today!

Look at this cutie....
Look at that cute smoochie face. 
I hope he does not EVER get tired of me kissing his sweet face.

Spot that pink snap watch he is wearing. It does not work. The battery is dead. But this boy loves to wear it everywhere. He cannot tell time but he wears it. 

BTW, my quiet, serious Sebastian now can count up to 13 (sometimes 14) on his own. He uses his words more and more. whew.. I thought I will have to send him for speech therapy eval or something. Is the "third child syndrome" really true? They did not teach us or show us "evidence-based anything" about baby #3 and speech delay in medical school. But it was true for bastian and some of my friends' #3 babies.

if you find a journal article published somewhere, please share!

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Top via hautelook

Necklace via zulily ||  gift from my bff Ross

photo cred: lil D

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