First week of school

Today is my 3rd day in school at Bishop Chatard Trojan Tots. I love mornings. When my mum and dad drop me off, I give everybody a big smile and tons of giggles. I have been going half days this week. The real, full-day thing is on Friday when my mum is officially going back to work.
I am still not fond of the bottle but I am working on it. I cry and cry a lot looking for my mum. So far, I have only taken 1/2 oz when my mum leaves me for half a day. Today is a slightly longer day. She has meetings at work, so I won't see her until after lunch. oh boy, I do need to take the bottle if I am really hungry!
Look at my 49ers hat from my Lolo Frank.

slightly blurry picture of me -- watching my mum eat breakfast.

Another early morning picture


Simple Woman Daybook

The Simple Woman Daybook
FOR TODAY (October 11th)

Outside My Window... leaves falling, chill in the air. Fall is here.

I am thinking. . . I haven't written a simple woman daybook entry for awhile.

I am thankful for. . . my little one. Daniel is adorable. That cute smile, little coos and giggles! He is gaining weight like a champ! He doubled his birthweight already.

From the kitchen. . . Filipino soup called Sinigang and Bolgogee! also some salad and strawberries to complete my meal. Oh yeah,how about left over Dulce de Leche cheesecake. I did not finish the slice yesterday. Yum!

I am wearing. . . my yellow Hello Kitty pjs, green long-sleeved top from AE.

I am going. . . back to work in <3weeks.

I am reading . . . Nursing Mother, Working Mother, by Gale Pryor and Kathleen Huggins.

I am hoping. . . that Daniel will take the bottle again.

I am hearing. . . white noise from the baby monitor and the Colts game vs the Titans. yay for the Colts!

Around the house. . . definitely a place lived-in by a family with a little one. Swing, pack and play, blanket for tummy time, diaper bag, my sling.

One of my favorite things. . . spending time with my hubby. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our downtown anniversary get-away which was supposed to be last night. Daniel just refused to take the bottle this week. Daniel took the bottle before. He took expressed breastmilk whenever Derrick and I would go to dinner for 1-2 hours.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .

  • It's Columbus day tomorrow. Thank you for the federal holidays. My hubby is free.
  • Pick up my dad's new (used) car!
  • Fall break - so the new mom group is not meeting this week.
  • But we are attending the breastfeeding support group on Thurs.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

I was a young new mom (still am) with my 2 day old baby just before discharge.

Thanks to Peggy for the links.


Loving every minute of my leave

I have been home for 11 weeks now. It has been 11 weeks since this cutie pie was born! He is getting so big. His current weight:12 lbs 7 oz. He needs 3 more oz and he'd double his birthweight.

We are making good use of our time together. I, as his mummy, am learning about him; definitely building this loving, strong attachment that will grow even stronger even when I go back to work.

Daniel and I have been attending a new mom class at the hospital where he was born. It's nice to connect with other moms and share ideas. We talked about preparing family meals today. Other topics we have discussed included: babyproofing the house, introducing solids, taking care of mom, parenting according to your baby's temperament. This free class is led by a peds nurse practitioner.


Love ya mum.

I will miss this lovely, handsome face! (when I go back to work)

This smile was for his dad! How heavenly.

"The colts were winning anyway, so I am taking a nap!"

The Delima family wore their Colts outfit!
Thanks Derrick for taking this picture!

Derrick is crazy for this little one.

Derrick's loves.

Derrick and I are celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary tomorrow. Having Daniel is definitely another milestone in our lives together. We are grateful to have each other and this little one.

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